General Suggestion Mega Thread LOOK HERE FIRST


So this thread is for those who have a suggestion, obviously. If you have an idea for the game, this is your first stop.

Rules of Thread:

Post a suggestion and/or talk about other suggestions. Generally speaking, this is for relatively short blurbs of thought. If your suggestion starts hitting 2+ paragraphs, with huge game changing ideas, make your own thread, and go ahead and post the link here.

Upon making a suggestion/link, feel free to ping me @Arkenbrien, which will let me know of your suggestions. By using the links to other threads and posts in this thread, I’ll update the unofficially-official suggestion list below. I’ll make a short summery title and copy or create a link. If you want a particular summery title then you can make one and I’ll use that one.

Once the list gets bigger, check and see if somebody else has the same suggestion you have. It may be that somebody else has a huge thread dedicated towards your idea! This is to hopefully help avoid multiple threads on the same suggestion.

Official Suggestion List

  1. Suggestions and You
  2. Tactics, Stealth, and Missiles
  3. Slideshow for Loading Screen
  4. Loading Bar
  5. Add the Large 500 km Asteroid
  6. Team Management and Kill Priority
  7. Realistic Space Audio
  8. Battlescape Gameplay Suugestions
  9. Cockpit Lights + HDR
  10. Voice Porting and Corvette Copilot Duties
  11. Quick Chat
  12. Thermal Management
  13. Text to Speach
  14. Bomber Dumb-fire Bombs
  15. Stereoscopic 3D
  16. Big Missiles
  17. AI Third Faction
  18. Planet-Side Bases with Transports
  19. Interceptor Abilities
  20. Battlescape Economy
  21. World Stuff
  22. Captial Ship Controlls
  23. Competitive Scene/Teams
  24. Turn Off Particles
  25. Play on Linux with Lurtris/Wine (Note: Player was able to get IB working on Linux)
  26. Overkill Death Sequence
  27. Planetside Fauna for Scale
  28. Loading Screen for Tutorial Content
  29. Station Destruction Visuals
  30. Bomber Respawn Suggestions + Problems
  31. AI Station Defense
  32. Team + Squad Communications
  33. Carrier BSG Style Warp
  34. Battlescape’s Missile Situation + Suggestions
  35. Don’t Make Ships Too Strong
  36. ECM Suggestions
  37. APS
  38. Preset Shield Balancing
  39. Mercenary Side Missions
  40. No AI-Commander
  41. Quick-Join Battle Idea
  42. Ticket Based System for Progression
  43. Skin-of-the-Month and other reward ideas
  44. Quick-Deploy Ship Spawning

This is a general example for posting suggestions.

@Arkenbrien POST THIS:

1 - For the loading screen, have the screenshots taken in game run on a slide show.

2 - For the loading screen, have a loading progress bar. Also, have data telling what it’s currently loading up. Maybe not replacing the current spinning circle, but rather alongside it.


Oh oh, I have one:

Please put in the asteroid - my jaw still drops when I look at it!


Yeah, Really love that eye candy. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Basic team allocation/management and way of recording kills as a priority.
No point balancing gameplay mechanics in free-for-all when the game’s going to be team focused. :slight_smile:

Oh, and real-space audio when your ship looses power or when you turn off your computer’s audio awareness systems. (So only hearing muffled sounds your own ship makes or sounds made by things hitting it.) If the budget permits it, of course.


If it hasn’t been removed already, there are three white lights on the corvette in the center of the cockpit. These mess up the HDR, and generally are mildly annoying.

I suggest that they be removed.

Also, I suggest that cockpit lights don’t interfere with the HDR.

Voice porting and Corvette Copilot duties.

Few days ago i mentioned gameplay idea about hauling.
Although this is really small project with tight budget i still think some basic logistics gameplay might not have to be something too hard or complicate
I didn’t explain properly what i meant last time when bringing up DCS helicopter hauling.

I meant very simplistic “pretend” kind of thing. Mostly done in text menu.

You choose cargo (fuel, atc crew, ammo,few versions of SAM launchers and radars) All in text menu.
System spawns create in front of you( or just says you are loaded now) you “pick it” by hovering over it few seconds. Fly over to other site.(possibly with worse flight characteristics due to load) Land and via this menu again unload your cargo and that is all to it. Simple areal scripts say either ok you brought ammo and ammo is now available on this base. Or it is not close enough or you need to bring fuel and crew too for base to be open for business.
Except SAMs it is just in text menu / your imagination. Numbers play.

Something like this might not be such a hustle to adapt but it can add some depth to a game.
Here is example of base supply run.

This would be part of the missions system which we’ve yet to implement, but will come in the coming months. While I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the mission system itself, filling the game with missions content is a big unknown atm. It’s possible that the game will ship with a low number of missions and that we’ll add many more afterwards. So the short answer is: yeah, a hauling system might be doable, but it’s too soon to know whether that’ll be included in the game by the release or afterwrads.

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I had completely forgotten about this thread, nobody was using it. Guess I’ll update over the weekend if I have the time…


My Text-to speech ship on-board computer suggestion:

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I remember investgiating TTS. IIRC the main problem is licensing - most platforms work as a service, you submit text and you retrieve the sound files; but in the context of a game, we’d have to ember the TTS engine in every client, and it’s much more difficult to find a platform that 1) allows this 2) is cheap / affordable as an indy company and 3) has a good speech quality.


Two large planetside bases,with huge anti-gravity transporters coasting material between them.


Two (2) ideas for the interceptor, designed to give the interceptor abilities to solidify and indicate it’s role as an interceptor.

1 - Add an ability to instantly set the velocity of the interceptor to the selected target’s velocity (or to zero). Balance by adding a cool-down timer to the ability + reset warp cool down. Corvette warp jam can disable this ability. This is designed to alleviate the overshoot problem new players have, while not touching the flight model itself by adding speed/acceleration caps.

2 - Add a special anti-warp missile that works on corvette classes and down. This missile does no damage, but disables warp for a set time.

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Finding/targeting objectives, even when you know where they generally are, can be annoying with the number of other targets surrounding the desired target. I propose that this could be resolved by having a contextual radial menu similar to the comms and systems menu (c, x) appear when holding down the target button. All destinations included in a circular area centered around the cursor will populate the list, and a single target can be selected.
Asteroid backer week-end and patch - FEEDBACK


Using the loading screen to show tutorial content.
Have the image change every 4 or so seconds to display an image with general informations about the gameplay. For example a screenshot of the hud when firing canons and with markings and short text that explains how the target recticles work and where to aim.
Another example what button to press to enter warp and that the speed automatically works and that it can be overwritten if desired. Or a quick explaination what the general objectives are. Or how to enter the main menu and how to select a target in the map.
Things like that, I would suggest ~10 slides with the most important info to get started.


Also, (I’ve mentioned this before) ground details!
Battles at ground factories/bases would look so much better with something to add a sense of scale relative to the ground.


I’ve gone back as far as a few years on the board to figure out where the game is going. Is there a link to a design document? Regardless, I have a few thoughts, ideas and questions.

For ground stations. Space elevators and shields. Space elevators move goods from the surface to the station. Therefore, an obvious hauler spawn. The elevator cable provides shield power to the station above. Players have to kill the ground node to kill the stations shield power. The elevator car is armed. I don’t think I’ve seen a game with a space elevator. Or you can do the giant transmission dish like Endor and the DeathStar.

Future meta: bombers. If a group of 50 bomber were to assemble; they would wipe the field as they are currently armed. Add in one carrier to respawn and 4 corvettes for resupply, pretty much unstoppable as they will overmatch any unorganized blob they encounter. I’d probably throw in some bait intys to drag people away from the base—these would fly straight and level to help the bombers missiles hit. The only saving grace is there is not a target list on the HUD for a commander to call primaries.

Corvette. It has a bit of an identity crisis because there is not meta to design against. I have a feeling it will be a torpedo killer. See above.

Ship upgrades. Will the upgrade pathway be more like World of Warships with incremental upgrades along a predefined pathway? Or more free form like ED or Eve? Please let us not have PVP and PVE fittings.

Are there more ships being planned; frigates; battlecruisers, battleships?

Why are these factions fighting?