Bomber weapon idea: dumb bombs

This is mainly for the bomber, I’d like to have a bomb that is not powered in any way, no guidance no thrust, you use it by charging at a target, releasing it and then pulling away.
Preferably this would have higher damage than a torpedo as it would be much more dangerous and difficult to use.
Think of it as dive bombing but also in space! An equivalent to the Stuka siren while in atmo would be a thing I totally wouldn’t mind btw!


Everybody knows that bombs fall down in space. I thought what you are describing is what Flavien said mines do when fired without safety lock, or something like that.


Mines are a bit too big for a bomber and also have the option of being launched in tracking mode, it would be a bit too op for the bomber and would reduce uniqueness of the destroyer to give an equivalent weapon to a bomber.


I would like bombers to have a “Carpet bomb” type thing. Bomber releases many small “dumb” bombs and they float along in the direction you flew in and spread out, good for releasing towards capships at close range or bases at long range.

It’s be awesome if on impact there was enough individual bombs to give an impression of carpeting whatever surface in explosions over an area.


Ohhh… that actually sounds real neat

Yeah that does sound really cool.

You can have a toggleable targeting overlay, much like modern aircraft, predicting bomb trajectory.

I think in general bombers should have shorter engagement ranges. As an interceptor by the time you’ve made it to them they’ve already dropped their payload and are onto their second wave of torpedoes.

Bombers do have short engagement range with their shotgun, which is really their best weapon.
They don’t have many torps, and they’re easily intercepted when fired from range.

I do still like the idea of unguided cluster bombs, though. Should be better for taking out capital ship spawns, eh?