Asteroid backer week-end and patch - FEEDBACK


Do you know which one? Radiation damage is a new thing for the sun and the gas giant if you get too close. But it shouldn’t happen with any of the other worlds.


It happened to me too, for the first time since I first installed a couple years ago.

Bases, stations, and planets orbits are randomly re-located each match, so there is no way of remembering them.

We have now have at least the possibility to select an objective in the mission tab of the ESC menu: select then click “set as target” or something similar.

You can set a “target speed” in warp like in normal travel (1-0 keys or mouse wheel. 1 will set target to 0 and eventually drop you out of warp though). I often do to look around without dropping out of warp.

I think you mean micrometeorite damage. It happens when you exceed safe speed, so just decelerate and it should disappear.

Yes, left, right click to cycle available spawn location in the spawn screen.

Ammo gets refilled when you approach a friendly corvette (<1km). Look for the wrench icon. See this post Tutorial for Beginners for more info on resupplying.

Defeaning roar and, ship sent flying and little damage sounds like ship collision to me.

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I can’t remember who said this originally and I can’t find the quote, but I have just remembered I want to voice support for NPC carriers being more useful spawn points.

Currently, I rarely see carriers, except in the largest battles that go on for a while. Even then, the AI won’t let it stay still long enough to spawn at (I’m assuming movement is why I can never seem to spawn at them).

Could we have some sort of “Request spawn” command? For NPC this could make it hold position until you spawn. For players, it could flash a notification that can be accepted or declined, then the player sorts it out.

Having more frequent carriers scattered through the game would really help the pacing of attacks, particularly for newcomers. I’m not saying have one for every battle, but increased probability from where it is.

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I think it already works that way, but carriers are so big it takes ages to stop.


If that’s the case, perhaps the NPC carriers need some flying lessons and encouragement to stay below certain speeds. :smile:


Finding/targeting objectives, even when you know where they generally are, can be annoying with the number of other targets surrounding the desired target. I propose that this could be resolved by having a contextual radial menu similar to the comms and systems menu (c, x) appear when holding down the target button. All destinations included in a circular area centered around the cursor will populate the list, and a single target can be selected.

General Suggestion Mega Thread LOOK HERE FIRST

Okay this ideal is seriously brilliant, and not even an extra button needed! Awesome!

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AI Carriers already stop when a player is waiting to spawn at them. Player carriers get a notification message that a player is waiting ( unless it was broken recentl y? haven’t tested in a while ).

Carriers don’t move that fast, 100 m/s iirc, so if they were moving at the moment you tryied to respawn they can take up to 10 seconds to slow down. You don’t see a message telling you to wait a bit for the carrier to slow down though, so new players might not be aware of that mechanism and that’s indeeed a problem.

Another big issue with carrier is that the AI doesn’t treat carriers in any spefific way. They’re just like a destroyer or a cruiser with an extra mechanic. That means AI carriers try to attack cruisers and do not have the concept of “staying safe away far from the battle, especiallt enemy capships”. So their survivability is minutes after the battle started. It’s definitely on the todolist to tune that.

In the same way, AI corvettes know nothing about repairing / resupplying allies, they just fly and attack other ships like an interceptor. We’ll also make them automatically fly towards allies in need at some point.


Or old players apparently. :rofl: I’m really looking like a noob today!

Great solution!

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Or a mine.

About Arks idea how to deal with cluttered icons. It would work and I agree it sounds pretty straightforward, though there are usually at least hundred things to select at a battle site.
Consolidation on top of that would help declutter the screen too. Being able to select right away what you want and not having to do it again once closer is cool though.


I Think he meant that only the mission targets are displayed in the circle.
Another target that could be added to the circle would be tagged enemies, let’s say a squad mate or team commander would tag enemies or other targets, the menu could be used to quickly select these without relying on yet another hotkey.


The planet with radiation was greenish, the first planet I got to when I started playing. I spawned in a space station that was orbiting it. It could have been a gas giant. I think there was a factory on it, which is what I was trying to get to. It wasn’t micrometeor damage.

The deafening roar with no damage could have been a mine, I’m not sure exactly how mines work. It was at a friendly station. I think it was a glowing projectile that hit me though, something fired from a capital ship. It wasn’t a ship collision. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to do any damage, though it did send my ship spinning.


In general, collisions ( and to some extents, mines / sockwave proximity damage ) has been tuned down irrealistically. I don’t think it’s very fun to die out of the blue because something out of your control exploded a kilometer away from you. Same for collisions; I’ll probably end up increasing collisions damage a bit, but not to insane levels.


That makes sense. I instinctively try to get away from large exploding ships because I keep thinking that’s going to kill me, which is the case in many other games. It’s nice to not have to worry so much about that. It’s also fun to fly head first into your enemy and spin around without actually dying as well.


I was only talking about stations and such, sorry I didn’t make that clear, but the system might be adaptable when selecting a ship out of an enemy fleet. Here’s a crude paint diagram of what might work because I think it will be easy to reference to:

So basically, taking a queue from Warframe, while holding down t (maybe double tap t?), you can right click and it switches from installations to ships. I think that the easiest/quickest way to find an appropriate target is to have the list first broken up by ship type, then it can list all the ships of that type, sorting by nearest, until the list is full. List refreshes only every 10 or so seconds so it isn’t a nightmare.

It would make it more complex, but I think that normally you would probably just use the nearest target shortcut or simply eyeball your next target when in a battle. This system would probably be used for planning prior to jumping into a battle.


this would be a quicker way to set targets for me


I see what you’re thinking and it’s a great way of making sense of a target blob (which happens quite a bit when you’re far away from a battle).

Might I suggest that it could be streamlined with a bit of contextual help?

  • Holding T while facing a target blob brings up the wheel as you say.
  • When the target contains multiple stations, the default wheel displays those first as options.
  • When closer, the wheel contains the mission target (most likely the station), plus a few high-priority ship targets based on the ship class you’re currently flying and any bounties that are active
  • Perhaps a right-click could bring up an alternative, manual selection as per your step 4.

The idea being that the wheel suggests targets for you based on what you’re looking at/what’s close to you, and what you should be able to fight, eliminating the need for categories of ship.
E.g. Interceptor wheel would primarily suggest interceptors and bombers.

The idea being it would be quick to use as a default (hold T, select suggested target, done), with some manual categories if you want to take time with them. More advanced targeting may be better suited to the star map once it’s completed.

The tricky part I would imagine would be getting the contextual sensing right, as opposed to creating a simple menu. I don’t know what level of work that would create.

Could apply a similar thing for G, having a wheel that helps you select nearby targets if you hold it.


The details are still a bit blurry for me. Would you hold T and it’d show this menu with targets in the direction of the currently selected target ? Would I be able to press T ( select a target somewhere ) turn my ship 180°, then hold T and still see targets around it ( now in my back ) ? What would happen if I hold T and I currently have no target ? Would it highlight all targets in my view ( front of the ship ) no matter the distance ? Or do nothing ? Or highlight targets in a radius around me, in my current location ? Etc…


No, it would show targets that are within a certain area of screen space centered at the current player field of view, irregardless of a previously selected target. The hold-t system has the same practical outcome as tap-t, except that hold-t allows you to further define a single target out of a target blob within that certain area.


… there would be no difference between the two practically speaking, it’s only the functionality that changed slightly.

I propose that the hold-t system has a circle of screen space centered in the player’s current view, and the menu populates the list with targets within that ‘circle’ (geometrically speaking, the system would populate the list with targets within a huge truncated cone, with the smaller end being the ‘circle’ that the player sees, and the much larger end being way out in the distance directly in front of the player view point (idk if this helps)).

It all depends on where the player is looking.

As to distance, I’m not sure how far out you can select a target using the current method, but unless there are technical limitations, I don’t see why the hold-t can’t have the same distance. The only issue is that at extreme ranges, the ‘circle’ that the system populates the list with can include the entire solar system. There’d have to be some way to define the area in order to narrow the search. Maybe it can automatically do so based on distance to the nearest target in the player view, or it can be player defined somehow, maybe with the scroll wheel.

The current system is like a laser-pointer. It selects exactly what the player view is looking at, even if what I wanted is something behind or even a little to the side. What this system tries to do is to help players select a single target out of a target blob.

Hope this helps.


Currently it is centered on the mouse pointer.

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