Best Game ever made IF you add these things


Just downloaded this game yesterday, lots of potential. PHENOMINAL. only a few problems on Sarake that I would like fixed by next update.

  1. Needs an ocean, I have seen earlier builds of this game with an ocean, add it. Blue atmosphere on Sarake makes no sense if you have a green planet with no ocean. Also would like procedural waves and storms.

2.volumetric clouds. Needs procedural volumetric wispy clouds that you can fly through and rain in those clouds randomly along with lightning. they can be Nintendo 64 graphics from 1998 for all I care as long as they are there

  1. More foliage and tree canopies, they can be Minecraft graphics as long as they are procedurally generated in a circle around your ship for a few km for a more immersive earth like planet.

  2. Alien creatures and beings on Sarake. Procedurally generate little alien horses running around that you can shoot just like rouge squadron on the Nintendo 64. If you decide to land in the green foliage areas they can loiter around the n64 trees that you will add later

5.ability to exit your ship on foot and deploy an ATV or hover bike to explore. this is one of the main things limiting your game. they don’t have to be the best graphics or resources used I know this game is massive but this is essential if you want your game to actually survive and compete with the AAA titles. If you implement all of these things your game will be the best hands down.

  1. Reentry heating. if Newtonian physics is what this game is about then light all the ships up when they enter Sarake at a certain altitude. shouldn’t be too difficult just have all of the ships nose cones get white hot just change the color and shake the camera a little bit, EASY.

  2. Procedurally generate glaciers and ice caps at the poles.

  3. ability to turn off suggested routes with f3. for full emersion those blue pathways from base to base should be disabled when the HUD is disabled.

If you add these things you will be playing god and you will surpass star citizen and any other game for 1\1000th of the cost.

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Steady on there :laughing:

Problem is that they have about 1/50th the developers to implement it :stuck_out_tongue:
We all hope for that level of fidelity with Infinity, but it takes precious time that the devs need for release.

Once they have the core game established and released there is a long list of future additions.


Good point, I noticed it too but forgot reporting it.

For clouds/water/ice caps/plants, we all want that but the team’s limited resources are better spent on gameplay for the time being.
There are ways to enable water in the planets xml I think, I never bothered myself but you might want to give it a shot.
The rest is beyond the achievable scope of the game IMO.


Planet props are planned for EA, we’ll see what we can do when we start to polish the game. Oceans too. Clouds are unlikely, we’d really want them to be volumetric but that takes a lot more work.

As for walking on planets, or creatures in general, that’s extremely unlikely. Unless the game suddenly blasted to unexpected levels of popularity ( and sales ! ), it’d take a lot of work for something that brings no clear gameplay benefit. I’d sure be nice as hell for immersion, but we’re not Star Citizen and none of our current assets were designed to be seen from a few meters of distance.

Hover bikes / crafts however are very possible. We had racing at some point earlier in the game, and I’d like to reimplement it in a not-too-far future, and maybe even integrate it into the future missions system. That’s a lot less technical work too since it’d just be a variation on vehicles.


Yes, that would be great!

It would be a nice sub-layer to gameplay that could draw in a different audience, or give experienced players something else to do to prevent boredom. It doesn’t even have to be anything to do with the overall battle, just a sort of side game to scratch that “I’m done getting blown up” itch.

Perhaps racetracks could be protected “no-fire zones”, either with weapons automatically disabled or extremely lethal NPC guards (fire at someone and they will lynch you).

Start with fighter races like we had before, and if people like it, it could be expanded. Perhaps one track per world for now?

It would also be a reason to get down to ground level and barnstorm the scenery, which is always awesome fun.


Not that I disagree with you about Sarake needing oceans turned back on but atmospheric colour is related to atmospheric composition and has nothing to do with the existence or lack thereof oceans.


You need to have life to make an O2-rich, earth-like atmosphere, you need an ocean to create life. That is what I meant.


Sarake does have an ocean and plant-life, it’s just not turned on right now, will make a comeback later:

Playing with diferent athmosphere colors on Sarake.

Plant-life on Cinder:

Frozen lakes on Semnos:

We don’t have little alien horses, but we do have space-whales:


I tried activating oceans yesterday and there was an invisible shell hundred of meters above the surface with my starting base on top. I couldn’t fly to ground level to get a good look at the water.
I tried clouds too, they are decent from orbit but really awful up close.


Those are old placeholders that have not been updated for the current version of the engine. That is why they are not switched on.


BEST GAME EVER! :slight_smile: