Team Communication - as I imagine it

I kinda had an idea for how to implement some bitchin’ team comms without anything too complicated:

  1. Implement ability to form a squad with a leader.
  2. Make it so voice comms are filtered so non-leader players only see the squad commands with only the leader being able to see outside this bubble.
  3. Make it possible for a squad leader to join another squad.
  4. Make it so a squad leader who is in another squad see only voice coms from member of squad he leads and comms from squad he is part of, with different colors preferably.
  5. Make it possible for a squad leader to give squad leadership to members of the squad he leads and this change should also drop the former leader from the squad he’s a member in and replace him there with the new leader so the chain of command is preserved.

What you now have is groupings that can chain down to a point where one guy says to attack A and this info can be passed down to a fleet of even a 100 players level by level with any additional things each squad decides are needed. It also makes sure no person alone needs to manage a group larger than say 10 or so people.

Here’s a practical example:
5 cruisers in a group, 1 of them is the leader and we call him an admiral at this point. Each of his cruiser squad mates lead groups where they each command 3 destroyers. Every destroyer player in those groups leads a group with 1 corvette, 1 bomber and one inty. Each of those small ships are leaders of corvette/inty/bomber wings.

Each circled group of ships is indeed a group of players, group leaders have colored corners on their symbols.

You have yourself a nested lil fleet that has encapsulated communication not only as a whole but to literally chain of command levels. It would be up to players to see what level of nesting is optimal and how big each squad should be.


Bumping this in hopes of comments and extra visibility. (won’t do this again)


Not much to say about it, as we’re still far off from having this kind of complex communication system in game. In general these kind of posts are more worthwhile to post ( and re-post ) when we announce we’re close to working on it :wink:


First, I would make the current Global chat Faction only.

Later, I would model communications on military jets comms. I would have one Transmitter/Receiver (COMM1) radio and one Receiver only (COMM2) radio. Each radio would have 20 channels (each Faction wide), one Squad channel, and a Guard channel. The Guard channel would be global but only have a 200km range. Guard would allow local taunting. These radios can start as text only with VOIP added later.

Players can setup the comm structure described by The Coach above using these radios. A squad leader could have Squad on COMM1 with the higher command channel being monitored on COMM2. A swap channel command would be helpful if you need to talk to the higher command channel.

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