Building a satisfying competetive scene


Basic team management American soccer based.

Choose team manager, or a manager team of 3 people.

  1. treasurer 2. general manager (outreach) 3. secretary (scheduling)

Assign player positions.

  1. goalkeepers 2. midfielders 3. forwards 4. defenders

Choose team name based on whole team feedback

Schedule routine practices. *very important

At first it will be like pick up games on the school yard. The 2 most experienced players pick teams and assign positions. From there the devs can create permanent teams with their own discord channels and a limited number of spots that the general manager try’s to fill with the best talent. (Yes developers, this is your game, it is your responsibility to start the first teams and give the community a model to follow.) These teams can practice and improve and will be the goal of any new upcoming players to join. (first come, first serve) Players dropped from the team (I know, PC yikes) can be put into new overflow teams that the top teams, or private teams, can recruit from. Lucky for us with server size expected to grow (up to 1k!) the 500 player teams will be… uhhh… um…? who know’s what a 500 player team looks like… but if you keep the basics in mind, the sky is the limit.

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