AI ideas for the future


I have an idea for AI ships, I know they currently randomly spawn, but it would be nice if there could be AIs surrounding the stations and factories so that we don’t have to constantly worry that a station and/or factory is undefended, there’s at least SOME form of defense as like a challenge in able to get what you want, which is to destroy the station/factory… The AI should progressively get harder to deal with as we continue to destroy stations/factories, it only seems fair that the final station with spawn points should be treated as the final boss in a video game, with players and hard AIs to deal with, I believe players from the opposite team will figure out some kind of [fun] strategy to take out players AND AIs, while also destroying the final station…

I know it’s a bit much to ask since the game did JUST release last Friday, but I hope that this idea gets added…

General Suggestion Mega Thread LOOK HERE FIRST
General Suggestion Mega Thread LOOK HERE FIRST

The AI still needs a lot of work. I can’t tell you exactly when but we’ll get to it. We’ve got a whole bunch of really high-priority items right now so no matter what we do near-term there are important things that are going to take a little bit longer to get sorted out.