Overkill death sequence suggestion

Just a quick one off visual polish suggestion.

Something I been thinking about after you know playing a bit here and there and watching vids and stuff of course… Is that I think it would be more compelling (and logical) if ships died instantly if they died due to Sufficient Levels of overkill.

What really hit home this thought is seeing Warp Speed Rams and stuff like that and the ship still spinning out before exploding. So maybe there should be a threshold for damage dealt within X time period (1 server sim tick?) past zero hitpoints where if exceeded? Bypasses the death throes animation and delay and just explodes right away. Mostly for massive speed rams, but strike craft being right next to a mine going off and stuff like that could do it too!

And it really wouldn’t be bad for player understanding and perception of what happened since there is the death playback cam already.


I think it is a cool idea. Might also work well with mines and low health ships.

Keep in mind though that almost everything in I:B has velocity atahed to it. Including the explosions etc…
So when you think about warp rams, like the one I did last week, yes the explosion would start right away, but it might still spinn crazily.

Thanks to Playbenny to include this clip. Fun

It might work as what you are suggesting is to play the blue explosion and debree scatter right after death. It doesn’t seem that these two effects rotate. They seem to just move. Which could be ok.


Solid points Lomsor, not really anything I can add to that. But…

Here is another time when my suggestion would make tons of sense heh.

Definitely, in fact, @INovaeKeith has brought this up in our meetings as well, that under certain conditions ships should undergo catestrophic destruction. Large mass collisions with capital ships, interceptors taking an mk7 to the cockpit, or a torpedo to the main engines. Blow them to smitherines I say!

That being said, I’d like to see some ships tumble out of the sky and leave a burning trail of smoke and sparks as they spin towards the surface where they explode on impact, or explode when additional rounds hit them enough after “Death.”

TLDR: More varied death animations, yes please.


Seconded! :smile:


Put inty canon bullet holes through the windshield like BF, but with decompression and only after shields are down.

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