The Wolf Game - Day 7 Vampires Win!

Some of you may remember me from the old forums where I frequently hosted wolf games. @LucasFIN has summoned me back to terrorise you all :imp:

A Village In The Carpathian Mountains

Deep in the mountains of central Romania is the village of Eliseni. Eliseni is three days travel over dangerous mountain territory from the nearest signs of civilisation. Locked away so deep in the mountains Eliseni has become known in some circles of the underworld as a good place to escape from the long arm of the law. To others Eliseni has an even darker reputation - monster hunters from across the world gather here to stalk the ultimate prey; vampires!

Whatever your purpose in Eliseni it is sure to be dangerous and likely to be illegal…

What Is The Wolf Game

The wolf game is a game of deceit, lies and paranoia. There are two teams, each team wins when there are more players on that team than the other team. The two teams are the humans and the werewolves.

The wolves are a coordinated team of killers, they know each others identities and work together to eliminate all the of puny humans. During the night phase of the game werewolves hold a private vote (by PMing the moderator) to select a player to kill, at the start of the next phase the victim is announced.

The humans are the hapless innocents caught in a terrible situation, each human knows only that they are human. Each morning they wake up to find another horribly mangled corpse. During the day all players (humans and wolves pretending to be humans) discuss who should be lynched at the end of the day.

Special Roles

There may (or may not) be some special roles. Who knows?


  1. The GM will never directly lie.
  2. Violating any rule is punishable by death.
  3. During the night phase no one may post in the forum thread. Private messaging between players is allowed at any time of the day or night.
  4. Dead players must never contact other players about the game. They may post one single message to roleplay their death, but this must not contain any important information about the game.
  5. PM Communications between the GM and the player are secret. Do not screenshot or directly quote PMs from the GM to other players.
  6. Days will last 48 hours, nights will last 24 hours. Inactive players will be killed mercilessly.
  7. Retracted votes MUST be struck through. If you don’t do this then your vote may be counted twice. Attempting to exploit this is not advisable.
  8. Votes should be bold and in on a separate line at the end of your post. If you don’t do this then the GM may miss your vote and not count it.

Sign Up

To sign up simply say a witty variant of “I’m in” followed by an explanation of why your character is in the village (if you can’t think of anything interesting just say that you live here, after all not everyone can be an outsider!).

  1. Topperfalkon - Ranger Sliced, Day 6
  2. LyskTrevise Had A Drink, Night 1
  3. Arkenbrien Buried, Day 1 Confirmed Human By Medic
  4. TerranAmbass - Town Guard Shot By cybercritic, Day 3
  5. LucasFIN - Lost amateur mountain trekker Beheaded, Day 3
  6. Lomsor - Mysterious Lumberjack
  7. Xamino - Visiting Priest Exploded, Night 5
  8. mattk50 - Lives in the well Confirmed Medic Attended Midnight Mass, Night 5
  9. Skyentist - Bartender Confirmed Werewolf By Medic
  10. cybercritic - Undertaker Boiled, Night 3
  11. lolsparta4 - Lives on the edge of the village. Shot By Xamino, Day 1
  12. Enginish Overheats, Night 2
  13. King_Cosmos - Visiting Shipwright Clerk
  14. Noble Brutus - Mysterious Missionary Of Antemera
  15. Cise - Local Miner Pickaxed, Day 2 Confirmed Werewolf By Medic
  16. Pendrokar - Peasant Stabbed by TerranAmbass, Day 3
  17. Krishna - Drunkard Beheaded/Burned/Crushed Day 5



Thanks to @Krishna Krishna for the music.


Thanks to @LucasFIN for the map.


Why the hell not?

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Well… I guess if its you hosting, martin…

I guess I’m in.

Roleplay to be thought of soon.

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Why the hell not?

Honestly I can think of several excellent reasons not to visit mysterious villages in the depths of Transylvania. :wink:

I’m IN.

@TerranAmbass: :fire:


I quake in my boots. :fearful:

I will come up with some kind of roleplay at some point in time. I just don’t know what or when.

As promised:

I’m in

A heading text seems to be a good way to vote by the way since it is in its own line and big and bold. Easier to spot too.
And there seems to be no easy strike through method on the new forums. Or am I missing it? I’ve been adding [s] and [ /s] manually.

After days of being lost in the mountains Lucas, an amateur mountain trekker, finally saw some light in the distance. "A village! I'm saved!" Little did he know...

From the west an older man arrives to the conglomeration of houses, that some may call a village

Valeriu is his name. He’s known around the area, getting by by selling wood he cuts from the forest, to the bunch of people living close by. He lives in a shack to the west of Eliseni … deep in the woods where the good trees grow.

“Darn storm last night brought down a landslide on my home. I can’t work while the weather is like this. If my memory isn’t fooling me there is a inn in this place …”

One of the locals points at the building housing the inn.

Looking at the sky he shoulders his axe … "It looks like I’ll be here for a while…
##Sunt în


I’m in, some RP later when I have time. Looking forward to it! :smiley:

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Im in, im also trapped at the bottom of the town well and there aren’t any ladders around town so im just permanently down here.


I suppose I’m in. It’s a bummer I have to live with you hooligans in this village in the first place.

Edit: I’ve been humbly working as the bartender for years serving all town drunks and brave tradesman alike.

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I’m in.

I’m the village undertaker, been here since before the extension of the graveyard, I smoke like a chimney and live in a tiny hut at the edge of the cemetery.

Strike seems to work.

So does del…

So you can use <del></del> or <strike></strike>

My roleplaying:

The weather was simply depressing the evening that the priest entered the forsaken town of Eliseni. The wind blew stale cool air from the high mountains where the snow lay into the valleys, with dark clouds churning above the majestic mountains. Every now and then it drizzled lightly, just enough to make everyone who had the misfortune of being outside miserable. Fitting weather for what stood before, but the priest did not have an inkling of what was about to happen.

After all, this was just a simple message errand. Deliver the last will and letter to the poor father of the young woman he had met a few weeks ago and he could go back to his pilgrimage to the Holy Temple of the Serpent. As he mounted a soft hill kept clear of high grass and trees from sheep, as evident by the droppings, he saw the village for the first time. Wiping his shoe clean on the grass, silently bemoaning his bad luck, he surveyed the collection of small, closely packed houses. They looked dreary, as everything else in this weather, but smoke billowed from the chimneys and some lights twinkled behind warped glass.

Absentmindedly patting the pocket of his gray habit to check that the two documents were still there, he started down the hill. If the Serpent was with him, he’d find the father before sunset, allowing him to head back early tomorrow morning.

Brother Xamino has a nice ring to it, I think… :stuck_out_tongue:


I was hoping for a button :wink:

Some art to set the mood :wink:


Ooh very nice :smiley:

I’ll nick that and update it as the game goes on if you don’t mind? I can add in locations of deaths and stuff.


Sounds good :slight_smile: Feel free to use it as cover art too if you like.

I’ll play wolf. I’ll be a hunter. I live on the edge of the village, and I like to take long walks.

Uhh, you don’t get to choose if you’re a wolf or not… :confused: