Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

On going challenge: Challenge 4 - Infinity Short Story

I miss the good old days when we were making contributions for Infinity. I had so much fun designing spaceships. The process itself was the best part, although there was also the hope that eventually your ship might find it’s way to the final game (at least some iteration of it). I especially enjoyed the art challenges and all the cool designs they produced.

The purpose of this thread is to take us back to those days by re-introducing these art challenges! Although the challenges will be purely for fan art this time since I-Novae isn’t accepting contributions anymore. But we can still design for the Infinity universe. The latest version of the faction guidelines can be the the rough guideline for the designs made in these competitions:




If you want to follow the past guidelines for different ship types, here’s the old modeling chart.

The winner of each competition will be decided with a vote. The name of the winner will then be added to a list that I will add to the 2nd post of this thread.

Everyone can suggest art challenges. Just wait before the previous one has ended to keep the contestants focused.

We can have all kinds of competition categories. For example:

Concept Art

Epic art or just plain old simple schematic drawings. Hand drawn or painted with Photoshop. Anything goes!


Both textured and non textured.

Team work

Why not have teams with concept artists and modelers!

Fan Stories

Based on the original lore perhaps or something involving the Corporations?


Why not? We used to have some excellent composers here and I miss their work.

Non-Infinity related art challenges

In case you want to design something completely different.

This community is full of creative power and it has been somewhat dormant ever since the contribution system was scrapped (apart from those who work in the dev team). Perhaps these challenges can give this community back it’s artistic activity that once made it such a vibrant place of constant eye candy. Let’s bring it back :smiley:

(NOTE: This thread is for community driven art challenges and competitions. Not for showing off any particular art outside the competitions. Check out the Infinity Fan Art/Developer Inspiration thread and the Infinity Fan Art thread for that.)


Challenge 1 - Centaurus Destroyer - Concept Art

Winner: Wybo with his Deimos Class Destroyer

2nd place:
LucasFIN - Eternal Harmony Class Destroyer

3rd place:
UniversalPainKiller - Tzedakah Class Destroyer

Challenge 2 - Coding a modular prototype

Winner: Cybercritic with his modular buildings

(No 2nd or 3rd places since Cybercritic was the only participant)

Challenge 3 - TOG Logo and Corporate Identity

Winner: IllOO with this design

2nd place:
LucasFIN with this design

3rd place:
no third place as there were only 2 finished entries

Challenge 4 - Infinity Short Story

Winner: ThornEel with his story Reunion

Shared 2nd and 3rd place:
Crayfish with his story Infinity: The Ryann Blockade
Tjafaas with his story The Sparkle


Challenge 1 - Centaurus Destroyer

Challenge category: Concept Art

Time: 4 weeks (until 14th of December)

I will open the game with the first challenge. I will also participate in it.

It goes without saying that participants can’t vote for themselves :wink:


  • LucasFIN
  • TerranAmbass
  • Wybo
  • Universalpainki

I just want to note, Iam planning to start a stickied Fan Art/Dev Inspiration thread soon for those who wish to submit whatever they want. Adhering to the faction guidelines or not, does not even have to be ships, whatever community members want to share. Nothing official, no contributions, no developer critiquing, just art that may inspire our team. (I actually plan to start a series of “Developer Discussions” threads for a range of topics, hopefully I can get the threads up soon)


That sounds like a good idea :smiley: Will there be art challenges too?

At this point in time we don’t plan to hold any art challenges/competitions that developers would judge/preside over. For now, any such endeavor would be 100% community driven/judged, with the possibility of some developer comments.

I believe it is premature for our team to hold such competitions at this stage, maybe after Battlescape is launched are we’re in the modding/I-Novae marketplace phase of the project.

Ok. So maybe we will go with the voting method on this thread then.

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I will try. No promises that I can actually produce anything, though.


New cover art in the first post :wink:


Yes!! This is what I loved about the old forums: so many contributions to check out! I will definitely join this challenge. 1 week seems a bit short, but maybe that’s a good thing. I hope we have more wanna-be-concept-artists lurking around :grin:

Also, thanks for providing the design guides!

Will you add specifications like size, dimensions, functionality, hardpoint count etc. of the ship? Or is it up to us to decide?


Link to full size image? :question:
I want to explore it. :slight_smile:

I think that will be for the individual artists to decide since these won’t have to qualify to some in game specifications :smiley:

But as far as I remember the size of a destroyer class ship in the old specifications was somewhere between 250m and 750m.

Edit: we now have 3 contestants so I guess the competition can start. Others are free to join in for as long as the competition lasts.

@Lomsor, unfortunately I made it in 690px to fit exactly the width of the content area. The text is just lorem ipsum :wink:

Darn lorem ipsum! Thanks anyway.


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Well this is an interesting coincidence. Back when I started trying to learn modeling, I decided to try a Centarus Destroyer because they had the fewest contributions at the time. I kinda hit the poly-limit wall at the time and it wasn’t really that good (lacked detail and all that nice mess). I still have it lying around, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it any justice in a week…or a year for that matter, but maybe I’ll take a swing at it. My next week might possibly be a bit busy though.

Also, for anyone else that wanted it, below is a link to the old contributions modeling requirements. I think I posted it before but that was a while ago…this might have been from Dan Hutchings old photobucket if I remember correctly.


Great :smiley: I added a link to it in the original post.

That’s a bit of nostalgia there, I recall making that back in the day :smile:


Do you mean you want to finish the model? I thought this first challenge was about drawings only, though I would love to see models as well :smile:

Ah that’s quite alot bigger than I thought. Personally I prefer to have as many requirements as possible, so I’ll make them up myself :wink:

You are right, this challenge is a concept art. I’m terrible at drawing though. My concept for my current model was pretty much back-of-the-napkin and relatively simple anyway.

Finish the model as in make it look good, yes. The full shape was pretty much done, I was just hitting the previous tri-limit and it ended up being completely bland looking and lacked detail even by my standards. I started redesigning a little of it to conserve polys and make it more detailed, which started to make it look more deltan :frowning: . I got about 4500 tri to play with again under the old tri-limit. Of course that number is out the window now :wink:

So where can I submit a design for this?