I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!

My immediate reaction was @inoX’s: Deltan ship. And I was happy to not see another Confederate box.

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No worries, not boring :wink:

Also, we just shared one early concept for the “Heavy Interceptor” class, what you’re seeing is only representative of what the final concept will look like.

That being said, we do read your criticism and critiques, and are having many of the same discussions internally.


If deltan ships are in the line with luxury cars like jaguar, what about cent ships then?

Regarding the hybrid ship idea, I think to make something looking like a sfc ship with deltan influences, it first has to be clear what sfc looks like. To define this, an amount of pure sfc ships would be required first.

I am glad to hear that these concerns are taken serious within the team and i would like to clarify, that I really like this concept Design. I just wanted to emphasize that I really love the idea of underlining different cultures, different developments, different history with different construction styles. This is like Nascar vs. Formula 1!

Imperial ships should look and have imperial names.
Religious ships should have bla bla.
Bla bla bla.
Now do that and everyone will be happy. >:/

Ipods. I thought that was obvious.

You can refer to the Old faction guidelines documents linked via this thread.

While they’re used as a rough guideline now, these documents are at the core of each faction’s general artstyle. Things will become more defined as we progress.

Centauran designs will tend towards curved surfaces, naturally flowing shapes and lines that mimic nature, and elegance. They’re my favorite :slight_smile:

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I know these old guidelines. But another item which could separate sfc from deltan: Are we going to see asymmetry? I really like asymmetric ship-designs…

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Another set of screenshots for you guys this week. Getting a bit closer in to the city structures this time. They’re not modelled / textured for closeups, but the silhouettes read well. You’ll see these structures in the main KS vid.


Cool :open_mouth:
Would it be possible to fly down to a planet, land with a cruiser and stock up on goods to sell elsewhere? It would actually be cool if atmospheric flight would be it’s own “minigame” where it’s tricky and dangerous to fly in atmosphere so needs to be done slowly and carefully (magestic as f).


It definitely looks a lot more filled out.

Looking at those structure silhouettes through the sunrise, it makes me drool just thinking what sort of massive rpgs could come out. Implement clouds and vegetation, and start talking to CD-PROJEKT ;).

Of course, the new thing wouldn’t be ‘look at this huge world you get to explore’, but rather ‘look at this huge world you couldn’t possibly even scratch the surface of exploring.’ Can a single player RPG be too big?

Back on topic, are there any plans for a smaller fighter that might be able to, say, fly… erm… fit through/under those structures? I’m asking for a friend…


Fantastic to see that these places have some living space at last :blush:


The hellion could fly in an about the structures with ease, although these assets aren’t used in the current Prototype.


That pic made me think there would be cities in B:S. Thanks for clearing that up.

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This particular mining colony was designed for the Kickstarter video as atmospheric “set - dressing.” Meant primarily to add interest and life to the setting of the planet.

We will be including surface structures in Battlescape, however the design, function, scale, and gameplay significance of these structures has not yet been determined.


There is definitely potential to make them significant to gameplay. Control nodes, supply points, Re-arm Repair Resupply points, Fortified planetary defense installations, etc etc.
I can think of one gameplay mode where you have to capture an entire planet by taking down the enemy defence installations and ‘convert’ them to your attacking team.

This city is very nice!
I was wondering if part of it (for example placement) is already procedural or if this is 100% old-fashioned asset placement.

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There is nothing procedural about the city.


Also note past answers to the same questions:


…needs more cowbell
and pet rocks…