Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

What if there’s bullet points between the 3 words? It kinda needs something there imo too.

I don’t really think there’s something needed … but you could try interpuncts.

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Pretty much what I meant, but with the correct terminoligy. Thank you :slight_smile:

I like it.


…or use this star-symbol that you used in the “list of friends” header and the logo as a spacer?

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I think I like the interpuncts more. The stars take too much attention.


I’m submitting my final work. Click the image above to read the graphical guidelines.

All the files can be found here.


Forum thread header:

Forum heading graphic:

Profile background image:

User card background image:

Coat of Arms:


Sorry, but I’m out. Just no time atm… Just can’t look at photoshop anymore after a long working day :]

Final submission!

Light theme:

Dark theme:

Download the final design kit with everything included here:


Awesome! :smile:

I’m a fan of the Dark theme, although I think the lighter theme works better in the profile background images. Can they be mixed?

Cigarette at top left :wink:

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What is the status of other contestants by the way?

The latest deadline for the competition is 8th of May. If other contestants are making good progress and still aim to complete the task I can delay the deadline further.


The cigarette is actually the colour relation chart. ^^ Shouldn’t have used the font-gray as background :confused:

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Now that you think about it, the white box next to it with the logo looks like a very stylish pack of cigs! :wink:

Any smokers among the Old Guard?

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Not me. I decided years ago that I’d prefer a quick and violent death to a slow painful one so spent my money on a motorcycle instead of tobacco.


lol. Thanks for that!

If it’s any consultation, I have an aunt who is a nurse, and at the hospital they work at they call them ‘donorcycles’. :grin:


In case someone missed this post. :wink:

Hopefully the two finalized entries will inspire one or two more contestants to finalize their work. Feel free to use the templates and specs provided here.



Still in?

Motorcycles: letting you live life to the fullest, briefly, so others can survive to old age.

On the bright side, this does give the motorcyclist community an excellent way to deal with fools and trolls: just a few years of patience. Darwin will deal with them soon enough. I mean, not killing yourself really isn’t that hard (just pay attention to traffic, nothing better to do while riding anyway, and don’t be foolish about how fast you take corners).

True, being foolish about how fast you take corners is really really fun, especially when you almost lose it, but you can choose not to.


Not all motorcycle accidents end up with death. In fact, what made me give up on it, personally, was more than anything the idea of ending up in a wheelchair for the next 40 years because some jerk denied me priority to the right. (That and winter rain, I have to say.)
Interestingly, the same happened to my father when he worked for some time at a hospital service specialized in paralysis. He told me that after seeing how so many of the tetraplegic were from motorcycle accident, that’s when he switched to car.

I gave up bicycle as well - the feeling that the usage of your lower body is under suspended sentence each time a car decide you don’t exist, it’s not worth it. Underground transport may not always work, but at least no-one is usually trying to run you over (and you’re dry).

(edit: translation fail)

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I love this forum.

One can go from art challenges to sudden motorcycle deaths in just a few posts! :stuck_out_tongue:

They say that organs from bikers are too torn apart.
But i guess it depends on situation.

Some drivers are just so bad though. I can literally take a drive through my home city and nearly get killed in a god damn van 5 times at any given moment.

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