Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

Right here in this thread :smiley:

Note: the first challenge is a concept art challenge, not modeling challenge.

You might be right. If it’s ok for all the contestants (basically you, Terran and UPK) then I suggest we extend the deadline to the next sunday. I forgot how time consuming these concepts can be :smiley:

I have already started mine, but it’s is progressing slowly due to other things.

That’s OK with me! I scribbled some sideviews on paper and in PhotoShop yesterday, and it was more difficult than I expected :wink:

Btw, I aim to hand in a hand-drawn 3D view, including lighting and color etc. I think it’s good to know what to expect from the other contestants, so you don’t end up handing in a scribbled sideview while everybody else hands in detailed 3D renders :wink: If everybody else aims for sideviews, I’ll do the same.


I will aim to a similar style that I’ve done previously (in Photoshop… including lighting and color). I’ll do a side + top view and possibly a perspective view if I have time.

Edit: Feel free to post WIPs if you like. That will give people something to look for during the competition and might give inspiration to other contestants.

Good idea, I’m very interested in everybody’s process!

As soon as I have one, I’ll be happy to share mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

WIP - phase 1

Here are the outlines of the top view. Still working on the side view.

Edit: not yet sure about that engine looking part sticking out in the middle…


Nice work LucasFIN! :smiley: How did you decide on the shape?

My week was a lot busier than I expected, but I hope to post some WIPs this weekend! Won’t be as detailed as that topview though!

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Which engine part? The rear center thruster partially visible through the ‘crack’ or the bulby thing (I’m so good at descriptions :P) in the center?

IMHO, the bulby thing might look nicer on the underside of the ship if the plan is to have that exposed, but for the top, I would have some sort of smooth cover for it. This would create a more streamlined look, which is IMO more fitting for the Centaurus.

Just my thoughts, though ;).

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Started this design on the 11th. I know its not typical Infinity Centaurs shape but who knows.Using splines in 3DS Max to form drawing. Lots of difficulties aligning stuff up.


Wow that’s a complicated design! :open_mouth: I’m not that precise when it comes to concept art.

Wow! The complexity! :open_mouth: Really looking forward seeing that beast in colours! Great job! :smiley:

I just go with the flow :wink:

WIP - phase 2

The outlines of the side view:

Edit: still not satisfied with the part I mentioned previously. It might have to go.

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That’s very slick.

The cover works very well.

I know very little about cad. What programs and equipment do you all use?

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Just photoshop

Photoshop and a mouse. Wow. Maybe someday…

Was it the bulby thing, or something else you’re talking about?

Yes the part that I covered. Although I’m starting to like it again. I will test how it looks in colors.

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  1. Started with a rough pencil drawing. 2. Scanned it into computer. 3. Put image in 3dsMax side viewport background 4. created 2D splines over image. 5. Rendered to final image PNG. I will use Photoshop to color and shade which I never done before for this type of project. I like to print off an image to draw on for further fixing. then send back to 3dsmax to update my lines. For me, creating lines in 3ds max is far easier and faster than Photoshop.

Fantastic design Lucas.

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