Developer Discussion - Infinity Fan Art/Developer Inspiration

This Developer Discussion thread has been created for the purposes of collating all the great fan art the community would like to share with the development team, as well as with each other.

What this thread is:

  • A place for community members to share their art/designs with the
    development team, as well as with each other.
  • A place to discuss the submissions and give constructive feedback
    and/or support.
  • A place where community artists can use their skills to express
    aesthetic desires for our project, potentially inspiring the art team
    to explore previously uncharted avenues of design.
  • A place where skill level of the artist is not judged or a
    prerequisite for sharing his/her ideas.

What this thread is not:

  • A formal contributions system for art inclusion (models & textures)
    into our project.
  • A forum to lobby for specific design consideration/elements (there
    will be a separate discussion thread for this).
  • A place to impose design restrictions based on opinion or
    known/perceived technical limitations of game engines in general.
    (this is not the place to discuss tri-counts or feasibility of designs, etc)

This thread is intended to be a place for artists to gather and share ideas with minimal design constraints and boundary conditions. A place to foster creativity and expose the development team and the community at large to the many innovative design ideas this community has proven to be capable of.

Here is a link to our Faction Guidelines
Those wishing to show their art do not have to adhere to these guidelines, but of course are free to do so if they have a faction specific design they want to share.

Art submissions to this thread are not limited to spaceships. Anything goes really, anything you can envision existing within the Infinity Universe (reference this blog for our general aesthetic vision). From ships to stations, planetary scenes to cityscapes, faction character realizations to non-intelligent alien life. Show us how you envision the Infinity Universe coming alive.

Note: fan art submissions to this thread should be in the form of sketches & drawings, and even modeling screenshots with the intentions of collaborative paint-overs etc.

For now, lets stick to fan art/concept art only, and leave out any musical compositions/scores or writing submissions, there may be separate discussion threads for those down the road.

Thank you in advance for your participation :slight_smile:


The first rule of forums is you never… stop… posting…

Time to never stop posting some content.

Here is a 3rd variation of an idea I’m working on. Its terrible.

And the 4th and 4.5th


So…Bad. Digging the cockpit on bottom image though.

I love the exposed raw industrial looking innards :smiley:

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Hmmm …

Turn the “cockpit module” around in the 4.5th Concept and only have one wing … might be an idea.
In my opinion it’s too symmetric. The tank thingy on the side is for me the most distinctive feature and at a optimal position.

“Bad” meaning ?

As is yours. ‘Bad’ meaning though the overall shape is interesting, I don’t think it works aesthetically with current proportions, Individually I like the industrial parts but not the way the mesh and segment in a few areas. Also I’ve seen his second pass on this concept and it is imo 100% better and feels much more cohesive ; hope he posts shots of it here soon.

Yes. Well. Ok. Now I’ll have to post them… pffft.

  1. never
  2. stop
  3. posting

As Andre said, the overal shape was interesting but I just didn’t like most of it. The small craft idea started off as a 30-45min Paint Tool Sai test (fantastic line drawing tools), which was still based on an idea I’m still working on.

This was was given a pass in photoshop which you can see a few posts above ^^^

Instead of rendering out these concepts I kept them as linedrawings with simple shading.

And a variation.

I like where its going, maybe a bit too x-wingy. Still have some issues. Mainly the part behind the cockpit and the engine pods. Next I’ll probably make simple 3d mockups and play with the shape some more. Hopefully after one too many paintovers we’ll end up with a nice small craft.

I’ve also got some larger ships based on my original idea but those will have to wait for a later post.


Thanks Andre.

Oops, forgot to post yesterday. ;'(

Based on the same idea as the smaller ships. I spent a few hours making it look nice.


Wow! :open_mouth: :thumbsup:

The more I look at the better it getttssss!!!

It’s soooo good. The retro engine, the shape, the other thrusters …

The best possible thing for the first official GKS (German for Big Battle Ship , X jargon) concept. I would love to see this realized.


There a one bad*** SFC ship :open_mouth: :smiley:

Have we ever seen official SFC capital ships of this size until this one? Would love to see some slight asymmetry there (if it’s still a SFC thing). :wink:

The first fan art competition is over. Here are the results:

By Universalpainkiller:

By Wybo:

By LucasFIN:


I like the way the turrets can shoot in a large ark.

All three finalist are pretty badass! Although I do see you guys here, work is a you know what so I’m saving my vote for later.

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Ho ho ho!


Will the Remora be included in Battlescape (and even the KS video)? Liked that ship in the ICP very much :smiley:

It won’t be featured in the KS video, nor is it planned to be in Battlescape.

:frowning: Well I suppose we will be getting even better ship. :wink: Still gives me some nostalgia.

I was feeling an urge to draw stuff lately. Why not spaceships?

Not serious designs, just line art practice and finding interesting shapes.