Art Challenges for Infinity Fan Art (Challenge 4 - An Infinity Short Story - Ended! - Winner: ThornEel!)

I’m not sure @LucasFIN, coding is more suited to collaboration than competition, it’s basically a waste of resources having 3 separate people working on essentially the same project yet producing different products, the stricter the requirements the more pronounced this problem is.

However if the theme is broad enough, it could lead to some nice distinct takes on the subject and conform to typical challenge conditions. I’m ok with it being a challenge on “modular stuff”, as I would get to work on what I want, not sure how others feel about it.


If at least 3 participants are ok with this kind of approach I will announce Challenge 2. :smiley:

Sorry, I won’t be taking part.

I couldn’t resist and made a Modular Buildings prototype in the last 3 days. I’m probably not gonna be around next week, so consider this my entry if the challenge runs. :slight_smile:

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Is t easily testable for non programmers too? :wink:

Edit: any change for a video or gif presentation?

Challenge 2 - Coding a modular prototype

Challenge category: Coding

Time: + 1 month (until Sunday 8th of February)

Time for the second challenge! There has been a lot of interest for a coding challenge so that’s what it will be. Let’s see if we can get at least 3 contestants. The more the better.


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I think a coding challenge is a pointless exercise to be honest. Maybe refocussing on providing art-inspiration for the people involved in this project is a better idea.

On the topic of space-ship design: I personally like designs that are “realistic”, meaning that they look like they might actually work and are believable. Wings that will work when the ship enters the atmosphere, or lack of wings and propulsion steering only etc…

I wonder if ships in infitinty will behave differently once they are in an atmosphere, and if the type and density of the atmosphere will make a difference (that could be a huge tactical factor in a battle, but its probably way beyond the feasible scope of this project).

Maybe its possible to do that. If the planets are generated, I imagine there must be a parameter for the density of the atmosphere, this parameter could be applied to the ships thrust as a factor, and it could also be applied to the ships maneuverability (dense atmosphere provides high maneuverability but limits speed, and the other way around).

Welcome to the forum TARS.

The Infinity art style is well established - ships will not have wings.

Regarding various ships behaving differently in atmospheres, I believe that is the plan but it will not be based on aerodynamic features of the ships.

I see you found how to edit you post. In future, please edit rather than double posting :smile:

Sorry for the very brief reply. I’m sure others will welcome you with more detailed responses but I just wanted to say hi and point out some basics.


Problem with “coding a modular prototype” is that feedback will depend almost entirely on the modules used; there’s only so many ways to do a pseudorandom “put A on top of B,” and I doubt you’ll be benchmarking performance or evaluating documentation.

On the other hand, practical experience in implementing pseudorandom “put A on top of B” seems useful so if you feel like doing a “design modules for ‘modular building’-challenge”-challenge first I’m in.

So I’ll sign you in? :slight_smile:

Hmm… Yes… non coding people most likely won’t judge the technicalities of the entries. Probably just the experience of using the prototypes and/or seeing them in action. In other words: how ‘cool’ they look :stuck_out_tongue: So is it about the coding then or just trying to create art by coding?

Neither. It’s about first making some low quality assets, then having a bit of code stack those assets on top of each other.

I do not have the time or motivation to manually produce those graphical assets.

Yes, you do need to design some minimal art assets, those building are all based on these components.

Sorry for the double post, missed these questions.

Application is designed with intent for the user to be able to put his models and a configuration file in a folder and the application would import that info and handle it. That feature is about 75% implemented.

Here is a vid for you. :smile:


Challenge 3 - The Old Guard Logo and Corporate Identity

To celebrate the milestone of 100 memebers I’m launching a Logo / Corporate Identity challenge for The Old Guard group!

Challenge category: Graphic Design

Time: 4 month (until Sunday 14th of June)

Requirements for the entry:

The minimum requirement is to design a logo and a Coat of Arms. But contestants can also design some or all of the following additional items:

1. Header graphic to be used in the OG thread (690x300px)
The first post graphic. Contains the name of the group, the logo / the crest and some graphical elements.

2. Heading graphic (690x80px)
Since we might not be too concerned about SEO I thought it would be cool to make some graphical headings in the OG thread. So put in some graphical elements and some Lorem ipsum filler text written in your chosen font.

3. Profile background image (1700x620px)
The default size for the profile bg image is 850x310px. But since the image is going to be scaled bigger as you view the site from certain screen sizes I would suggest doubling the dimensions. Hence 1700x620. Note! The light grey info bar on the bottom will overlap with the image.

4. User card background image (590x236px)
The user card bg image does not change it’s size. It will always appear in the size of 580x323px (it is said to be 590px wide in profile preferences but I measured only 580px).

5. Optional tag for regular profile background images (280x175px)
If you use the before mentioned size for the profile bg image then there is a safe area of roughly 180x175px in the upper middle part of the image. This area will retain decent margins around it no matter what device you are using to view the page. Get the templates with the safe area here.

6.Graphical guidelines
A small guide with the chosen colors, typography and different ways the logo can be used etc. This doesn’t have to be too extensive. Just the basics.



I won, I won! :wink:

You have in mind the dimensions for that logo, banner and badge Lucas?


I’m in.

I think I can come up with something.

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Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Well the dimensions for the banner should be roughly the width of the column here in the forums. And the logo should preferably be scalable vector art or alternatively pixel art that is big enough.

The size and the use of the badge should be decided by the artists themselves.

So are you in for this one too Cybercritic?

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As an indie game developer I wear the artist hat sometime, it’s tempting, but I can’t commit just yet. :slight_smile:

I’m in. I’ve been having a lot of fun screwing around with my nice new markers.

Now I just need to figure out how to finish installing inkscape so that I have a good vector art program. Lol.

As for “committing,” cybercritic, I would just jump in. The worst that happens is you don’t come up with a design by the deadline.