Patch and Updates Notes

#43 ( Saturday, 16 February 2019 )

This is a “quality of life” patch for the BETA which aims at fixing some of the most urgent issues, and applying a small polish pass to the HUD. The capital ships control scheme also received another iteration.


  • Warp interruption is now damage percentage based ( 2% ) off the max hit/shield points, instead of interrupting warp for negligible damage
  • Reduced ratio of player credits versus AI in credits redistribution
  • Added allied infrastructure griefing checks and malus ( set to -33% of credits worth )
  • Battlescape generation improvements: score balance checks, new parameters to control location of stations
  • Added check to avoid spawning ground installations on the night time of planets


  • Match velocity in warp will now match warp speed to target
  • Ship will now be powered on and have front lights enabled by default upon spawning
  • Added support to up to 4 input devices / joysticks
  • Added camera offset to capital ship views to unblock the ship from the view (the camera will offset perpendicularly to the ship’s spherical volume)
  • Swapped WS and RF for capital ship control scheme. WS will now pitch
  • Added a “Set target orientation” for capital ship control scheme. R will set the target orientation forward, F backwards. The ship automatically turns around to face the target orientation’s direction.
  • Fixed pitching orientation on capital ships not correctly preserving world-space direction
  • Added input profiles for Logitech X52 Pro and X56 HOTAS, thanks to the community


  • Rebalanced heat points on bomber and corvette (they could not reach max heat points even firing 100% of the time without stopping)
  • Added back some hitpoints to the static defense towers on installations
  • Rescaled up most of the weapons projectile effects due to community feedback
  • Slightly increased projectile speeds for the large MK6/MK7 kinetic guns
  • Increased missile launch speed from 200 m/s to 250 m/s


  • The HUD is now available in third-person mode for capital ships
  • New version of the HUD center crosshair ( triangular ) to unclutter the center of the view
  • HUD crosshair will now flash to orange when aligned with lead reticles
  • Reduced size of lead reticles by 25%
  • Shield or hit meters now flash upon taking damage
  • Energy emission graph ( top-right corner of the HUD ) no longer has a black background
  • Added credits bonus message upon destroying generic enemy infrastructure
  • Tweaked HUD bloom effect
  • Added a more visible alert when HUD automatic level changes
  • Planet / Installation names are no longer fading off based on distance on HUD
  • Fixed a bug which caused distant planet / installation names to still appear in HUD combat mode
  • Fixed player indicator names ( was incorrectly located at the top of the icon )
  • Tweaks to HUD target indicator colors to be less chaotic
  • Popups and alerts no longer show up when HUD is disabled
  • Added a target orientation symbol on HUD for capital ships automatic orientation mode
  • Separated camera views for “external views” in target navigation mode, and capital ship camera. They can now have different view parameters

Bug fixes

  • Minor fix for warp charging falling below minimum warp speed, accidentely cancelling warp

Visual effects, graphics, performance

  • Added slider in launcher dialog to control space debris strength. Defaults to 50%
  • Reduced length and intensity of space debris overall


  • Added server economy scale (default to x2.0) as a server setting
  • A bunch of server settings are now properly loaded from server config files instead of beind hardcoded
  • Fixed server crash due to lack of multithreading in access of network properties;
  • Fixed issue with warping AI bot getting killed before reaching its destination due to speed cap change
  • Added gas giant and Galia asteroid to the “Small” Battlescape
No server on launcher
#44 ( Saturday, 02 March 2019 )

This new patch for the beta version introduces the new audio system: FMOD Studio (goodbye OpenAL !) and as such, modifications to sounds are experimental and haven’t been fine tuned yet. If you notice any audio issue, please let us know on the forums, thank you !

The patch also introduces a new targetting system for capital ships and static defenses. MK4 Auto-turrets are now auto-tracking AND auto-firing. This means that you no longer need to manage these auto-turrets at all; they’ll select the most relevant target and fire at it automatically, even if you do not press the primary or secondary fire button. If you’re short on ammo and want to disable this behavior, simply toggle the MK4 Auto-Turret hardpoint group off in the weapons radial menu.

This patch also contains a major balance pass over the ships (especially capital ships weapons, hardpoints and sockets locations) as well as the bomber (the shotgun is now classified as MK2; we also added the Interceptor MK1 guns as an alternative primary weapon, which you can select in the weapons radial menu). We’ve also revamped all the credits rewards for scanning (nerfed), destroying installations (nerfed), passive resources generation (buffed) and active kills (buffed). Please let us know if the game balance has improved as a result, and report any major imbalance you can notice. Thank you and have fun.

New default Havoc cruiser skin

Gameplay / Balance

  • Target’s hitpoints and shields status percentage now appear next to the indicator ( for allies or close enemies )
  • Reduced minimum warp speed threshold from x10 to x2 when matching speed in warp ( this prevented matching a target in warp at lower speeds )
  • Shield overcharge power reduced from 150% to 100%
  • Propulsion overchage power reduced from 100% to 50% (sides) and 50% to 30% (main)
  • Small generic building modules will no longer give any credits upon destruction (before: they defaulted to 10 creds per small building)
  • Rebalanced all weapons; large turret projectiles now move faster; Revamped all damage points, heat points etc… on all weapons
  • Separated ship weapons from static defenses weapons, so that they could be balanced separately
  • Floating platform turrets are now more deadly - beware to enemy capships that would try to attack a station when these platforms are still up !
  • Tower defenses on stations have low damage and precision but will fire more frequently - beware to stationnary targets !
  • Removed MK3 turrets from all capships. They now start at MK4 auto-firing turrets. MK5 are mostly anti medium ships (corvettes/destroyers), and MK6/MK7 are anti-capships but have a slower turn rate. As a consequence, positionning in capital ships should have become more important
  • Bomber now has an alternative MK1 (interceptor’s gun) in addition to the shotgun, however only one can be active at the same time
  • Corvette’s turrets damage has been reduced a bit
  • The Destroyer now has two more MK6s at the top and bottom (the ones at the sides caused too much of a blind angle)
  • The Cruiser now also has extra MK6s and MK7s (previously, it only had 2 MK7s at the bottom, always hidden from the camera, not ideal)
  • Rebalanced capital ships hit points and shield points; same for energy and heat, which should limit firing all weapons at once (the player might have to select only 1 or 2 weapon groups active at a time, and not everything)
  • Nerfed most ship’s shield recharging rates to be less overpowered, especially in combination with shield overcharge
  • Slight reduction to capship’s vertical thruster rates
  • Rebalanced credits rewards for destroyed installations, especially on defense towers or factory storage tanks
  • Increased (almost doubled) credits rewards for killing enemy ships
  • Nerfed (almost halved) credits rewards for scanning
  • Decreased ( halved) activation time for missiles and torpedoes, right after they’ve been launched ( missiles and torpedoes fly in a straight line until they’re activated, then only do they start tracking their target )
  • Increased damage for missiles ( slightly ) and torpedoes ( a lot )

Controls / Input

  • Added mouse wheel sensitivity setting, defaults to x5
  • Renamed “Separator” key into the official “Backslash” key (note: if you used “Separator” in a custom profile, you’ll have to reassign or rename it)
  • Updated input profile to version auto-assist key was moved to RightShift (Azerty) or BackSlash (Qwerty and others)
  • Added a “CapshipAutoTurn” event, default is now the Space key;


  • Implemented auto-fire for capital ships; Weapons in hardpoint groups that allow auto-fire will automatically track and fire at their auto-selected target
  • Made auto-tracking behavior of turrets more consistent
  • Added minimum and maximum target size range to weapons, so that they are smarter about which kind of target they should fire at ( ex.: huge turrets should not fire at interceptors… )
  • Kinetic defense turrets now have the ability to fire at a target even when its shields are up


  • Obstructed target indicators ( behind planets ) will now blink and display “Obstructed” on top of the indicator
  • Small reduction of crosshair size at HUD center
  • Formation target is no longer lost when far away while flying in warp
  • Harmonized team names and colors in leaderboard / scores (previously, they were using the old team colors; now they’ll be consistent with the HUD: blue=your team, red=enemy team)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for incorrect gun offset with some forward-facing weapons;
  • Fixed crash upon cycling control schemes ( F4 ) in spectator mode;
  • Fixed a bug in the match win conditions not checking destroyed spawns

Visual effects, audio, graphics, performance

  • Replaced OpenAL with FMOD. Note that the sound setup and attenuation formula is different, which might result in sounds behaving a bit differently than before. If you notice anything that sounds like a bug, please let us know
  • Tweaks to audio with FMOD
  • Fixed destruction material on floating defense platforms and turrets (there was some weird pop-in going on before, due to a mesh not having been updated properly)
  • Tweak to particle debris, small debris will now fade out at a larger distance
  • New sound effect for missile lock
  • New explosions sound effects with multiple variations
  • New shield impact sounds
  • New MK6/MK7 gun fire sound effects
  • New cruiser Havoc skin (default, yellow-gray). Scoria now uses the red-white stripe skin by default. This is a move to give more character/unique style to the different factions. We’re no longer following at all the old team 0 = red, team 1 = green, team 2 = blue pattern
  • Added MK2 forward weapon mesh placeholder ( used for bomber’s shotgun )
  • Updates to various textures and paint materials on the Cruiser
  • Decal pass on the Cruiser materials


  • Added version check and upgrading to launcher user settings. The new crosshair wasn’t available to old users in the previous patch, but it should now auto-detect the version and upgrade the settings when needed. Everybody
    should have the new triangular crosshair now
  • Removed crash files ( they were redundant with log files )
#45 ( Saturday, 16 March 2019 )

Hey everybody, welcome to Infinity: Battlescape patch

This patch contains a lot of gameplay and audio improvements. Following patch we continued to iterate on FMOD integration and added support for doppler and space-muffle effects and address audio glitches in larger battles.

The interceptor is now textured and we added a new capital-ship explosion effect, as well as a bunch of new sound placeholders.

On the gameplay side, the new AI battle system is in, and battles will now start and stop based on specific credits accumulation conditions by the AI. It isn’t balanced very well yet, so if the AI generates too many battles and bots at once, we’ll probably have to hotfix the server sooner than later.

This patch contains some architectural changes, probably unoticeable for the player until we integrated a proper menu system. But the game now allows mounting/unmounting ships equipments and various upgrades dynamically. The ship loadouts are still static for testing purposes. The new scanner (Interceptor) and proximity mines (Destroyer) are in.

Finally, we introduced a bounty system, currently controlled by the AI. Enemies that do particularly well will be flagged and killing them will bring you a credits reward. Bounty-tagged enemies have a star icon on top of their HUD indicator.
Note that they cannot themselves see if they have a bounty on their head, but they’ll get a notification when they get killed, if they had one.

Of course, this patch contains the usual quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes amongst many other things. Enjoy !

Gameplay / Balance

  • Unscouted installations now appear as “Unknown” and need to be permanently scouted for their name to appear
  • Added the ability to dynamically mount / unmount equipments to Ship components
  • Warp jam has now become a ship equipment
  • Introduced scanner equipment. This scanner can detect energy emissions across a long range and give basic information such as intensity, physical size or relative speed
  • It is possible to highlight a scanner echo that will get highlighted on the spectrograph ( it is possible to jump to the previous or next echo with Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+U
  • Introduced proximity mines. See Weekly Update #135 for more details about how they work
  • Upon dying a missile, torpedo or mine will now detonate and cause splash damage instead of simply dying
  • Introduced per-installation modules scoring system, installation destruction threshold is based on score and no longer on absolute hitpoints of an installation’s modules
    (Previously, the scoring was based on hitpoints. As an unwanted consequence, increasing hangar hitpoints made them the only targets that you really had to destroy if you wanted to destroy the station. The scoring is now independent of hitpoints)
  • Explosions now generate a shockwave effect which causes splash damage. There is a delay in how long the shockwave takes to reach you (it travels at 1 km/sec) so sometimes the effect of the shockwave might have some latency compared to the visual effect.
    This is no bug. In addition, shockwaves can generate a velocity bump if you get caught too close in a light ship like the Interceptor
  • Heat increases energy emission signature
  • Scouting now requires a scanner, and the scanner has to be active. Using the scanner also doubles your ship’s energy emissions
  • Mine fields are generated around space stations when a match is generated
  • Introduced atmospheric decay for thrusters, nerfing big ships in atmospheres. This will make the capital ships ( cruiser, carrier ) impossible to take off / fly away from planet’s gravity
  • Implemented bounty system. The AI commander will now place bounties on targets that cause of a lot of trouble / deaths
  • The bounty system is based on ranks, which can level up as the number of kills increases. At each rank the bounty doubles
  • Increased AI attack priorities on targets with a bounty rank
  • Finished implementation of the new AI commander battle system. Battles will now start/stop after a certain credits threshold has been accumulated from haulers and other team rewards
  • Revamped credits distribution to installations, now taking into consideration limits, and distribution is no longer linear
  • Revamped battle / mission notifications. Added a countdown system so that players will know when a new battle is starting
  • Increased hitpoints on various installation modules like energy reactors or hangars
  • Adjusted scouting / scanner ranges on all installations and adjusted rewards to take into account scanning difficulty
  • Doubled atmospheric density decay on all planets, so that warping to the ground level is much faster

Controls / Input

  • Fixed a bug with capital ship control scheme: pitch down ( S ) was also reverting thrust !
  • Fixed input issue with some keys not responding after an alt-tab
  • Input improvements regarding conflicts between key combos ( ex.: ctrl-X vs X, both events were firing at once )
  • Implemented Orbital formation mode. Note that Orbital mode requires to set a target speed. At zero, its behavior is similar to “Chase”. The target speed basically defines the orbital distance. Tangential movements get cancelled out unless you manually thrust
  • Added rotation assist toggle event (look for the event called “RotationAssist” in the profile editor). It is not bound to any key by default
  • Slight buf to small ship’s linear thrust (around +10%)
  • Slightly increased angular thrust on bomber to make it a bit less wobbly when aiming


  • Added activation timer to chaffs ( currently set to 1 second ) and a detonation delay for missiles ( 2 seconds ) ( this solves the problem of missiles instantly exploding near you the moment a chaff is fired )
  • Collisions ghosting after a missile / torpedo / mine launch is now temporary. Collisions are re-enabled with the parent actor after a few seconds
  • Auto-turrets can now defensively fire at incoming mines
  • Auto-turrets no longer target or stop firing at dying actors
  • Slightly reduced precision of corvette guns and MK4 auto-turrets


  • Match time only shows up in leaderboard ( it could show up on the main HUD when the scores changed, before )
  • Added target indicator for mines
  • Fixed a bug related to losing selected actor / stats (like hitpoints/shields) on client when a target becomes an indicator
  • HUD “incoming threat” alert now shows the type of threat ( missile, torpedo or mine )
  • Incoming threat is always showing as high priority on radars
  • Mines, crates and misc. indicators are no longer displayed at far ranges ( > 1000 Km )
  • Added an option to disable the lead reticles from the launcher dialog


  • Added support for doppler in sound effects
  • Added muffle effect. It is maximal in space, however it takes into account atmospheric density, so the muffle will fade out on planets
  • Added a flight sound effect loop on missiles and torpedoes
  • Added sound pooling / streaming to reduce the number of active FMOD sounds and reduce stress on the sound systems which glitched the audio in battles
  • Fixed a small problem with FMOD in debug mode which caused conflicts with concurrent client instances due to profiling enabled
  • Fix for sounds attached to objects that stopped playing too soon when the parent object was deleted (this was cutting the sound in the middle of playing)
  • Emphasized engine sounds on non-player ships

Visual effects, assets, graphics, performance

  • The Interceptor is now textured. It has two base skins, one for Scoria and one for Havoc
  • New capital ship shockwave / explosion effect
  • Tweaked camera vibrations / shaking attenuation formula and parameters from effects, will fade out more naturally now
  • Tweaks to dying explosions effect when a ship is about to explode
  • Fixed starfield / galaxy pipes redundantly attached twice to render pipeline (this caused a very minor performance hit for no good reason)
  • Added a dim gray/blue galaxy background color. This was done so that ships and structures silhouettes in the dark could be better seen over the background
  • Ship death effects can now appear at a long range, even if the ship is out of visible range on the client

Server and Misc

  • Server crash fix related to a bug (hotfixed)
  • Added additional check to server for desyncs between the client’s selected actor target and server’s ( if the actor got destroyed on the server but the client selected it right before, it crashed the server )
  • Added admin network commands to mount / unmount a ship equipment
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in server networking code
  • Added Hull HP ratio persistency to actors database
  • Added actors destruction persistency to actors databaes (previously, deleted actors would re-live upon rebooting the server)
Hotas/Joystick controls feedback thread
#46 ( Friday, 22 March 2019 )

The last patch ( ) introduced a lot of new content which generated new issues. Patch aims at adressing all these issues, starting with stability: it contains an important client crash related to proximity mines, as well as stability fixes to the server.

In terms of gameplay, patch wraps up the implementation of the new battle system, by introducing consequences to lost battles. Battles that are deemed “critical” will be important for the defender’s team to win, otherwise the objective will get destroyed. We added more info popups to inform the player the state of the battles, and completely revamped the battle “missions” notification system with the countdown to the next battle, but also its odds of victory once the battle has started. The battle system also received a balancing pass, with the AI commander being able to transfer credits between objectives as needed. For non-critical battles (aka. balanced between the teams), the winner will receive a nice credits reward. AI should now be able to complete an entire match on its own and even start multiple battles at once on multiple fronts.

This patch also introduces a bunch of tweaks to explosions / capship deaths, a red shockwave for torpedoes and proximity mines, and a new heavy weapons kinetic impact effect (currently the intersections are still done with the bounding box of the ship, however in the future we’ll implement accurate intersections).

Gameplay / Balance

  • Improvements to battle system:
  • Added consequences to losing a battle
  • Added critical battles when a battle is balanced, which will destroy the objective installation
  • Various improvements to dynamically balancing credits between allied or enemy objectives
  • Revamped AI commander scouting of objectives
  • Added player battle mission notification system
  • Added a bit more separation distance to the formation chase mode (sometimes it made the ship fly very close to the target)
  • Halved activation time on chaffs to make them more reactive
  • Fixed a bug which didn’t show the incoming missile alert until the missile got activated
  • Fix for carriers being undestructible
  • Tweaks to explosions splash and knockback force, to be less invasive/annoying
  • Reduced range of defense auto-turrets
  • Slight reducion in missiles damage. At the same time, slight increase of interceptor’s hitpoints and shields (respectively: 75 to 80, and 120 to 125). This change allows the interceptor to not instantly die to a single missile hit
  • Nerfed damage for heavy capital ships weapons. They were too strong, especially since proximity mines were introduced, and capital ships died too quickly overall
  • Slightly increased activation time for missiles and torpedoes, to give targets more time to react at close ranges


  • Fixed client crash with mines spawned in marker spawns
  • Fixed damage smoke trail being generated on a resupplied undamaged ship


  • Fixed safe warp speed alert in spectator mode
  • Fixed some bugs related to selecting the closest hostile target ( G key ): if you already had a target selected, the G key did nothing. There was also a wrong behavior related to missiles/torpedoes
  • Fixed accidental griefing messages for indirectly killing allied missiles/torpedoes/mines
  • HUD popups now support multiple lines (used by the battle notification system)
  • Indicators in the far distance are no longer displayed or selectable. This should help to unclutter objectives that are very far away
  • Closest supply ship / corvette is now displayed with a special icon on the HUD and on radars
  • Moved scanner downwards on the HUD

Visual effects, assets, graphics, performance, audio

  • Added rejection distance for particle systems LOD, to improve performance of far-away particle effects
  • Tweaked capital ships death effect: a single, massive shockwave is generated instead of multiple, smaller ones. We also added some explosions and debris at the core of the effect
  • Added a kinetic impact effect for capital ships heavy weapons, generating a lot of sparks.


  • Reduced diffuse intensity of gas giant
  • Changed color of gas giant, to be more blue/purple
  • Tweaks to planets atmospheres: slight color changes, and made the atmosphere a bit thicker on many planets
  • Tweaks to Aresthia texturing rules: to make the planet a bit less boring/bland seen from space. Some materials are also more shiny

Server and AI

  • Fixed launcher crash due to invalid patch notes
  • Added credits generation multiplicator to server for AI battle credits
  • Fix for deadlock on corvette auras repairing each others
  • AI carriers now slow down and stop when a player tries to respawn at them;
  • AI destroyers can now launch proximity mines
  • Added server command to see battlecredits
  • Fixed spam in server logs when an actor fails to enter warp and gets killed after some time;
  • Fixed server crash due to typo in missile parent actor


  • Fixed team names ( instead of team colors ) in the launcher dialog
  • Added two more locations for ground installations on Sarake
#47 ( Friday, 29 March 2019 )

This patch focuses on performance improvements in large battles. It should bring about a 50 to 100% fps boost in large battles at Glimmerfall and Hebellos, and a lower but still significant fps boost
in smaller battles. In addition to performance improvements, the patch includes a couple of fixes related to battle reinforcements (server-side), localization and a new custom graphical setting mode
for debugging.

Performance improvements

For more details please see Weekly Update #136.5: from 15 to 45

  • Emissive values on the hull of a ship are no longer changed every frame when the emissive hasn’t changed
  • Lights are only collected on the hull when the lights layout has changed, and not every frame anymore
  • Statistics are no longer gathered every frame even if the graph stats page isn’t currently opened
  • Thrusters are dynamically attached/dettached based on view cone visibility and distance
  • Lights are dynamically attached/dettached based on view cone visibility and distance
  • Weapons/turrets are dynamically attached/dettached based on view cone visibility and distance

This last batch of changes lightens the load on the scene-graph, which previously caused a lot of cpu calculations to update transformation matrices or perform frustum culling on hundreds of objects per ship.
In this patch, thrusters, lights of weapons that aren’t in view ( or that are too far away to be rendered ) are simply dettached from the scene-graph. From the player’s point of view, there should be no
visual difference, even if turning the camera around very quickly. If you notice any bug introduced by this new behavior, please let us know.


  • experimental change for loading fonts from localization files
  • added a custom/debug graphical setting mode, which loads graphics settings from ClientConfig.xml
  • fixed popup dialog arguments not supporting localization (utf-8)
  • fixed battle reinforcement system which under-reinforced due to a ship-budget recalculation issue
#48 ( Saturday, 27 April 2019 )

This patch (re)-introduces Asteroid rings around Sarake, the gaian planet. It also includes asset updates, like the new textured Destroyer and an update to the small ship’s hangars.


  • Reimplemented asteroid ring around Sarake. Known issues: missiles/torpedoes currently do not collide with asteroids ; slight desync between client/server timings can sometimes cause funky ship-asteroid collisions ; the server hasn’t been stress-tested with a lot of actors in rings yet…
  • Space stations now prioritize spawning in an asteroid ring when a ring exists for a given planet


  • experimental change for loading fonts from localization files
  • added a custom/debug graphical setting mode, which loads graphics settings from ClientConfig.xml
  • fixed popup dialog arguments not supporting localization (utf-8)
  • fixed battle reinforcement system which under-reinforced due to a ship-budget recalculation issue

HUD / Input

  • Changed HUD proximity mine icon type
  • Experimental fix for GUI font charset ( was forced to ANSI, now using DEFAULT, hoping to fix Chinese font issues)
  • Fixed key conflicts detection in key map / input profiles: joystick IDs were messed up
  • Fix for head pitch/yaw conflicting with ship’s pitch/yaw in direct mode

Graphics / Optimizations

  • Fixed sky irradiance being redundant with IBL (this effectively applied double ambient-lighting, which is wrong)
  • Experimental fixes for blue-glitch with IBL in extreme mode
  • Added a quality level setting to precomputed atmospheric scattering
  • In high and extreme quality, atmospheric scattering will now use a higher precision and have less visual artifacts
  • Mesh rendering optimizations when rendering a large amount of instanced objects
  • Fixed trade route geometry indicator not being added to the octree, so it wasn’t frustum culled
  • Fixed small bug in conditions check for refreshing IB
  • Increased loading times due to some material generation optimizations
  • Fixed a client crash related to occlusion objects


  • Added textures/materials to Destroyer, as well as the two basic Havoc and Scoria skins
  • Revamped small ships hangar: improved textures, materials, geometric details, lights and added ambient occlusion
  • Replaced post-processing screen dirt texture
  • Added lava sounds near ground surface on Cinder


  • Added support for planet ambience sound layers
  • Removed wind ambience from wind grid ( now uses planet ambience sound layers )
  • Fixed server network issue related to WSAEWOULDBLOCK ( UDP’s send buffers full ) and which spammed / froze the server
  • Fixed server crash related to trave-to-target debug functionality
#49 ( Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

This patch mostly focuses on two things: some new flight model experimental refinements and the first iteration of the textured bomber. As usual it also includes a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.


  • Turbo boost minimum energy requirements increased from 5% to 25%: a slight nerf to players abusing micro boosts with their energy depleted. It is still possible to chain micro boosts, but only with enough energy
  • Shield damage model is now probabilistic instead of splitting damage between shield and armor points. In the previous versions, upon getting hit by a physical projectile, a part of the damage was absorbed by the shield and the remainer was passing through and damaging the armor points.
    In the new model, the shield acts as a probability to determine whether all the damage gets absorbed by the shields, or if the projectile passes through the shield and hits the hull. This will be improtant in terms of visual effects later on when shields will no longer match the hull’s shape
  • Added the ability to spawn at neutral stations. Neutral stations are invulnerable. Added one neutral station around Rethe Prime (the gas giant). Players in different teams that want to train / dogfight can do it here. The AI will not generate a battle around this area
  • The bomber’s missile launchers are now slightly sloped upwards

Flight Model

  • Fix for rotation assist mode off which wasn’t providing 100% of thrust capabilities
  • Target speed / throttle can no longer exceed speed cap
  • Increased forward/backward linear thrust on most ships. Interceptor went from 3.6g to 4.0g. The main difference is on capital ships, that can now fly a lot faster. For example the carrier went from 1.2g to 2.0g.
  • Added a launcher dialog option (default: on) to enforce the soft speed cap with flight assist mode. It is no longer possible to exceed the speed cap via manual thrusting, unless turbo boosting (in which case the speed cap can be exceeded as long as energy remains)
  • Added a side boost anti-drifting system. It increases side propulsion temporarily in order to let the ship change its course faster. The boost is stronger as speed increases and approaches the speed cap. This change should make the dofights more dynamic and make capital ships
    far more maneuverable. It also helps with dodging or manually orbiting targets.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Asteroid ring fixes / tweaks: rings can now be tilted compared to the sun angle, so it won’t shadow-flicker with itself
  • Fixed an issue which caused dust particles to not appear in certain ring locations (the asteroids were correctly appearing but the dusty particles were missing)
  • Fixed a client crash when switching control schemes in spawn mode
  • Trade routes no longer show up when the source or destination have been destroyed
  • Main propulsion sound is no longer played on other ships when they’re powered off
  • Weapons will no longer lock when safety lock is toggle off but the target stays within lock range

HUD / Input

  • Improved highlighting of shield / armor / energy bars when their values are depleting. The bars should be flashing and become brighter to warn the user that their values are decreasing
  • Added an internal “no-cockpit” camera mode to small ships. You can toggle it by pressing F1 (will switch from cockpit to internal view and vice-versa)
  • Trade routes are no longer showing when HUD is disabled
  • Fix for saving an incorrect input profile version when editing the input profile. This bug was introduced in the last patch and could have caused some key conflicts and/or some keys being set back to their default values. The input profile config files should now upgrade correctly
  • Added griefing message when destroying minor infrastructure
  • Added a locking icon (circles with a dot in the middle) to represent the launch direction of missile / torpedoes. It’ll switch to red when the weapon is locked

Graphics / Optimizations

  • Added the textured bomber
  • Recording screenshots (F11) is now written to disk asynchronously and will no longer freeze the game for a few seconds
  • It is now possible to record screenshots at a higher resolution than the screen’s (see the Screenshot section in ClientConfig.xml). Note: HUD might not render correctly if using a different resolution than the screen’s
  • Made space background darker and increased stars brightness. The amount of visible stars in sunlight should’ve increased tenfolds. The idea here is to get away from mostly-black backgrounds, while keeping a realistic look
  • Reduced intensity of small ship’s floodlights


  • Tweaked min/max distance to sun of Battlescape generator. The sun in particular should no longer be too close to the Battlescape
  • Battlescapes are now titled compared to sun angle
  • Added minimum client requirement check to game server: there was a check on the network version, but not on the client itself. This means some players could’ve logged on a server with an upgraded version and get no warning. The game could go on but feel desynced, or using different gameplay parameters…
  • Enabled minidumps (crash reports) on the client. If you get a crash, the game should now generate a .dmp file along the log files. Make sure you send both the .dmp and the usual log file if you get a crash, thank you :slight_smile:
#50 ( Saturday, 15 June 2019 )

This patch focuses on two things: first of all, reverting the flight model anti-drifting change introduced experimentally last patch. Secondly, the new menu interface system. The menu system might have introduced a lot of new issues and bugs, please report them as usual on the forums or on Discord, thank you. Please note that the menu system isn’t working with gamepads / joysticks just yet, so if you’re using of of those you might encounted a lot of issues and might have to revert back to keyboard & mouse until proper joystick support is added in a future patch.

Menu system

  • A main menu was added to exit the game to windows or open the help screen. Later on it’ll allow to change graphical/audio/gameplay options or rebind controls. This menu can be opened via escape.
  • Added placeholder for star map. It is currently empty
  • Added ship selection menu. It replaces most of the functionality that was previously available in the escape menu. It allows you to cycle through ships, see their credits cost, and has buttons to select the ship type for the next respawn. Once the menu system is more advanced, this menu will be split in two. The ship selection/upgrades will be available when you’re spawning only. In-game, this menu will get replaced by a similar screen, showing the status of the ships systems, weapons, and allow on-the-fly weapons management/reconfiguration
  • Added team stats menu. At the moment it only shows the list of player names on both teams. Global team stats as well as more player data (ranks, death/kills etc… ) will be added later on
  • Finally, the mission menu is currently empty
  • All these menus can be selected through a tab system, which can be opened with the tab key (default, previously assigned to leaderboard)
  • The new menu system uses a brand new, vectorial rendering system which should allow for a higher quality, especially for text and icons (which are now vectorial too). It supports multisampled anti-aliasing (x1, x2, x4 and x8 based on the graphics quality setting)

Flight Model

  • Rotational speed limitation based on speed has been removed for all ships (except in warp)
  • The anti-drifting system was removed for small ships (interceptor, bomber and corvette). It remains active on capital ships as an equipment
  • Small ships were given back their original side propulsion. Capital ships still retain some of their improved cap speed thanks to the anti-drifting system, allowing them to change course more easily

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a deadlock (freeze) related to the mouse cursor


  • splash screen rendering (when the game is loading) has been decoupled from the main/loading thread
#51 ( Friday, 26 July 2019 )

Hey everybody, welcome to Infinity: Battlescape patch and to our very first Asteroid backer week-end !

If this is your first time playing, make sure to report any problem you encounted, bug, technical issues or general feedback on our forums.

We will record footage for our upcoming Steam trailer during this week-end. Two “community events” ( players assembling together to play ) will be hosted on Saturday the 27th at 19:00 UTC, and Sunday the 28th at 19:00 UTC. Make sure you join if you’re available and if the game runs well for you !
For more information please read this thread: I-Novae Community Events

The game is currently scheduled for Early Acess release on Steam around the end of September 2019 ( two months left ).

We’ve iterated on visual polish; all ships are now textured; we revamped most visual effects. The new OST composed by Markus Zierhofer is also in. We’ve also iterated on the UI menus, added capital ships missiles/torpdoes and new flak canons.
For the full patch notes, please see: Patch and Updates Notes

Keep in mind the game is still in development and is still lacking, especially in terms of content ( we’ll add more environments, ship upgrades and missions at a later stage ).

Enjoy !

-The I-Novae Studios team

Visual and Audio Polish

  • Added corvette and carrier textures and skins. Note that the carrier one was rushed (uv-mapping is basic in many places) and the hangar entrance was close visually (you can still fly into it like a ghost) for the purpose of recording the Steam trailer video
  • Added a sun glow effect around the sun. The effect is volumetric: the closer you are to the sun, the larger and brighter it will become, to the point of making your entire view go white. Inversely, the further away you go, the small the sun and glow will appear
  • Various improvements to the sun’s shadow maps. In general, the maximum range at which shadows can appear has been increased. In extreme settings mode, shadows can appear at up to 120 Km
  • Added Original Soundtrack from Markus Zierhofer and removed all the old placeholder music
  • Added doppler limit to avoid high-pitched sounds due to relative high velocity difference (ex.: warp)
  • Implemented Soft-Z transparency for various particle effects, avoiding sharp Z-intersections with surfaces
  • Weapon projectile impacts now use accurate hull intersections instead of hitting on the bounding box of the ship (Note: as a side effect, it’s become slightly harder to hit a far-away ship since the actual mesh is like half the volume of its bounding box)
  • Revamped projectile impact effects, using directional sparkles
  • Projectiles can now bounce based on the angle of incidence on the target hull surface. Armored hulls also cause a lot of bouncing (ex.: interceptor shots on a destroyer)
  • Projectiles can now pierce through a ship when the amounts of damage is significant compared to the total ship’s hitpoints (ex.: interceptor getting hit by a capital ship MK6/MK7)
  • New torpedoes and proximity mines explosion / impact effects
  • Revamped or added smoke contrails for missiles / torpedoes
  • Revamped damage trail smoke when a ship is getting low on hitpoints, or has major systems damage
  • Added “battle smog” particles, that get dynamically generated in a battle based on impacts / explosions. Smog disappears are 30 seconds. Smog effects use lit particles, meaning they’ll reflect light from explosions or other events happening
  • Massive explosions / shockwaves (capital ships exploding, mines exploding) now cast shadows around the area
  • Added shrapnel and debris to exploding ships. Individual debris can be bumped on by the player’s ship
  • Added an animated warp tunnel effect when flying in warp. Removed the old entry/exit effect placeholders
  • Added sparkles effect in cockpit when ship is damaged or on heavy impacts
  • Added new thruster effects, which dynamically change based on thrust intensity or turbo-boosting
  • In cockpit views the external hull of the ship is now rendered at a lower LOD quality level (slight performance improvement)
  • Uprades to various station modules. It’s still in a bit of an incoherent state: most stations will have a mix of old / new modules. A new “Odyssey” station was added, which only features the new modules
  • Added new splash loading screen

Gameplay and AI

  • Kinetic damage model is now deterministic (but still probabilistic). This means that if your shields are at 75%, then every 1 out of 4 projectiles will reliably pass through the shields and hit the hull
  • Fixed bug with near-depleted shields absorbing all kinetic damage but not leaking the remainer damage to the hull ( ex.: missile hit on a 1 point shield )
  • Added environmental radiation damage (from sun and gas giants, when you get too close to them)
  • Implemented hardpoints / weapons damage model. Weapons now have hitpoints and a hit box, and can be destroyed, especially on capital ships. Note that shields are still protecting them. Destroyed weapons emit smoke
  • Increased repair rates on capital ship docking spawns by a factor of x3
  • Implemented missiles and torpdoes for capital ships. Note that locking is done by keeping the camera on the target
  • Implemented flak canons (available on Destroyer and Carrier). Flaks deal a moderate amount of splash damage. A single nearby exploding shot is usually not much of a threat, but a large barrage of 4-5 shots can be deadly. They’re more accurate at 1-2 Km range, and less
    effective at 4-5 km unless the target is very big. Max range is around 5 km. They can be deadly against interceptors that wander too close, but they’re bad a deadling serious damage against bigger targets
  • AI bombers can now use torpedoes against capital ships
  • AI commander now takes into account ship status (hitpoints remaining) when recalculating battle odds/chances of victory (previously: was all-or-nothing, even if a ship had 1 HP left, it was still considered “alive” and add a full weight in the odds calculation)
  • AI capital ships can now fire missiles and torpedoes too !
  • Weapons balance tweaks: slowed down turning speed of corvette’s turrets;

Menus and general UI

  • Added battle missions list to the mission menu tab. The missions are colored based on the importance and chances of winning. Critical missions are usually displayed in deeper red
  • Starmap menu now shows unsorted list of targets. Note that the starmap isn’t functional yet - we’ve had to drop that feature for this patch, but hopefully it’ll get refined in the next one!)
  • Reduced default tooltip delay in UI (from 0.5s to 0.25s)
  • Added 2 more slots for weapons radial menu
  • Added HUD help screen (available in ESC system menu)

HUD, Controls, Input

  • Fix for auto-warp speed limit alert, now based on speed cap and checks for engage conditions (basically, the alert was too intrusive before)
  • Unified “SetCursor” and “AddCursor” events into “Cursor”. This new event automatically detect relative versus absolute mode now (based on the type of input attached to the event. Ex: a mouse will be relative, a joystick absolute)
  • Added check for mouse and joystick input event conflict (you can’t use both mouse and joystick for the same input event)
  • Fixed warp failure message, now displays correct target entry speed instead of always “500 m/s”
  • Fixed damage localization (“blood reddening effect around the screen edges upon taking a hit”) to work in relative camera orientation (previously: was related to your ship’s nose. If the camera looked in another direction, like in capital ships mode, the damage localization was incoherent
  • Ship systems / states do not show up at the top of the HUD anymore in their “normal” state, to avoid cluttering the HUD. They only appear when there’s a warning (orange) or when broken (flashing red)
  • Removed old HUD 3D “trailings” effects for threats. This was kindda made obsolete by smoke damage and other HUD helpers
  • Experimental feature: reverted auto-turn controls on capital ships: turning is now automatic unless you press space to disable auto-turning ( aka. brake ). Note that manual turning still overrides automatic turning (or brake )

General Bug fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed leaderboard in team stats menu, which was showing a mess instead of a proper list of player names
  • Fixes for automatic upgrade of input profiles, many things were broken
  • Physics fix for ghost collisions spawning at world origin during the initial frame, right after an object has been created
  • Fixed random crash bug when opening debug graph stats
  • Fixed client crash at startup if user config xml was corrupted / messed up


  • Added name randomization for NPC ships. Names are drawn from a pool and then some characters are randomly “mutated” according to a set of rules
  • Added FPS limiter setting as an alternative to V-Sync. The problem with V-Sync is that it’s all-or-nothing. For example if your monitor refresh rate is 60 Hz, then you’ll get a butter-smooth 60 Hz if the game can render at above 60 fps,
    but if it dips below 60 fps it’ll immediately cut the framerate in half (to 30 fps). This can happen multiple times within a second (due to the quick change in amounts of stuff to render), resulting in worse visual stuttering.
    This FPS limiter aims at limiting the framerate to a certain threshold (ex.: 60 fps), but not cut the framerate in half if it dips below (ex.: it can still render at 50 fps), which should lessen the stuttering in quick-changing loads.
    If you are streaming on the same machine than you’re playing, you might want to give this setting a try:
  1. Disable V-Sync in the launcher dialog.
  2. Edit UserClientConfig.xml in C:\Users\XXX\Documents\I-Novae Studios\Infinity Battlescape
  3. Add or change “FPSLimit” to 60 under the “Graphics” node
  • Added ability to override individual quality settings from global quality level. Also requires a manul editing of UserClientConfig.xml. Under the “Graphics” node, add or set the following values from -1 (automatic), 0 (low), 1 (medium), 2 (high) and 3 (extreme): “TexQuality”, “LightingQuality”, “ShadowQuality”, “GeomQuality”, “TerrainQuality”, “PlanetsQuality”
  • Added a /Stats command in chat to display global ships statistics on the server
Asteroid backer week-end and patch - FEEDBACK

Hotfix patch

A small hotfix to address some of the most pressing issues from last patch:

  • Fixed flickering of warp tunnel effect
  • Warp tunnel opacity is now a function of speed. At “low” speeds ( < 1000 Km/s ) the view shouldn’t be as obstructed as before
  • Tweaks to camera vibrations for flak canons
  • Slight balance update on flak canons ( increased splash radius but decreased precision of flak canons )
  • Added back ship contrails in atmospheres
  • Increased albedo of contrails for missiles / torpedoes
  • Fixed HUD’s corvette “nearest resupply” indicator ( nearest was itself, so the indicator didn’t show up )
  • Capital ships auto-turn is now a toggle ( default: space bar ). It’s disabled every time you respawn to avoid collisions with the docks
  • Reduced by half the “dying” time for Interceptor and Bomber ( and slight reduction on Corvette ). Death will feel more instant
  • Increased probability of “CRITICAL” battles in game so that the match doesn’t last forever. Note that probabilities are adjusted in favor of the losing team as a way to “balance” the game and allow turn backs. That means that if you’re on the losing team, you’ll have a higher chance of seeing critical attack missions, while your own defending missions will have a lower chance of being critical.
#53 ( Saturday, 17 August 2019 )

A major balance patch. Half the changes are experimental ( especially movement tweaks to the interceptor, and gimbaled weapons ). This patch also includes major NPC/AI updates, hopefully making dogfights with AI more dynamic. NPC carriers will try to stay away from threats
while NPC corvettes will try to resupply nearby allies.


  • Interceptor got a +50% linear thrust increase. Originally I wanted to double the values, but it was a bit extreme. +50% is very significant ( in fact iirc that’s the highest it’s even been since the start of the project ) but it’s not so fast that it feels too fast ( at least that’s my personal opinion from my internal tests ).

  • Bomber got a +30% forward thrust increase but a slight nerf on the side propulsion. So it can reach higher speeds faster, but its strafing abilities are nerfed.

  • Other ships ( corvette + capships ) have no mobility changes. The turn rates / angular accelerations are also unchanged for all ships.

  • Speed cap has been slightly increased for interceptor and bomber but remains the same for other ships ( Interceptor was 360 m/s before, now it is 400 m/s ).

  • Fixed weapons are now gimbaled ( aka. convergence on the target ). Gimbal angle is set to 2 degs. Shooting targets is now much easier ( in terms of having to be super accurate to keep your navigation cursor on the lead reticle, which was quite hard ).

  • Since it’s so much easier to land shots, I had to rebalance long-range accuracy by making the interceptor guns less precise ( aka. increased the random spread ). It’s not super big ( 0.3 degs ) but significant enough to want to attack at close ranges ( although hitting at 1-2 km is still easier than before ).

  • Interceptor gun shots are also now less deadlier ( reduced their damage ) and the interceptor has +50% more hitpoints to allow it to survive more easily. Keep in mind that even with all these changes, an inty can die within a dozen seconds if you don’t pay attention and dodge / boost vs concentrated incoming fire.

  • Nerfed a bit the regen rate of shields. It was pretty high, so sometimes it felt frustrating that you landed a couple shots and the shields regenerated in a few seconds, like nothing happened. Shields regen rate is still significant but not as high as before.

  • Increased weapons hitpoints for MK5 / MK6 / MK7. Doubled the hit box size for all weapons ( including small ship’s ). Damaging weapons is now much easier. Another change is that weapons can be damaged even when shields are up. This now gives a good purpose for interceptors to make a difference in battles by disabling capital ships weapons.

  • Revamped missiles / torpedoes sockets on the Destroyer and Cruiser. All torpedo launchers are now frontal / forward facing. It was awkward on the destroyer how torpedoes launched vertically. Also, there are now more missile launchers. On the cruiser they have an X profile, similar to the carrier.

  • Tweaked projectiles velocities for all weapons. In general: interceptor weapon guns have slightly slower projectiles, while large capital ship guns have faster projectiles ( up to 2.2 Km/s for an MK7 ).

  • Blaster damage increased. As many players noted, the blasters were considered next to useless. Kinetic guns are easier to use and guaranteed damage, whether on shields or hull. Blasters however can only damage shields, so if they made as much damage as guns there was no incentive to use them other than ammo vs energy usage.

  • Implemented weapons convergence. Since we want to test gimbals on the interceptor, I assigned the bomber’s shotgun to be converging. Distance calculation is automatic and based on distance to lead reticle of target.

  • Revamped collisions damage. We’re also going to experiment with ramming damage for the bow of the destroyer ( aka. it’ll inflict damage bonus when hitting at the right location ).

  • Nerfed and reduced curve agressivity for explosions splash damage. Manually killing proximity mines in an interceptor should now be far easier.


  • Added a braking mode ( default: hold space ) to input controller

  • Weapon groups are now toggleable via keys ctrl-1 to ctrl-0

  • Fix for disabled the speed cap not allowing to set a target speed higher than the speed cap

  • Removed global damaged state for weapons ( weapons can be individually broken now, so the global state was redundant and annoying )

  • Switched to server-side collisions for large ships colliding with small ships. That means that capital ships, in particular, will no longer go crazy when getting rammed by small ships. Capships vs capships collisions will also feel much better. This comes at a cost though: by ignoring client-side collisions in these scenarios there can be some inter-penetration of ships for the duration of the latency between the client and the server; so at high latencies, you can potentially see ships get into other ships for a small amount of time. It’s still a much better solution than the crazyness coming from client-side collisions.

  • Aim-at cursor on capital ships now performs a ray intersection to determine the cursor’s depth along the ray, making it easier to hit nearby geometry.

  • Speed cap is now increased when overcharging propulsion

  • Weapons damage model now bypass shields (weapons can be damaged even with full shields)

  • Corvettes can now repair damaged weapons on all capital ships

  • Corvette aura no longer repairs or resupplies the destroyer


  • Target indicator icons were revamped. They’re now thicker and more opaque. The currently selected target icon should now keep clearance over the target. An arrow with the target’s name, distance and speed will appear next to the selected target

  • Moved energy emissions to top-left corner of the screen, next to weapon stats

  • Improvements to HUD weapon groups, now color encoding the weapons state ( active, firing, disabled, out of ammo, broken… )

  • Players are now notified when they destroy target weapons. They also get a small credits reward.

  • Tweaks to external camera view range


  • Revamped AI routines related to flight, dogfight mechanics and introduced new tactics (barrel roll, staying in a blind spot, strafing, etc… )

  • NPC corvettes will now try to repair/resupply nearby allies

  • Added threat avoidance. Carriers in particular, will try to stay away from enemy capital ships

  • Added static scenery avoidance. All ships should now try to avoid infrastructure modules

  • Added a way for allies to temporarily form-up / regroup on nearby allies, when the target is far away

  • NPC capital ships now have a team indicator (HVK = Havok, SCR = Scoria, CPL = CPL Tech)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for tabbed buttons in game menu, incorrectly positionned in wide screen ratio

  • Game now pops up an error message upon failing to initialize engine


  • Tweaked starfield density so that bright stars are less uniform

  • Tweaked battle smog effect ( colors, distribution )

  • Added support for overriding font charset in engine

  • Localized string arguments now use $(ArgN) syntax instead of %s / %d ( which could cause crashes if badly used )

  • Tweaks to camera vibrations and some particle effects;

  • All ships now default to cockpit or internal view upon spawning

13 Likes feedback - Balance patch (experimental)

HotFix ( server only ) ( Sunday 18 August 2019 )

A server-only hotfix to address some of the most pressing issues from yesterday’s patch.

  • Fixed haulers failing to enter warp and follow their path - this effectively killed the economy and spammed the server with hundreds of haulers over time ( to the point no battles could take place due to the server reaching its bots capacity, all haulers )

  • Fixed haulers dying right after spawning at factories ( long-time bug ). This was caused by planets having too much gravity compared to the hauler’s vertical thrust capabilities. The temporary solution was to give haulers overcharge engines to counter-act gravity. In a future patch, we’ll have to increase the haulers’ vertical thrust.

  • Fix for AI carriers not slowing down when a player is trying to respawn - slowing down will now take priority over other AI tactics

  • Fixed “weight” of various tactics, and particularly avoiding threats vs coming back to the battlefield - hopefully this should address carriers being chased by cruisers and fleeing away at 100+ Km from the battles

  • Nerfed ramming damage and reduced collision damage a bit; collisions in warp are also reduced

#55 ( Friday, 30 August 2019 )

Welcome to the second Infinity: Battlescape backer week-end.

This is our last playtest week-end before we launch the game on Steam in Early access, in a month. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but the game is starting to come together.

This patch introduces the first functional version of the star map on which you can visualize the solar system and its main Battlescape, Rethe Prime. It’s possible to center the camera on an actor, move / rotate the camera around a focal point and see the planetary orbits. The next stage is to introduce more information on the star map, including icons for smaller ships or installations from a distance.

This patch also contains a first version of the system menus. The number of options / parameters in each tab ( Gameplay, graphics, audio, controls and account ) are currnently limited, but we’ll add more as time goes on. The most important part ( key and input rebindings ) should be more or less functional. As it’s an early version, please backup your profile config files often (especially if you’ve made custom ones) and report any bugs, thank you !

If you’re an old time supporter you’ll also be happy to hear that full-screen mode has been fixed and it should now be possible to switch between windowed and full-screen mode via alt-enter. The monitor refresh rate has been unlocked too.

As usual a disclaimer: keep in mind the game is still in development and is still lacking, especially in terms of content ( we’ll add more environments, ship upgrades and missions at a later stage ).

Enjoy !

-The I-Novae Studios team

UI, Menus, HUD…

  • Gimbal weapons no longer reset to center when target is out of the gimbal cone ( unless they’re far off screen )
  • Reduced font scaling minimum size
  • FMOD global audio volume implementation
  • Added starmap holographic rendering, camera controls, target selection, map icons and colors
  • Added station module spawn markers
  • Added system / options menu, ability to change some gameplay settings and audio settings
  • Added input profile editor and key rebindings to system menu
  • Reworked max view pitch / yaw angles for absolute input modes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed full-screen mode not sticking
  • Engine now utilizes default monitor refresh rate instead of fixed 60 Hz
  • Fixed load-time crash due to a rare multithreading bug in rendering the splash screen
  • Fixed flight assist not going over the speed cap… when the speed cap was disabled
  • Fixed turrets not appearing anymore on static actors like stations
  • Fix for last LOD level not having the correct skin ( always scoria, even being in havok )
  • Fixed various bugs related to input mapper


  • Smog particles should no longer look gimbaled ( roll when approaching ) due to using a new billboarding technique
  • Tweak for AI corvettes scoring actor to resupply ( preferring players )
  • Tweaked LOD power / formula to be more agressive at lower quality settings, while being slightly optimized at higher quality settings;
#56 ( Saturday, 07 September 2019 )

Balance tweaks

  • Reduced linear thrust on interceptor and bomber to be half-way through the previous level
  • Increased rotation dampener for joysticks to stop angular momentum more quickly
  • Re-tweaked speed caps on interceptor / bomber
  • Slight increase of bomber hitpoints ( 300, up from 250 )
  • Very slight decrease in turbo boost initial strength
  • Increased angular thrust on bomber by ~50% for pitch / yaw
  • Decreased max turn rates on Interceptor by ~20%
  • Tweaks to spotlight cone angle on hangars
  • Doubled hitpoints on interceptor / bomber weapons
  • Increased gimbal guns angle from 2° to 3°
  • Decreased gimbal guns turn rate from 10°/s to 3°/s
  • Increased gimbal guns projectile speeds by ~15 to 30%
  • Slight increase to blaster’s damage
  • Slight decreased of gimbal gun’s spread ( more accuracy at distance )
  • Decreased max range to ~2.5 km for capital ship’s MK4 auto guns/blasters

Star map

  • Fixed loss of target when physical actor transitions to virtual indicator
  • Fixed grid positionning / rendering
  • Root planet will now act as default grid reference actor if none exists
  • Added simple LOD system for rendering planets and orbits with higher tesselation quality
  • Added names of planets and bases

UI and Controls

  • Revamped capital ship auto-turn mode: now uses left-shift by default to set a target orientation. Hold left-shit to turn towards the camera orientation. Space now toggles auto-turn mode (press left-shift to set the desired target orientation once).
  • Added per-joystick device settings in input bindings menu
  • Added force-feedback / vibrations checkbox in device settings
  • Added mouse / wheel sensitivity slider
  • Re-organized settings and parameters in their tabs
  • Fixed tooltips for UI text blocks
  • Improved / unified direct and target rotation controllers, which should make it easier to aim for joystick players
  • Gimbaled hardpoint direction no longer resets to center when target is out of screen
  • Cleaned and removed old menu code / launcher settings now obsolete with new UI
  • Fixed weapon lock alert stuck beeping when missile launcher gets damaged
  • HUD now uses target abbreviation codes instead of full class name (ex.: INT instead of INTERCEPTOR)

Bug fixes

  • Fix for destroyed bases still showing up in respawn actors list
  • Fixed IgnoreConflicts events list not being saved properly in input profiles


  • Error correction performance optimizations
  • Revamped AI to randomize brain / behavior and assigned a rank to it ( plus naming NPCs by rank ). That means bots have variable difficulties; ranks are as follows: Ensign, Lieutenant, Commander and Captain. Higher ranked AIs can do more evasive maneuvers, barrel rolls, better timing chaffs, flee or aim more precisely.
  • Added tricount budget of 10% for updating low priority shadow maps
  • Increased volume for shield and weapon hit feedback sound effect
7 Likes Feedback Thread
#57 ( Tuesday, 17 September 2019 )

This patch focuses on UI and menu flow. It introduces the main menu, the server browser, Steam authentication (currently non public), a new team switching dialog and a major revamp of the spawn system, which is now happening from the starmap.

As this patch introduces major architectural code changes, it is possible that new bugs were introduced in relation to game flow and menu navigations. Please test it thoroughly and let us know if you encounter any issue.

Work on the star map is still a big work-in-progress.

UI / Menus

  • Introduced main menu with three functional entries: multiplayer, options and exit
  • Introduced Steam authentication (currently only available through non-public Steam builds)
  • Introduced server browser. In addition to listing available servers, it also performs the client version check, reports the server players activity and the ping to the server
  • Revamped the spawning system. It is now map based. Browse through the list of available bases, then click on the “Spawn” button on the center bottom of the screen
  • Note that you’ll be spawning with whatever ship you have selected in the Ship tab. If the ship is too expensive, the spawn button will be disabled
  • Revamped spectator mode. The F8 key no longer works. It is no longer possible to spectate an enemy. To spectate a player, select him on the star map in the targets list. The “Spawn” button will be replaced by a “Spectate” button
  • Note that as a consequence of the same button being contextual, it is currently not possible to spectate a carrier (which acts as a mobile spawn) as the “Spawn” button will be prioritized. We’ll probably introduce an alternative mode of spectation through the contextual target menu later on
  • Revamped team selection and switching. The first time you join a match you’ll be automatically placed in a team selected by the server for balancing purposes. You’ll then be asked whether you want to keep this team or switch to the other team
  • You can switch to another team during respawn by going in the Team tab and clicking on the “Team” button at the bottom center
  • Switching to another team is free the first time in a match, and after that costs 25% of the total credits
  • It is now possible to return the game’s main menu from the system menu (escape)
  • It is now possible to eject (request a respawn) from the system menu (escape, when in game)
  • It is now possible to switch teams from the system menu (escape, when spawning
  • Server connection and disconnection errors no longer cause a return-to-desktop; the game will just return to the main menu and pop up an error dialog
  • Added a field-of-view slider in the graphics options menu tab
  • Added a way to clear an event key in the keybindings menu (right-click will clear the event’s keys)
  • Added tooltips to options menu

Star map

  • Star map view now defaults to top-down and resets to top-down after each spawn
  • Star map now displays the list of targets in a hierarchical way
  • It is now possible to move the camera by dragging the left mouse button
  • Star map now shows icons for targets
  • Focused actor is now being highlighted in the targets panel on the left
  • More work on recoloring targets on the star map
  • The distance value is now calculated between the target and the focused actor
  • When spawning the last player position is shown as a big red icon
  • When in game the current player position is shown as a big yellow icon
  • Added a previous / next button to cycle through possible spawns

Bug fixes

  • Fix for input mapper not detecting negative axis 2 and 5
  • Escape now works to access main menu even if no event is bound
  • Fixed tooltips not disappearing when parent object gets deleted
  • Fixed missile lock acquisition sound that still played on main menu
11 Likes Feedback Thread
#58 ( Thursday, 26 September 2019 )

This version is the Early access candidate. It contains a lot of improvements related to the Steam build (non public yet), more settings, bug fixes and leftovers from the previous patch.

It also contains some asset updates (more upgraded station modules) as well as the new audio sound effects to replace most of the old placeholders.

There’s still a day left before we launch in Early access. That’s very little time left, so tomorrow we’ll be mostly focusing on server performance, backend improvements and what we can do in terms of client polish / fixes. As usual, please report
any emergency issue on the forums.

Thanks to the community for all your support and patience over these past years. We still have a lot to do, but the game is shaping up and we look forward to seeing a lot of new faces in game in a day or two !

-The I-Novae Studios Team

UI / Menus

  • Fixed issues related to target indicators incorrectly displayed in non-standard camera field-of-view: that very annoying bug that made indicators stretch on the sides of the screen
  • Added HUD field-of-view slider in graphics options. It can be set independently from the camera field-of-view, but it is recommended to keep the two values close
  • Added language selection to general options menu. Currently supported: english, german and chinese
  • Ships are now properly sorted in the star map under their parent station or planet
  • Added player name to options menu. Warning: it should be changed on the main menu; changing it in game will not be replicated to other players unless the player re-joins a server
  • Implemented graphical options menu. Warning: resolution, screen modes or quality changes currently require a restart of the game
  • The old windows launcher dialog containing basic settings has been removed by default. It can still be used for emergency reasons (like messed up full-screen resolution) by running the executable with -launcher on the command line
  • More options menu work: HUD / radars selection, controls sensitivity, bug fixes…
  • Added menu sensitivity slider. This can be used to make the mouse cursor move at a different speed in menus compared to the normal game
  • Added direct mode flight sensitivity. Note that if the sensitivity is too high, direct mode does not allow to exceed the maximum turn rate, which can make the controls feel random as it takes many frames to “absorb” the input
  • Info popup (like match startup or battle notifications) now appears on top of the UI / menus
  • Added a button per event in keybindings menu to clear its keys
  • Also added a checkbox per axis event to flip the value
  • Increased scrollbar focus loss default distance

Bug fixes

  • Fixed capital ship control scheme movements while opening menus
  • Fixed small bug in key detection threshold in the keybindings menu
  • Tab ( entering the game menu ) switches back to spawn menu when in spectator mode
  • It is no longer possible to fire missiles, torpedoes or mines in match warmup / ending
  • Fixed list of active players on client menu and server
  • Fixed player join / leave messages spamming with a high number of player
  • Fixed a small bug related to sending the respawn base list before indicators were created, the first time the client connects


  • Audio sound effects revamp; most of the old placeholder sounds were replaced. Non-exclusive list: all thruster/engine sounds/boosting, most weapons sounds, all ambient sounds and many ship systems sounds
  • Upgraded multiple station modules to their new look (new materials, textures and colors)
  • New detailing pass for the corvette hangar
  • Corvette spawn holographic marker is now the same than for fighter hangars (more visible from a distance)
Early Acces Launch / Patch 0.6.0/1.X Feedback Thread

Patch ( server-only ) ( Sunday 29th 2019 )

This is a server-side only patch. You do not need to reboot or patch your client to get access to it. Just join one of the servers labelled version “”.

As there are people on the other servers right now, and we don’t want to forcefully shut down these servers, we’ll be doing the patching in staggered stages. The first stage is already done, with a bit more than half the servers being already patched. I have scheduled a soft reboot at the end of the match on the other remaining unpatched servers. Tomorrow we’ll finish patching them.


  • Fixed multiple server crashes related to firing chaffs / missiles / mines when the player count was above 100

  • Disabled ramming bonus for the Destroyer

  • Collision damage now takes into account ship health ratio ( a colliding ship will cause less damage if it’s on low hull health ) and is better tuned. Note that there is a minimum amount of damage percentage ( 25% ) no matter the health of the ship.

  • Tweaked collision damage formula. We increased a bit the amount of damage at lower speeds ( so you’ll take more damage in an interceptor if you bump into a station at 100-200 m/s for example, be careful ). Damage is now fully symmetrical.

  • In terms of design, the goal was that a destroyer ramming a cruiser at 2 km/s would end up in the death of the destroyer, leaving the cruiser heavily damaged ( but not dead ). This scenario is assuming that both ships are at 100% health.

  • Missiles / torpedoes should no longer stay alive forever after they have a target locked

  • Missiles / torpedoes should no longer stay alive when their target is too far away or in warp

  • Fixed multiple issues related to persistency of credits and team selection / switching. Note that we highly suspect that there are remaining bugs related to credits persistency. This will need more investigations, but if this happens to you, please let us know in which condition it happened ( match just started ? middle of the match ? end ? how long since the last time you re-joined the match ? are you sure the match hadn’t rebooted ? are you sure you joined the same server ? etc…

  • Fixed a bug which caused turrets to not repair on ships that are at full health, despite being in the correct hangar / docking bay

  • Disabled spawning at neutral installations. Players were confused and deathmatching / getting killed in their first minutes of starting. It didn’t help that the first station in the list for all players was probably the neutral one.

  • Refreshing indicator names and players list upon team switching ( note: also needs a future client patch to properly refresh the players list in the UI )

  • Implemented anti-griefing / auto-kick system for servers

  • Reduced player name length requirement from 3 to 2 min characters

  • As servers performance seems to run quite well, we increased player max limits to 300. This will also increase the potential amount of bots / battles on servers, as bots fill in for players.


Patch ( Friday October 4th 2019 )

Game balance

  • Turbo boost cooldown parameter is now set per ship. Interceptor boost cooldown was reduced to 0.5s (from 1.0s) and bomber to 0.75s (from 1.0s)
  • Increased initial boost intensity for interceptor ( +20% ) and forward / backward boost ( +12% )
  • Reduced boost intensity on lateral thrusters for interceptor ( -25% ) (note: since initial boost was increased by +20% the end result is similar for lateral thrusters and higher for main/back engine )

Some people have been complaining that the Interceptor felt “slow”. We tried increasing accelerations in the past but it proved troublesome due to the engagement distances, making hitting enemies even more difficult. Instead, we’re looking at rebalancing the game in small steps to see how we can improve the ships “feeling”. Our first step here is a buff of turbo boosting.

  • Increased proximity mine launch speed to 100 m/s (from 50 m/s)

AI destroyers and some players got caught into their proximity mine exploding (due to accidental contact or splash damage from another mine) right after they launched a mine. Increasing the launch speed should help with that.

  • Improved bounty rewards to be less agressive and generate less credits ( the reward starts lower, but scales by +50% for each bounty rank )
  • Limited bounty max rank to 3, to avoid insane bounties
  • Player will now receive a notification when the enemy commander placed a bounty on him

It’s still very easy to generate credits in the game right now, but keep in mind we don’t have the credits sinks yet (besides dying). Instead of adjusting the ship prices we’ll try to adjust the rewards prices iteratively each patch.
In this patch we’re starting with bounties, which were probably the more imbalanced. A bomber killing a capital ship with a bounty could easily earn double or triple the price of that capital ship in a single kill. Bounty rewards now start lower, but can still generate a decent reward if the bounty reaches rank 3. In addition, players will now get informed when a bounty has been placed by the enemy commander on their head

  • Tweaked warp ramming damage formula

Ramming damage seems to be in a decent spot… when not in warp. The problem is that damage increases far too quickly at higher velocities such as in warp. Aiming at an enemy ship in warp is also easy, so the risk vs reward ratio is too good at the moment. Instead of completely removing warp ramming damage we reduced the amount of damage caused by warp ramming at velocities higher than 1 km/s. The reduction factor isn’t linear but based on a logarithmic scale, so doubling the impact speed does less than doubling collision damage.

  • It is now possible to recharge shields at hangar / docking bays

The rate at which shields recharge might still need some tweaks, and we’re aware of some issues with the repair/resupply rate of people “camping” at the spawns and firing non-stop missiles/torpdoes. We’ll revisit these mechanics in a future patch

  • Weapons tweaks: slightly faster turn rates for auto-turrets
  • Increased max range for mk4 / mk5 auto-turrets and defense platforms
  • Increased hit points for mk5, mk6 and mk7 guns
  • Increased damage from static defenses

MK4 auto-turrets range was increased to make the Destroyer fit his protection role again small crafts better. The range was almost doubled. The static defense towards / guns also needed a serious buf to detract surprise attacks and earn time for defenders to spawn or come back. In a future patch we’ll add base attack notifications to the starmap.

Hitpoints were increased, starting on the MK5 (just a little), MK6 (quite a bit) and MK7 (a lot more). It will be harder to destroy the large guns on capital ships now. It was frustrating for capital ship players to have their main guns destroyed so quickly.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare issue where game executable does not launch due to symbols such as $ appearing in the user Documents path
  • Fixes for “invalid login length” message upon connecting to a game server
  • Fixed destroyed weapons still absorbing damage despite being down and preventing the ship from being damaged


  • Options menu will now enumerate controllers from Direct Input asynchronously

Some users had massive slowdowns / 10-to-30 seconds freezes when entering / exiting the options menu. After our investigations our conclusion is that some input drivers are not improperly detected and cause Direct Input to not answer until a time-out is reached. We can’t do much about that, however the controllers enumeration will not proceed in the background instead of blocking / exiting the options menu. Note that if you modify keybindings, applying the changes might still take a long time. However if you modify other game settings without changing keybindings, there should be no slowdown anymore.

  • Added more information messages when using various ship systems / weapons fail

A generic failure sound has been added. Locking sound volume has been increased. More warnings show up when for some reason you cannot fire or launch missiles / torpedoes / mines

  • Fixed “warp engage” alert which was lingering too long compared to other alerts
  • Fixed an issue with carrier spawning around Glimmerfall and instantly dying


  • Added ships engine / thruster sound fade ins/outs (it’ll now take half a second for most sounds to smoothly start and stop)

  • Improved loading times of background images in the GUI

  • Added voice volume slider in options menu

Voice command spam was real. One bug was fixed with global volume not affecting voice commands. The range of voice commands has been decreased to 10 Km (full volume) and 100 Km (65% volume). Voice commands over 100 Km aren’t audible anymore

  • Added a priority icon to battle missions screen, to make it more clear what battles are recommended to join

We found that far too many people were joining battles that were lost, and by the time they arrived, the battle had ended. The coloring rules have also been simplifies: green for battles being won and red for battles that are either critical or high priority. High priority battles are battles with contested odds (40-60% range) and that are about to start, or have started recently.

  • Increased warmup / countdown until battle missions start, to give players more time to prepare / transition out of other battles

The countdown to battle start was often too short, 2-3 minutes. If the player was busy with another battle or doing something else, by the time he took off, travelled in warp and reached the battle, that battle was already in the middle phase. Increasing the countdown duration to battle start should give players more time to coordinate and prepare.


  • New engine sound on Interceptor

Many people have been complaining about the high pitch engine sound on the Interceptor so while we’re working on an improved version we’ve replaced it by a new placeholder

  • New Odyssey station lights pass
  • Added ambient occlusion and colors to station Hub B module
  • Carrier final texturing, improved materials and updated skins (green stripes were out of place). Added ambient occlusion


  • Added more debug info for DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED into the logs when presenting the back buffer

This error is typically caused by a video card that doesn’t have enough video memory, or has an obsolete driver. We recommend upgrading your video card drivers if this happens. There has been a few cases of users that have modern / powerful video cards AND updated drivers and still have these issues. For these people this video might help (caution: follow advice at your own risks:

  • Improved server disconnection messages
  • First-time run of the game will now bring up a window to select the starting quality / screen mode / resolution
  • First-time run of the game will attempt to auto-detect the quality level based on the computer’s cpu performance ( note: we need to take into account the gpu too, but ran out of time to implement it yet )


  • Fixed performance issues related to refreshing the players list UI, causing too many events. This in turn generated random stutters for all players on the server, every second

We’re still monitoring server performance. It is possible that there are other sources of stutter / slowdowns, but keep in mind a number of issues could also be coming from your connection to the server


Patch ( Thursday October 11th 2019 )

Game balance


  • Reduced min boost ratio energy requirement from 25% to 10% for all ships

Boost had a requirement that energy was at least at 25% of its max. There is no feedback when failing to engage boost, which could result frustration from players not understanding why their ship didn’t boost when they pressed the key. We need to work on better feedback, but by reducing the requirement to only 10%, ships have “a bit more juice” and can still engage boost for a last thrust.

  • Reduced credits rewards for destroying turrets / weapons
  • Reduced credits rewards for destroying ships

Last patch nerfed credits rewards related to bounties. This time we nerfed credits rewards for destroying ships or turrets. The rewards are largely unchanged for destroying small ships, but mid/cap ships kills will no longer generate as many credits as before.


  • Increased energy points from 150 to 175
  • Increased energy recharge rate from 7.5 to 12 points per second
  • Increased max heat points from 125 to 150
  • Increased turbo boost thrust rate from x2.0 to x2.5
  • Increased max chaffs from 10 to 16

Another interation towards better maneuverability for the Interceptor. It received a small boost update combined with more energy, to allow for boosting more often/efficiently and using blasters at the same time.


  • Increased energy recharge rate from 6 to 10 points per second
  • Increased max chaffs from 16 to 20


  • Increased max chaffs from 20 to 24


  • Increased hitpoints from 15000 to 20000


  • Increased hitpoints from 30000 to 40000


  • Increased hitpoints from 40000 to 60000


  • Tweaks to locking times for missile / torpedo launchers: slightly lowered on small ships, slightly increased on capships


  • Doubled duration (6s to 10s)
  • Increased launch speed (40 m/s to 100 m/s)
  • Increased range (1 km to 1.5 km)
  • Tweaked launch angle (behind and up)

Missiles required too much attention from the player on the receiving end. Chaffs will be more efficient and launch further away from the ship, resulting in less splash damage. The doubled duration and increased amounts of chaffs on all small ships ensure that chaffs will not run out as quickly as before.

Collision Damage

  • Reduced collision damage by half and reduced warp ramming damage by another 50%

The ship doing the ramming should cause less damage, but will still receive full damage. Collision damage in general was halved due to many players hitting docks when starting with their capital ships

New features

New chat box and team chat

  • Added a new UI for the chat box with 4 default channels: All, Global, Team and Local
  • All agglomerates all messages received from other channels
  • Global channel messages are sent to all players on the server
  • Team channel messages are sent to all team members on the server
  • Local channel messages are sent to all allies in the local zone of the player (roughly 1000 Km)
  • You can enter/exit chat mode via Enter/Return/Escape like before
  • You can press Tab to cycle through the channels; the current one is where the messages will be sent to
  • Each channel has its own color to identify the channel more easily (especially useful for messages in the All channel)
  • Messages are now scrollable when you enter chat mode. Default is 30 messages
  • A Channel’s tab background color flashes when a new unread message is received in that channel
  • Added chat auto-close mode mode in Options -> Gameplay (this will close chat mode after every single message typed). Default is off
  • Voice commands will go in the Local channel
  • Text content is verified for errors before being validated and sent to the server (to avoid errors like empty strings, accidental key presses, too long messages etc… )


  • Added youtube links with 8 video tutorials in the main menu (note: only a placeholder in Early access until the gameplay is finalized and we can produce in-game tutorials)


  • Updated some station modules materials and textures
  • Fixed holes in station Hub B

Bug fixes and misc

  • Final fix for “name is invalid” error on the server when players have a name shorter than 3 characters

  • Improvements to key detection, especially related to throttles (throttles where often blocking input detection due to always sending non-zero values)

  • Added input profile for Logitech Extreme 3D Pro


Patch ( Thursday October 17th 2019 )

This patch focuses on bug fixing and improvements to the existing functionalities, with a number of significant changes to the chat box. Note that control scheme unification and input improvements could not make it in time,
so we’ll most likely be including them in next week’s patch instead.

Game balance

  • Rebalanced resupply rates / costs, in particular it will now take many seconds for corvettes to resupply missiles / torpdedoes on another ship
  • Reduced shields recharge and resupply rates on spawning points
  • Spawning points will no longer recharge / repair / resupply if they received damage in the last 10 seconds (note: this already applied to corvettes)

Resupplying was imbalanced, and possibly still is. It should now take more time for the corvette to resupply ammo to nearby ships, especially missiles/torpedoes

  • Small reduction of chaff’s duration, launch speed and activation distance (chaffs were buffed a bit too much last patch)

  • Adjustments to credits rewards for ships deaths and battle participation bonus

The battle participation bonus was very unbalanced and giving too many credits for kills during battles. The credits rewards have been rebalanced. Overall it’ll be more difficult to accumulate a lot of credits now if you aren’t careful

  • Increased torpedo damage from 3500 to 5000

After last patch’s buff to the capital ship’s hitpoints, bombers in particular needed to be more threatening to capital ships

Chat box

  • Chat box welcome messages show up when entering the game instead of when the client initializes
  • Team channel now also displays local zone channel (including voice commands)
  • Auto-close setting for chatbox is now the default
  • Initial implementation for private message chat. Type /msg playername text to open a private channel to another player
  • Added commands /team /global /local commands to chat in a different channel than the one currently being selected
  • Added support for custom chat channels. Use /join channelname to create or join a custom channel. Warning: channels are public, and not password or team restricted
  • Implemented a /mute command to mute a player in all chat channels
  • Fixed chat box being visible despite HUD being hidden

Improvements and features

  • Installation modules can now self-repair too (this also includes turrets on modules). However once the module is destroyed, it no longer repairs / come back up

  • Spawn button can now display “can’t afford” or “not available” states if the selected ship is too costly, or if there are no spawns available left at the selected base

  • Selected spawn now defaults to closest upon dying, unless a manual spawn was set

  • Added buttons to filter spawns, players and other entities on the starmap

The “select closest spawn” button has been removed: it is now the default upon dying, unless you had manually set a respawn base before dying. Three new buttons have been introduced,
to filter out spawns, players and other entities (that last one includes enemy bases). All three filters are enabled by default. If you want to more easily see which spawn bases are
available, you can just disable the “players” and “other” filters to only keep “spawns”/

  • Added randomness in probability curve for selecting ship classes in battles generation

This was almost a bug: the algorithm deciding which NPC ship classes to spawn when a battle starts was using the same seed for all battles. Different battles and waves will now use
different seeds, bringing more “variety” to the battles in terms of ships composition. It is also possible to see battles with a higher proportion of small ships / interceptors
or other battles with a higher proportion of capital ships. Overall, this change should add variety to way the battles “feel”.

Bug fixes

  • Revamped spawn system to better take into account selected ship class
  • Fixed stuck situations when it wasn’t possible to respawn in an interceptor when the capship spawns had been destroyed

Destroyed capital ships spawns were especially problematic when the matching was ending, sometimes getting players in a stuck loop where they tried to downgrade their ship, but the available spawns list wasn’t correctly refreshed.
This shouldn’t happen anymore.

  • Fixed hauler pathing and death at arrival that happened at some stations

Investigating and fixing this bug took an entire day of work. Haulers were often colliding with station modules upon arriving at their destination, exploding and losing their cargo. This disrupted the flow of resources and team credits income.
Haulers should now behave much better. I’ve still witnessed a rare occurence of haulers coincidentally reaching the destination docking platform at exactly the same time (despite spawning from different factories!) and pushing into each others.
But this should be extremely rare and not disturb the resources flow.

  • Fixed incorrect sound location for special effects attached to an actor (ex.: impact sound)

Impact sounds were always played at the actor origin. Usually not a problem on small ships, but on a station, a hit could have happened kilometers away from the origin, so it was a deaf impact…

  • Fixed positionning of chat box and main menu in non-standard / wide screen aspect ratios / resolutions

  • Fixed crash bug at startup due to corrupted quality settings

  • Fixed bouncing projectiles flipped orientation

  • Projectiles can bounce on static actors too now

Weapon projectiles were flipped after bouncing. They were never bouncing on non-ships such as bases…


  • Improved algorithm for selecting default starting spawn base

Upon joining a game for the first time, the server tried to select the first spawning base available. The new algorithm is smarter and tries to place the player at an allied base where there are other players, and possibly a battle

  • Server browser population now displays player count as a number and not as a percentage
  • Added support for FMOD live update for modding. Disabled by default, but can be manually enabled in ClientConfig.xml
Modding Battlescape
FMOD live update