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Here are the patch notes: Patch and Updates Notes

Feedback thread for Patch

  • The game is now freezing when approaching stations in warp. I have been killed a couple of times crashing into planets. I have also overshot by about 7-8 Mm. I will send a log file to I-Novae. I changed from High graphics to Medium before I began today’s session.

  • The interceptor feels ok to me after the thrust nerf. As a joystick user, I didn’t notice an improvement in handling due to the Rotational Torque buff. I think the issue is with dead-zones and power curves. The default is 7% dead-zone and 1.0 power. I was flying with a 3% dead-zone and 1.0 power and was still overshooting at times. Will have to play with the power setting.

  • Below is a video of me trying to fight a Destroyer using Direct Mode with my setup. The crosshair should follow my head movement just like in Capital Ship Mode. It is difficult to track blue dots in the heat of combat.

  • In the video, you can see the overlays not always centering on the ships. Don’t know if this a design feature or bug.

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You have to readjust the fov slider. Currently the hud fov doesnt change like the fov so the icons don’t align at any setting other than the default setting.

Just edit the UserClientSetttings.xml with your desired FOV value for now. Both (game & ui) settings are in there.


Forgot one thing. The Drag force is not working in atmosphere. I turned off Flight Assist and accelerated to about 1 km/s in a Destroyer. I stopped inputs and kept drifting a 1 km/s at low level. Drag should have been slowing me down. I even pitched up to 90 degrees off my velocity vector and there was no slowdown.

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What moon was that on?
The moons have different atmospheric densities.

Also. The capitals have a loooot of mass and momentum. It takes minutes for them to slow down.


I know @INovaeFlavien said something about the gravity being disabled near stations in space to stop ships from drifting. But, should “FlightAssist” not be able to compensate for that?

I stopped, turned “FlightAssist” off and powered down the Interceptor and didn’t move a bit. Then I set a steady movement away from the station and did let the ship continue some hundred km at 100m/s :wink:

My speed did not change at all through gravitational pull.

Where does the gravity kick in?

Little bug:
This appears until the server loads and the info changes.
I was able to “join” this private server. First I was ingame, the other players showed up on the hud and in the team menu. Then shortly after the list was empty.
My name never showed as activ in the team list.

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After you right-click on an item in the map to bring up the context menu, you can’t close it by clicking anywhere else.


Also, the drop down menu with the “select hud reference” and “set as target” always drops down, even if you choose a list item at the bottom of your screen, which obscures the drop down menu.

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