Battlescape Videos (During KS)

Here are all the known Infinity: Battlescape related videos. The Kickstarter trailer will remain on top, and one of the best livestream of the actual tech demo is right underneath that. The rest are in the order that I find them.

More KS vids are coming in the future, so I’ll link them here as they come. :smiley:

If there are any that I have missed, please post below/PM me and I’ll add it as soon as I get a chance. Feel free to discuss anything related to these videos below.

For more info relating to the game, please see Lysk’s thread: Infinity Battlecscape Media Thread

MUST WATCH: Kickstarter trailer:

MUST WATCH: What is: Infinity Battlescape?

Kickstarter Update Vid:

Intro to Gameplay Mechanics 1 of 3

Intro to Gameplay Mechanics 2 of 3

Intro to Gameplay Mechanics 3 of 3

Moons of Infinity

Combat Montage:

Scott Manely!

Spectacular Crash:

Combat with ~10 ships:

Elise plays I:B

Red Lazers!

Snipet of INovae Livestream:

The Prodigious Prototype:

Test Battles (By Scott Manely!!!):

Playlist of stuff by Anarckos!

Perpetual Motion (By Scott Manely!!!):

Moons and Planets:

Asteroid Spaceport:

Incredible Visuals:

Catch a Glimpse:

Formation Flying through Canyon!

Italian review:

Hilarious bouncing:

A Russian Review:

Montoya’s review:

Interview with Flavien (Fr)

A beautiful game:

Exploring Infinity: Battlescape

Cargoship Chasing:

Canyon Tour:


Cyc, Kimmo, and KingKongor hammering it out:

Guns and Blasts:

Dev interview by Corpsealot

Bluedrake’s livestream vid

Bludrake’s interview with Flavien

Another Bludrake

Baron’s livestream vid direct:

10 minutes of gameplay:

Cruise around a station:

Pre-KS tech demo, closely related


Here are all the battlescape news articles I’ve found:

[Google Translate Link]
[Google Translate Link]
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Surface combat with Kimmo, KingKongor and me :slight_smile:


I found a lot more:,kickstarter-und-noch-ein-weltraumspiel:news.html

I suggest someone like @INovaeKeith get in touch with these folks, because their article tells users that TQFE and BattleScape are the same game it seems like:

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That channel is best!
(advise the word NEW in parentheses added into title)


Great video!!

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Found another one, haven’t watched it yet.

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That one is from our @Crayfish. :sunny:

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Added a bunch of videos and edited the OP text.

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Look how beautiful this game is…



Is that a translation? “Look how beautiful this game is”?

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No it’s just a feeling :slight_smile:

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Is it just me or did that Twitch stream not get embedded? I am on mobile so idk.

Love seeing the underground '06 footage! Can someone please tell me who’s talking and if this is Flavien’s gamelplay?

Vids added! Thanks!

When I did the link just to the video, it seemed like it turned into just a link to his twitch stream, and not the vid. I’ll have it both ways in case I’m wrong. EDIT: Now it’s not showing up for me at all lol.

Added the new KS update vid!

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@joshuakuehn s thing. :wink:


Nice start, Arken! Let’s get some more - maybe a timelapse too if anyone can manage it?

@joshuakuehn, I saw you posted it in the other thread. I’ll turn my discussion in there.