So there is a jump drive

So I know there is warp drive, but I’m reading the forums (slowly but surely) and found out there is also a jump drive. I begain some searches yet only see that its intended for the game and will use fuel while the rest is suggestions and speculations. Admittedly my skill at research is worse than suck so I figured I would ask for everything known and see if I get a kind soul to drop a line.


Quite simply: the warp drive is your ticket for intra-system travel. As the battlescape will take place only in one system for the moment, there’s no inter-system travel, that would be jump drive.

Space is big. Warp is for flying between planets and their moons and the stuff around them.

Jump-drive (in whatever form it takes) is going to be for getting around the system across those interplanetary distances.

The current prototype only has one genuine planet so far, so there hasn’t been all that much talk about the system for getting between the different planets of the system yet.

There’s been talk about the pro’s and cons of a jump system vs a ‘super-warp’, mostly around trying to keep the game’s sense of scale fully intact, but it’s pretty inconclusive so far.

If you want to see why an additional faster ftl system would be nice vs just using warp, fly to the sun and back in the prototype. :wink:


Already did that Naiba :slight_smile: used the footage for my Speed and Time video. By the way I also flew through the sun. Was trying to figure out as much as possible to form some opinions. Thanks for the info.


25 minute mark


You know I’m just going to watch it all right :wink:


That video reminds me…

I made a topic with all the battlescape related vids made during the kickstarter. A few had dev interviews, which you might find interesting.


thats just number tweaking. nothing that needs a fundamentally different system.

E:D doesnt need an extra drive system for interplanetary distances either :stuck_out_tongue:

Elite’s got a 3rd speed system for surface approaches.

It just makes sense for having a 3rd system for speeds/acceleration as high as the difference between regular flight and warp.

I could not disagree more. I have an intense dislike of the duality of thrusters and warp. Introducing intra-system jumps is just that much worse.

The warp prototype used a single movement system. The reason it worked as well as it did was that there were no discontinuities in movement. If you wanted to go to a planet, you warped over. If you wanted to intercept another ship, you warped over. If you wanted to land on a planet, you went down and landed on warp. If you wanted to drive to the middle of nowhere, you just went over there on warp. And so on. It was one system that got you where you wanted to go. Movement over tens of meters or tens of AU was no problem.

Discontinuities in movement systems are anathema to the gamer experience - except for those who like to exploit confusing game features. Teleportation in fantasy games. Jumping in space games. These are terrible constructs because players don’t intuit their consequences. “Aha! We have you surrounded!” poof “Okay, we don’t have you surrounded because you just teleported away.” From there, the players and game designers debate how to balance teleportation, which is a debate that never ends.

As @Cornflakes_91 points out, it’s just a matter of number tweaking. @Kichae is a staunch proponent frothing-at-the-mouth zealot of the idea that long distances should take a long time, so he wanted a maximum speed on warp. But if you don’t want that, then just keep scaling the warp speed according to how far you are from a massive body. Then the time to get to a distant body is in no way proportional to its distance.

That number tweaking can extend right up to interstellar travel. Get far enough away from a star and your warp speed continues to climb until you’re moving at a light year per second - or more. It’s just numbers.

The warp prototype didn’t go with interstellar warp for gameplay reasons; jump tunnels are a different way of traveling, and make long distance travel a different experience. One that I thought was worth exploring.

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I think you misspelled “frothing at the mouth zealot,” there, JB.


So I know this post is old but I would like to throw in an idea about Interdicter equipment vs both warp and jump drives. Obviously a jump drive can “hop” over the AoE of this but could not from within nor can it jump into the middle of one. Warp on the other hand cannot pass through it and would have to fly around it.

I’m at work atm so time wont let me post more than this but I’m still interested in warp vs jump plus interdiction.

Make warp slower but exact
make jumps larger but with a big margin of error proportional to distance and size, and divided by weight ( = means proportional, not equal)

M.O.E.= Distance /weight
Energy_used= weight * distance
Max_distance = Available_Max_energy (based on fuel/watever is used)
Final_Distance = (1 +/- M.O.E. ) * energy_used / weight

Also, a neat idea taken from rebel galaxy, make warp/jump interrumptions possible, a way to do this, is to put mass near the ship’s path, that should stop the warp or jump, the bigger the ship, more mass needed, this will also mean that you will be interrupted by getting close to planets and such (this should affect jumps more than warps, in the case of warps, it should make them slower, jumps should be interrupted totally)

I want to bring up above statement. If you are interested I suggest reading @JB47394 s post.


@DarkZeak and @FBS I really recommend you go and watch JB’s videos of his warp and jump prototypes here: