Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread



Well that was a ton of useful stuff all brought together :slight_smile: Great work @LyskTrevise!

Edit: you forgot the Tilt article I posted. And maybe some others in the HQ thread? Not sure.

Now we have 3 threads that kinda do the same thing but are all specialized in a way:

  • Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread - What visibility has been achieved

  • (Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - What media needs to be targeted

  • Time to spread the word! (Evangelism Kit) - What should be said when contacting media

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Thank you for this. I can’t wait for sites like Gamespot to run articles next week.

Can this be pinned?

@InovaeKeith Can you make the pin happen?

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Why pin this?

Here are three more YouTube videos coming from today’s flight with Space Game Junkie:

Race Course:

Canyon Tour (Things start to get fun around 10:15; I laughed out loud at 10:46):

Cargo Ship Chasing (I still haven’t actually watched this one yet):


Can I use those for re-cutting, please?

Because I think having a massive thread dedicated to IBS related media has no small value at this time. Having something like this pinned might help direct people to info that there looking for without making a new thread, as well as generally inform them of IBS.

@LyskTrevise Don’t know if you want to include my thread or not: Battlescape Videos (During KS)


They’re not mine. I’m just trawling the YouTubes.

Added to my thread. Thanks!

Maybe change the title to something more indicative, then? Because if this page is supposed to provide info, be a sort of forumite-maintained unofficial FAQ or Link Index of sorts, then it should probably be marked as such.

At least, that’s what confused me. Because at the beginning I thought you were just gathering articles and thought that linking people to possibly inaccurate articles and having that in the top of the forums as a source of information didn’t seem like a good idea. If it’s just meant to be a large list of links, then that’s better, although having such an expensive list might lead to it becoming too large to be useful.

Just my opinion.

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Here’s another transition video they put out

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Yep, that’s the one they added to the kickstarter page after we expressed our concerns about the lack of a complete transition (without cuts) in the kickstarter video.

I didn’t notice keith’s Twitter page.

And on a side note, is this in the game or just a pic? If it’s in the game it’s just too good!!!

Let’s add

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Hi all I added everything you guys suggested and also some screenshots and concept art from the KS page that I thought was important to have in one place.

Those videos are great! They’re very fun to watch, I really like how the devs and the channel owner interact :slight_smile:

And I love the atmosphere of the volcanic moon! Every glance out the cockpit window is a small piece of art, especially when looking at the mountains at the horizon or at the majestic planet in the sky :slight_smile:

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be very very careful about swamping media with this Kickstarter; I’ve said this in another thread but I’ll say it again here, they aren’t always kind to hyper fans.

It would be a ship model with a collage of other imagery pasted in for effect.

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That video remix is soooo good. And the fact he used the old Infinity theme gave me goosebumps.

Well done! :+1: