Battlescape Videos (During KS)


Thanks, but you should direct it at @joshuakuehn , as he’s the one who actually made it.

Thanks anyways! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s an imgur gif I made from this video that someone on the forums posted.
Credit: @celroid

Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread

The video is from celroid, I only tried to share it.

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Thanks, lemme edit that!


Have an Italian review of the proto

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And a guy bouncing off of planets at ludicrous speeds

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That is hilarious. This should be a thing. Quick, people with prototype access: Make this a thing! See if you can bounce off of more than one planet in one approach!



Thanks! :smiley:

#29 Another one, this one is awesome because it’s a whole bunch of people doing formation flights near the surface.

Also this video prettymuch settled it for me that when I get my hands on this game the first thing I do is i’m gonna replace groudn warning to this

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I think a reddit post with a gif of this on /r/gamephysics might be successful. I’ll post something on there tomorrow morning when it’s more likely to get views.


Oh wow, the comments are positive, some love it in fact.


Awesome. Added! :smiley:

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Vids with these guys more than any others show just how fun this proto is to just mess around in, people just instinctively love it and it’s so cool.

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Check pickles channel, he has a number of videos and they are all fun.

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I love the part:

Kill DAN! We trusted him!


You have listed multiples of the same videos. One is the interview with Flavien and another is the canyon tour. Personally, I wouldn’t list the mash up video but it’s your thread.

BTW does your OP have a specific order or are you just randomly listing them?


Actually I’ll post it on Saturday at 9am to get the best chance of exposure. TARS got his godly post up on the weekend at around the same time.


I put the KS vids on top, followed by stuff in chronological order of when I get them.

I"ll clean up the post.


Added the Scott Manly video! w00t! :smiley:

I hope nobody minds this being bumped occasionally. I think it’s a good idea to have all the vids in one place and up front so people can see them.


Look at the comments on Scott’s video, they are so overwhelmingly positive. This will at the very least make a bunch of new fans right here and now.

Thank you Scott for a wonderful video.