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Hype-spreading starts here.

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Applied Evangelism
(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!

Live Prototype Footage
Battlescape Videos (During KS)

Knowledge Base
Infinity Battlescape Media Mega Thread (Compilation of I:B media)
https://inovaestudios.com/Battlescape (Game Overview)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzbMfUoeOy8&feature=youtu.be&a (Keith? interview)
Infinity:Battlescape Known Features (Confirmed features)
The Infinity / I-Novae Community Timeline and Archive (Timeline)

Eye Candy
https://inovaestudios.com/Battlescape#media (screenshots, wallpapers)
https://www.youtube.com/user/InfinitySupport/videos (all videos)

Social Media


And More


Unofficial Channels

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=infinity+battlescape (jump in the high view count ones and (tastefully) link the hype :stuck_out_tongue: )

Infinity : Battlescape FAQ (Official FAQ)

What ever happened to QFE?
The development of the I-Novae engine has continued, it’s the engine that TQFE needs in order to exist. To make that dream a reality we’ve focused our efforts on a “slightly smaller” project.
You can read more about it on our IndieDB page for TQFE

Notably Absent Wikis:

Infinity:Battlescape Wikipedia page (none)
INovae Studios Wikipedia page (none)
Flavien Wikipedia page (none)

Press Contact

Extra Credit
Help brainstorm some hype catch-phrases that capture the essence of I:B at this thread
Meme Factory - Manufacturing Space Boners
Design Infinity forum signature


Great FAQ and all-around links.
Let’s add some food for replies:

This remark is understandable, knowing that most kickstarter projects don’t show up with even an alpha prototype. Let’s remember Star Citizen, whose funding was solely made on the faith of a single name and promises.

I:B is different. Their prototype is operationnal and the video is in-game video footage (the latest video of volcanic planet is, but we don’t know yet for the KS video). That’s already a big difference compared to many other space-sims trailers that rely on CG videos.

Also, this remark comes from the fact that this project was started loooong ago: it is 8 years old at least. So yes, the initial KS was scheduled already a year before, if not more. The team delayed an early KS launch so as to make sure the work shown is in a (very) decent state. And the KS is happening: see the countdown :wink:

Let’s remember as well that the dev team was working on spare time (and most still are). This explains a lot of the time span. If the KS reaches the minimum goal, the dev team will be able to work full time on the project.


There was this great article in which flavien or keith were talking about other games compared to Infinity. You should definitly take this to your “Evnagelism Kit”. It shows that I:B shall not be the ‘better’ game, but rather something different…

Can you include the topic with everything that we “know” about IBS in the OP?

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Got some info from the past compiled here. Also nice view of the lon … erm deep development:

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I believe this is the blog you’re talking about:

On another note, I was thinking that someone of far superior image editing skills to mine (I have none) could maybe create a standard Infinity forum signature for anyone who wants to use it when stalking other forums.

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I think a good thing to push the ks-campaign would be to write great and complete wikipedia articles about INovae Studios, Infinity:Battlescape and Flavien.


From the other thread in a deep mysterious place.



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@Freeman : It’s time! Kickstarter launch in 6 Days. Care to communicate this to our Chinese friends?

Wasn’t there an e-mail address intended for the press? You know, youtubers, journalists and others who could help advertise the game? That would also be useful to have here.


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that’s who the press should contact, and any other Media persons.

… edit… @Lomsor bested me on that reply…

Does anyone have idea how to post articles on http://spacesimcentral.com/
I think you have to have a somewhat older and tested account to post such a thing over there.

Or is it admin who does that ?

Can you tell us the secret Gene please?

Looks like we already have articles about the kickstarter popping up: http://www.dsogaming.com/news/infinity-battlescape-kickstarter-campaign-to-be-launched-on-october-21st-gets-new-gameplay-video/
Well done people!


Not particularly positive!

One guy in the comments saying that I-Novae are copying Elite and Star Citizen.

If you get things like that you can counter with the fact that in 2005 the I-Novae engine looked like this:


Most people don’t know the specifics of the project history and are under the assumption that we’ve been developing this game for 10 years with a full team working full time.

In reality, there was a single guy ( me ) working 6 years out of these 10 alone, part time, mostly just on the tech. That already puts things into perspective. So, no, we haven’t got 8-10 guys working on this for a decade.

During the past 4 years, we had to do major engine upgrades in order to not lag behind in terms of tech ( physical-based lighting was one of the major steps ), which required to change the entire workflow / pipeline. Artists had to relearn everything. And again, nobody’s working full time, so you don’t figure that stuff out in just 2-3 months.

It is true that it took us a lot of time to get this Kickstarter shipped out of the door. But you have to explain to people how to put things into perspective. Star citizen worked a year on their KS before it launched. They had a small team of professionals, working full time, plus subcontractors. The development costs of the SC KS was probably in the 500K-1M$ alone. Just for the KS.

With an already existing 3D engine (Cryengine).

Not only have we worked part time, but we also had to develop and mature all the tech.

There’s a limited amount of progress we can do working that way. Which is exactly why we’re going to KS to get funding, to allow us to work on this full time and to develop the game within 2 years.

Think about it in terms of man-hours instead of total time and you’ll see that in comparison to SC, E:D or other games, we are no less productive. We just do our best with the amount of time we have.

Not only is this not true, since we were in development well before either went public; but also keep in mind we’re not playing in the same category.

I cannot stress that enough. Now I know people will naturally compare us to KS or E:D because that’s what exists… but really, we aren’t going to be a AAA title ( E:D might not be AAA, but it still has a massive budget compared to us. We’re probably going to end up with 5 to 10% of their entire budget… ). You should compare us to other small indy games, like the ones released on Steam ! We aren’t going to sell Battlescape at $60, and there’s not going to be tons of content. Unless we reach the million dollars or more, of course. We’re not trying to become the new Star Citizen or Elite.


The running joke on the team is that our game looks way better than any other indie game but not quite as good as AAA. Therefore we’ve decided that we’re AA :wink:


The comparisons with ED are understandable due to the influence of Elite 2/3 on the whole idea of Infinity. With ED now getting planet surfaces (and catching up well it seems with their tech) the comparison will continue, no helping that.

The difference is gameplay. Huge multiplayer battles and properly dynamic battlefields.

You’ve never set expectations in that direction. Your visuals have always been AAA, and folks are going to continue to compare you to AAA titles until you start showing your AA stuff. I hope that you’ve got plenty of that in the Kickstarter campaign. If you stick to AAA content because you want Battlescape to look good, then you’re just going to shoot yourself in the foot.

I understand why you are saying that, but saying “you have to look slightly worse to look better” sounds so weird. It shouldn’t be the answer to this problem

We need a way to make people consider that this is an indie game with no funding behind it, but that’s easier said than done. I hope that when the kickstarter comes and the see the devs talk about the game and answer those questions themselves, it will be easier.

Not that they haven’t answered those questions, but this way it will be easier to point other people at the kickstarter page and tell them “this is most of the stuff you need to know to understand what this is in a beautiful yet concise format”.