KS Video first vs. second impression

For 15 second action clips in existing videos on YT :wink:

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looking forward to it! I agree that this particular “feature” should be more heavily promoted.

I think this video, from 14:47 to 17:47 would make a great GIF. But I don’t have the tools (and am now going to bed). Someone please make this!! :slight_smile:

Goodnight :tophat:

First impression - Wow! I didn’t know they could do that!

Second impression - Wow! HD is so much better!


I just saw the video showing seamless transitions, and my point of view is that it’s a total mistake, why the video stop before we can see the blue sky ?! It’s like it’s not possible to go lower :confused:

Which video? There are plenty of videos showing the seamless transitions, there’s a collection of them here:

the last updated on Kickstarter

Ah, I guess it could have been 10 seconds longer.

@INovaeKeith @INovaeGene Gents, where would you like GIFs uploaded to? I have a 30-second one of orbit-to-ring transition, getting it pretty close to 20 MB.

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I could be something like a simple line or concise paragraph (wherever this goes - e.g. on battlescape website media page, or on kickstarter page, etc) clearly saying the full star system is seamless. And to click the gif next to said text for a full youtube demonstration. The gif would be something in between the unaccelerated and funny looking accelerated footage. E.G. a sequence of unaccelerated segments of the full footage, with blended transitions to keep good esthetics.

Done this way you could fit a lot in 30sec. 6 segments of 5 seconds or 10x 3sec would allow the full demonstration of seamlessness while having a good variety of things (barrel rolls thru planetary ring rocks, spaceships re-entering in formation, dogfighting in canyons, etc) happening with that landscape seamlessly transitioning as the backdrop.

I am just brainstorming randomly now: you could have the/one of the most powerful types of capital ships out of visual range tagging another ship with a beam weapon or whatever, and cinematically (because possibly faster than light) pan along the line of fire to the target ship. If the distance is something like a few light seconds (like Earth-Moon distance), the noticeably seamless landscape could make for another nice demonstration of the seamless transition that is unique to I:B.

Is anybody doing a “highlights” video with the best parts from those hours of gameplay videos on youtube?
It could be a one minute video with a bunch of 5 second clips showing different fights, planets, asteroids and so on.

I’m just starting to do remix videos. Not really what you described …

Cutting official and bluedrakes videos (got his permission) and overlaying them with different genres of music to give them different kind of spins. It’s more the other way around tough. Making music videos with the footage. I’ll do some and release them over the course of the next two weeks or so.

Someone should do what you said too tough. The thing is that, from watching the videos, the most interesting parts always are scenes taking about 20 to 30 seconds. Cutting them cuts also most of the point of those scenes.


trying again, post didn’t quite work last time

Something got messed up during the encoding process (white flash), I’m gonna have to re-do this. But let me know if you like the “scene”. I want to back it up a bit so it clearly shows starting from in-atmo but the file size is huge. Still working on it.

removed - see a couple of posts down for the new one

You need to unblock content to see it on the forum. I can see the webm gif after I do that.

Seems like ther’s a single white frame in there, maybe check that?

ah, thanks. that was weird. Yeah, note sure where that came from, I’m re-encoding but its taking forever, not at my home pc. do you think that clip is worthwhile, or should I look elsewhere?

I would cut the first few seconds until he re-enters the camera, other then that it’s great showing how tiny that base really is.

need mooaaaar rammmmm :confused:

alright, finally got things re-encoded. uploading now…

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Navy, I can only see anything if I open that link to the gif.

And I just realized something… Why don’t we have a HD youtube version of that sequence of videos behind the logo on the Battlescape website? That is exactly what a highlights video should look like.

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