Unofficial Infinity Minecraft Server

Some time ago @LucasFIN asked for a Minecraft Server. So I opened one!

Infinite Infinity


Current version: Minecraft 1.12.2 (Clients versions 1.12.2 can join)

Spigot Server / Creative + Exo Hardcore
Version: Spigot 1.12.2

Want to see what’s going on?

 Check out the overviewer map!
   Here’s a How-To, to create markers!

:grey_exclamation: Basics and Features

Protect / Sculpt / Airships and other useful to know things …

:skull: Exo Hardcore

Totally new progression / Extreme Danger / Switch between creative and hardcore at any time / Spectate when dead

There are two ways to join the server:

Vanilla Client:

  1. Download the newest Minecraft Launcher from
  2. In the top right click “Launch Options”.
  3. Create an new Profile by clicking “Add New”.
  4. Here you can select witch version you want to use.
  5. Launch the game with this profile.

Special client side Modpack (Currently Out of Date):

  1. Download the Feed the Beast Launcher.
  2. Press “Create Profile” and enter your Minecraft Login.
  3. Press “Private Packs”.
  4. Enter “FTBInfinite_Private
  5. Scroll all the way down the list of 3rd Party Modpacks.
  6. Select the “Infinite Pack” and launch the game.

Mod list and documentation

If you want to play some modded Minecraft check out my other server:
(Super easy) Instruction how to get the Modpack and join the server can be found HERE.
And because its you, here’s the code to the Modpack upfront: “FTBAireen_Private”
The secondary server has been Revived! Anno 2013 fun in 2017.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Download this zip FTB_Aireen_Revival_2017
  2. Open “README.txt”
  3. Follow the instructions
  4. Join “”!

Cool art work there ;D

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Ok… so how do I update only to 1.6.2 and not straight into 1.6.4? :confused:

Edit: ah… you put some instructions above… lets see.

Edit2: done!

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I have generated a “snapshot map” of the current state of the Creative world!

Its like google maps!


WOW! That is just too awesome!

Too bad the castle didn’t get finished before that… So does it get updated every now and then? ;D

Edit: 10 points for anyone who finds a space shuttle launching from a launch pad ;D

Edit2: We should really try to connect all those villages nearby with roads :stuck_out_tongue:

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That looks impressive! Is it a server with only trusted people allowed to build or one for anyone to build on.
I doubt my skills at building would match what is already there but it sounds like fun… what sort of rules are there regarding building?

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It’s open for anyone to build on … though it doesn’t have any protection at the moment.
Trusted people get access to the World Edit plugin which makes building complex and big structures easier.

Rules are simple. Don’t mess with other creations unless communicated with the creator and don’t grieve.

You are welcome to join!

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Thanks, I will try and see if I can come up with something to make.

It might be a good idea to install some sort of world protection plugin eventually as there are some people out in the world who just like to cause trouble.

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Space shuttle? Hm, I’ve never found something like that… I’ll have to take a look around.

I’ve been holding back on building further roads because I didn’t want to encroach on anyone’s space, so to speak, but if I may…

I’m surprised at how little of the map we’ve discovered so far, looks like I’ll have to go exploring some more soon.

Maybe we should make the server “read-only” for unregistered users? So that anyone could come and look, but couldn’t start destroying stuff.

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I’ll see about that … Also I saw the abdominal amount of torches. What’s the reason for those? Should I deactivate monsters?

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That was LucasFIN. :stuck_out_tongue: I like having monsters active, though those zombies can become quite a pest when building stuff. Dunno, what do the others think?

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Rather not … You know that the total surface area of a minecraft map is about 6 times that of the earth?

That what you see is only the things that already have been generated …

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I know, but the area we know of is still pretty small. I just want to expand that a bit, especially as we’re still missing some biomes.

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Let’s keep mobs active. I like to have them around and just make the towns lit so they are safe.

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Cool. Just don’t make a long line in one direction. That looks ugly on the map.
The distance from East to West measures 5000 Blocks/Meters.

I disabled build rights for default players for now … most of the people who already visited the server have been transferred to the “user” group which has build rights.
Anyone who wants to join and build please post here so I can add you.
This may change to a more robust and automated system depending on demand.

Current Groups are:

  • default
    No Build Rights
    Essentials Plugin Rights
  • user
    Inherits default
    Build Rights
  • wedit
    Inherits user
    WorldEdit Plugin Rights

I would like to join, my username is kinloch.

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You have been added. Have fun.

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Thanks! I have done a little work in the mining town so far, but not much.

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The mining town just got an epic entrance :wink:

Just follow the road from Ja-Min at ground level and you will get the best view.


Okay, that is seriously epic. Nice work! The mining town is coming along nicely. In case someone wants to claim that fortress city I had started to construct, that is free for anyone who wants to take it / modify it / whatever.

I think I need to start another small village a good bit away, just so that we have some “far away” places. :smiley: