The Wolf Game - ISS Relatively Fast - Psychopaths Win!

Deep in the vast void between stars a massive ship hurtles along, just barely slower than light itself. The ship is a tower over 3 kilometers tall, standing upon four engine pods pouring forth the immense energy required to continuously accelerate the ship at 1.3G towards it’s destination. Most of the ship consists of cargo holds - everything necessary to start a new colony; Including thousands of criminals convicted of the most heinous crimes kept in cryogenic storage. At the very top of the tower are the crew quarters, space for the 26 crewmembers who oversee the highly automated operations of the ship.

The captain slouched in the chair in the middle of the bridge, idly flicking through an old magazine. The worst thing about these trips was the boredom, travelling at nearly the speed of light they could never receive a radio message from back home and so they were truly isolated. The crew barely even saw one another, mostly keeping to their own sections of the ships and quietly performing their duties - this kind of job tended to attract the quiet type.

The chief engineer walked across the starboard side power station towards reactor number three. He loved being down here, in the domain of his machines; down below, a drop of hundreds of meters to the liquid helium storage, up above masses of pipes and cables twisted around upwards into the darkness, and ahead stretched 10 concrete spheres each housing a single fusion reactor. As he passed reactor number 2 a rumble passed through the ship knocking a haze of dust up into the air, seconds later klaxons rang out and red emergency lights came on. A few seconds later another, as he ran towards a computer terminal another rumble made him stumble. A few seconds later, another much closer explosion knocked him off his feet. The chief inspected the computer panel and could barely believe what he saw: something had smashed through the mass deflection field in front of the ship and collided with the hull in three places. The first piece of debris had smashed into the bridge, utterly annihilating the first 175 meters of the ship and most likely killing the entire command crew. The second had smashed into the cargo storage, destroying thousands of tonnes of supplies as well as decompressing huge areas of the ship. The final hit had pierced the port side cryogenic storage units, the ship was venting thousands of tonnes of liquid helium into space and was being slowly knocked off course as more vented. The chief began running towards the port side airlocks…

In the suspended animation chamber some of the pods began to light up. Helium flow had been disrupted and several prisoners began to wake up.

Welcome to the ISS Relatively Fast - a disaster has heavily damaged the ship and several prisoners have escaped from cryogenic storage. The crew must eliminate the psychopaths before the psychopaths murder them all.


Most of the systems on board the ship have been critically damaged and must be repaired before they fail and damage or destroy the ship. Each day players may elect a system to repair, during the night all players will attempt to repair the systems they selected, only one system will be successfully repaired. The group of players which repairs a system will be in control of it, and can (by majority vote in a private thread) perform special actions using the system.

If a system is damaged and suffers further damage a system will begin a critical failure countdown (announced in the thread at the start of the day). If the countdown completes without the system being repaired the system will fail critically and cannot be repaired. Critical failures can have serious consequences

Functional Systems

  • Power Grid - Xamino, Pendrokar, King_Cosmos
  • Propulsion - Arkenbrien, Mattk50, Enginish, Pendrokar
  • Deflector - LyskTrevise, Cise, Skyentist, King_Cosmos
  • Point Defence Array - LucasFIN, NobleBrutus
  • Environmental Control - LucasFIN, TerranAmbass, Xamino, NobleBrutus, Lomsor, Krishna
  • Crew Quarters - Cise, The_Sane, Arkenbrien
  • Structural Integrity - The_Sane, Arkenbrien, Mattk50, NobleBrutus
  • Security Grid - LucasFIN, Skyentist, Pendrokar, King_Cosmos

Damaged Systems

  • Medical Bay
  • Cryogenic Storage


  1. The GM will never directly lie.
  2. Violating any rule is punishable by death.
  3. During the night phase no one may post in the forum thread. Private messaging between players is allowed at any time of the day or night.
  4. Dead players must never contact other players about the game. They may post one single message to roleplay their death, but this must not contain any important information about the game.
  5. PM Communications between the GM and the player are secret. Do not screenshot or directly quote PMs from the GM to other players.
  6. Days will last 48 hours, nights will last 24 hours. Inactive players will be killed mercilessly.
  7. Retracted votes MUST be struck through. If you don’t do this then your vote may be counted twice. Attempting to exploit this is not advisable.
  8. Votes should be bold and in on a separate line at the end of your post. If you don’t do this then the GM may miss your vote and not count it.


To sign up simply say a “I’m in” followed by a brief description of your character/roleplay.
1. LyskTrevise - Nominal Systems Announcer
2. Cise - Chief Political Officer
3. The_Sane - Chief Steward
4. LucasFIN - Chief Cartographer
5. TerranAmbass - Hull Repair Specialist
6. Topperfalkon - Emperor
7. Arkenbrien - Kitchen Assistant
8. Mattk50
9. cybercritic - Software Engineer
10. Xamino - Cryogenic Technician
11. NobleBrutus
12. Enginish
13. Skyentist - Astrophysicist/Navigator
14. Pendrokar - Royal Guard
15. Lomsor - Chief Elevator Technician
16. King_Cosmos
17. Krishna


Night 0 - Flavien battered to death with his own keyboard
Day 1 - Topperfalkon Escapes
Night 1 - cybercritic misreads fusion reactor operator manual
Day 2 - TerranAmbass decides he needs to get out more
Night 2 - Enginish chills out
Day 3 - Krishna drops out
Night 3 - Xamino hangs around
Day 4 - Cise conducts unexpected repairs on the cooling ducts
Night 4 - LyskTrevise loses some weight
Day 5 - NobleBrutus receives emergency medical attention


Thanks To LucasFIN


This broke a little

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I am in! So ready. Maximum readiness. ALL SYSTEMS NOMINAL!

I’m in
I’m the Chief Political Officer “Commissar”

Cise was hurled onto the floor upon the collision. Shoving his lucky two sided coin into his pocket he pulled himself up and grabbed his commissar hat and jacket. Then set forth to ensure the crew continued their duties during this commotion. [/quote]

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I’m in

As the chief steward I am an officer in name only, but now that the command crew is dead I’m one of the few people left alive wearing an officer’s uniform. So on the bright side of things perhaps I will now get the respect I have always felt I deserved.

I’m in.

I am the chief cartographer of the crew. :wink:

You bet I’m in!

[quote]Call him crazy, but Larret Bowman loved making the in-transit inspections. Even the EVAs.

Especially the EVAs.

Hurtling along in interstellar space, at some mind-bogglingly large fraction of light-speed, it was possible to see the effects of relativity first-hand. And what effects they were.

Standing (standing, in interstellar space, as far from a planetary surface as you could get; the irony never failed to amuse Larret) at one of the service airlocks after yet another successful inspection, Larret turned back to take one last look at the reason he volunteered every time, without fail, to perform the incredibly dangerous task.

Above him, along the ship’s path of flight, existed a disk of stars, blue-shifted to an incredible brightness, almost blinding. Below his feet was another disk, red-shifted so far that what few stars still shined through the dimness had taken on the appearance of embers, a cool, dull, almost black, red glow.

And to the sides, a rainbow of color. The rest of the universe, compressed into a riotous band of every shade imaginable (and perhaps a few known only to spacers) resting a little below the notional horizon.

This was beauty. This sight was worth the risk, and it was why he was certain he’d never set foot planetside again.

And then the ship rocked, then shook, and then smacked him against the cage containing the EVA catwalks, nearly throwing him out to the stars he loved so much.

Larret decided it was time to go back inside.[/quote]


Should I consider this a sign up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, feck it. I’m in.

Emperor Topper Falkon woke to the sounds of multiple alarms and garbled AI speak. He was travelling on the Relatively Fast to another sector on a diplomatic mission

Topper got up, walked to the dormitory door, pulled it shut, then went back into his cryobed for a nap. He’d take care of this situation later.

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[quote]“I TOLD you I’m innocent! I just got here, and you accuse me of murdering your stupid guest?”

Throughout probably one of the most exasperating encounters with a bunch of clueless villagers, Arkenbrien had struggled in vain to argue that his mysterious arrival wasn’t to kill some random game developer. Even his story of how tiger-headed-cannibalistic-mermaids invading the local brothel, and how they had killed that dev because he was really an under-cover secret agent didn’t turn the tide. At the end of the day, one of the scrubs threw a fist at him.

Hey! Watch it! Wha… Oomf”

The other villagers started to add their contribution to this show of violence.

Amid the rain of blows, Arkenbrien noticed with disgust that the villagers had raided a stall filled with frozen fish to use as clubs - Mackerel Cudgels.

A few seconds after the grave was filled, the villagers turned and went back to their homes, confident that they had dispensed justice on somebody.

A faint, brief glow above the grave, then the dirt rushed into the place where Arkenbrien’s body lay.

Brushing himself off, Arkenbrien slowly and painfully stood up. Glancing around, the mysterious portal world was as dark and shiny as ever.

That was thoroughly unpleasant”

Arkenbrien started off aimlessly, as he had always done. His quest unfulfilled again, he set out to find another exit, with the faintest of hope that it would be the last.

“Well, this seems to be as good a place any.”

“Oi! Pajama-boy, stop staring out into space and get me my food! What’s on the menu?”


I’m in. Kitchen Assistant. :wink:


Considering this ship canonically only has a crew of 26, I feel like our role priorities are a little off here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Let’s see if I can last more than a day.

Im in!


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I’m in.

I’ll be a software engineer assigned to monitor and fix the bugs present in the cryogenic systems that notoriously kill around 10% of the criminals transported.


The timing is really bad until Tuesday for me, but I’m in.

All right, how about this:

“What the fecking…” Xamino said as he stepped out of his really small and cramped quarters. The normal lighting was off, only the strobing of the alarm lights eerily flashing through the pitch darkness. He looked left and right, squinting to see better in the darkness. He couldn’t see anybody on the walkway yet. So he looked down and peered through the grill of the walkway, but the long drop down the hull vanished into blackness. Nothing was visible upwards for his quarters were directly beneath a bulkhead.

His inspection was cut short by a computer alarm in his quarters. His work terminal was flashing warnings, adding to the ghastly atmosphere. WARNING: CRYOGENIC SYSTEMS OFFLINE they read, followed by a series of error codes and diagrams. Frowning, he closed the door to his quarters and went to work on his terminal.

Little did he know that he had been watched in the darkness by a still cool human. These eyes fixed on the little plaque on the door as it closed. CRYOGENIC TECHNICIAN XAMINO.

The next flash of the alarm lights briefly illuminated the darkness where the shivering prisoner stood, showing him grinning for his good luck.

There, that way I can play a normal human or a prisoner should I be one. The idea is that depending on my role either the prisoner took over the technicians role or the technician wasn’t attacked. Not that anyone else will know… :smiley:

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It was with great effort that Noble dragged open his bloodshot eyes. He reached up to massage the lump on his head… “What the…” he groaned. The last thing he remembered was… was… hurtling headfirst into this wall - other than that he remembered nothing… except perhaps for one word… Antamera…

I’m in


I’m in.

Emers Kapinsky, exiled to a faraway, empty world for tax evasion, conspiracy to commit tax evasion, accessory to tax evasion, and theft of government funds.

RP will come later.

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Damn, I don’t have the time for this.

I’m in!

p.s. I hate to be that guy, but the helium venting into space adds tiny amounts of dv compared to the fact that you’re going a significant fraction of light speed >.> This also gave me an idea for roleplay.

Larc Nagas fell forward and slammed his head onto the ground, “Why do I always sign up for the bad missions.” he thought while wiping off some newly flowing blood. As an astrophysicist, Larc never really talked much to other people and prefered these quiet long haul missions to study the stars and assist in navigation for the ship. He always seemed to be that guy that killed the joke or made an ass of himself in social situations so he tended to stay away from them. He always knew too much. This time, he hopes it can help save his life and the lives the crew.

I’m in!

Pendrokar is the last of Emperor Topper Falcon’s remaining royal guards. Even if not the best of them, it is better than nothing. All other guards have been swallowed by the void. There is nothing to mourn over. Once the incident occurred, he hurried to warn his Emperor, but seeing the “Don’t disturb” sign in flashy purple neon light stopped him. Now he stands behind the door to warn him once he exists.

@Topperfalkon what does our empire rule over? Ratmen? Skunkmen?

Haha, for the space-y games I prefer to roleplay as my Infinity role (Emperor of the Phoenix Imperium) if possible, or something similar.

In this case, let’s say that we were on a diplomatic mission between the Phoenix Imperium and some other nation/empire.

And yes, you’re welcome to be my royal guard if you wish :smile:

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