I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!

Lately I’ve been spending more time working with the Engine, and as such becoming more familiar with various atmospheric settings. Combine this with camera angles, and finding the right place to “sit” is getting me some rather nice results.

I’ll continue to post screenshots here as I take them, so they can be easily found in one area.
Others that have access to the engine (for now the other devs) post screenshots you’d like to share here as well!

To begin the thread…

Two screenshots taken in Engine, No editing done in post (other than the logo of course)
Do note, the clouds in the second image are “Experimental” I just felt they looked good enough to share.

“Dusk on an Alien World”

“Stormy Sunset”
Clouds are Experimental (non-volumetric)

“Blue Planet”
Clouds are Experimental (non-volumetric)

“Mountain Range, variable stars” (Red Star)
“Mountain Range, variable stars” (Yellow / White)

“Mountain Range, variable stars” (White / Blue)

The following shots return to a Gaian world, albeit without complex life, very little tweaking in engine, if any at all.
Clouds are experimental (I just love how they look from the ground though)

Day at the Beach
Up the Coast
“A fine place to establish our next Colony”

Bluish planet (Foreground) Orbiting a Bluish Gas Giant (mid) orbiting a blue giant star in the background.


The city is dark… watch the sky…

Mining Colony

Flying around an alien world with a blue atmosphere:

Planetary Rings

Cloudy sunset, blue star

Cloudy sunset, reddish yellow star.

This weeks screenshots come with a blog post and video explaining the process.
Link to the screen shot blog


Screenshots themselves

Within the Rings

Star filled sky on the night side of the planet

Experimental Missile FX

On the waves, deep ocean

Another planetary Sunset / Sunrise, Experimental Clouds for depth :wink:

Quixel Software Screenshots, Not in I-Novae Engine - WIP Volcanic Materials, Showing some early exploratory work.

here, have another sunset :wink:

Hauler Closeup

“Routine Patrol”

More Beautiful Desolation

Sunny coastal mountain range, mid-day. (EXPERIMENTAL CLOUDS)

Same coastal mountain range, late evening. (EXPERIMENTAL CLOUDS)

Screenshot from the main KS planet.

WIP - Early Concept - Heavy Interceptor

Cities and Mining outposts on the surface of the Main KS moon

The Corporation currently developing this system isn’t just limiting themselves to the planet surface, of course they’re doing much more throughout the system. :wink:

A First Look at some screenshots taken in the Battlescape Prototype

Dark Volcanic surface with a bright orange atmosphere at a reddish yellow star… and a little something on the surface…

Dark Volcanic surface with a green atmosphere and a whitish blue star.

Three images, at 3 different elevations, High orbit, high atmosphere, and ground level… Volcanic World

Mmm, delightfully desolate, I’d land there.

Expect to see more from inside the prototype in the coming weeks!
About these next few shots… taken from 2 different planetary bodies in the same system. Mmmmm…

Pleasing Simplicity

“Cut engines, take photo, at sunset.”
Taken on two different planets within the prototype.


Do these experimental clouds happen to be volumetric by any chance? :wink:

Great idea for the thread by the way. A little eye candy every now and then can’t hurt anyone. And it will be an easy visual way for the devs to show things are going on behind the scenes.

Not these ones, very early implementation. :wink:

This gives me hope that some volumetric clouds might be in the making :wink: Or maybe I’m trying to read between the lines too hard.

Earth like planets (and especially gas giants) would look kinda odd without clouds so It would be great news to know that clouds could make it into Battlecape.

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They told me this would happen… :stuck_out_tongue: of course they’ll eventually be in the engine, but they’re not on the pre-kickstarter list, and won’t be worked on unless we reach a few of our stretch goals most likely. However, they do look beautiful, even if they aren’t a very good looking final solution.


That’s a worthy stretch goal that I’m sure people are willing to reach :wink:

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They would not show up until the higher funding tiers if at all for Battlescape. Same with foliage.

Would we all like to see both? Absolutely. However, they are unlikely to be scoped into Battlescape budgets, even if we exceed the min funding level.


This is my new favorite thread…

Both of those screenshots are beautiful!


Allright. Nice.

My wallet is ready.


I remember posting something a while back saying that good lighting is a key aspect of making a game look pretty. From these screenshots and the few others that have popped up, I’d say you guys have nailed it!

Striking that balance between what’s believable but also pretty has been one of Flavien’s oldest aims and it’s nice to see it holding up even all this time later! Great work. :smiley:

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These are being added to my wallpaper slideshow. Awesome! :smiley:

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I can’t believe the second screenshot is something generated in real time:o it’s beautiful!

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Quite nice looking indeed !

Side question: is it some kind of ocean / lake that we see in the first screenshot ? Or is it just grassland / plain ?

The clouds are gorgeous. Experimental or not, flat or not, they add a huge amount of atmosphere.


Confirmed, the game needs clouds. So beautiful ;_;

Looks like ocean in both of them. 2nd one has some bits of land on the near left.

A long time ago, I took some promotional screenshots for the combat prototype. I’d like to post them here as well, just to see how far the engine has come and also for their nostalgic value:



And some of my other favourites:






That would mean that there would be some waves, some of them even rather large. That’s what I’m doubtful about since I don’t remember any kind of wave in the previous screenshots / videos including water field.

I’d call that swell rather than waves.

I agree I can’t remember seeing breaking waves.

Any possible confirmation / clarification from @Hutchings ? :slight_smile: