(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!


I think this could be our answer.

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We already tried and haven’t got much attention, unfortunately. Although they might have a lot of inertia, and it’s only the third day of the campaign, so who knows. All I can say is that as far as contacts are concerned, we currently aren’t in touch with any major media.

We contacted over 100 major sites if I remember well, and they were obviously on the list. No success just yet.

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Lucas stop it I cant follow the rythm ! :smile:

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You have to :wink:


What might be worthwhile is contacting other popular “lets players”. They have huge audiences.


I have talked to around 30 friends/acquantances/colleagues at this point. All of them like games (I’m in a gamedev industry),
What has worked much better for me personally in terms of making people interested in project, is to show them the material in this order:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIQb_P7crG8&feature=youtu.be&t=268
  2. I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/309114309/infinity-battlescape

At first i showed them material in the opposite order, and it had much lesser impact.

TL;DR: most of people I know got hooked better on the prototype video, than kickstarter page.

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Also, how about BBC’s Kate Russell. She loves Elite, wrote a book and done long livestreams on Elite. So she’s a space game fan already.

Best way to contact her is to send her a tweet on twitter to check out the KS campaign and game website.



I made my article on developpez.com, if accepted, it will be for a few days on the main page of the site. All of this is cool, but while there’s no much volunteers I waste my time.

JonnyRedHed you’re on Star Citizen and try to contact Kate Russel ?
Lucas what is your target ?
Mine will be “lets players” and Gamekult. If I-Novae is ok, I’ll tell them that they can play it by contacting you.

Is there any volunteers ? If we’re a lot, it could be a success.


I just did an interview with Flavien, in french, I’m editing it right now. Could be usefull for french speaking people/journalists who wants to know more about the game.


I’ll link it on developpez.com if you agree. Do you plan to post it somewhere on the net ?


I’ll post it there : https://www.youtube.com/user/InfinityUniverseFr


Sorry, I’m not sure I understood you fully… volunteer for what?

Also, you can add an “@” in front of names (the site will suggest some auto-completion). This way, the pinged persons will receive notifications and see the post containing the ping (which is their surname ^^).


volunteers to target a media and try to make them react to I:B. Sorry I though it was obvious.


i am updating Elite dangerous thread and KSP thread posted some on space sim central
Seen some of you poping there from time to time. :slight_smile:

  • making little video about inovae engine.
    But i got so much stuff on my shoulders right now that i think my head explodes. this weekend is another i have to go to work(inventory) … so am sorry the video is taking this long …
    I am aiming at some kind of history of inovae
    Scrip is my biggest issue right now - i dont know exact dates and details …
    It will be slideshow mixed with videos from past of inovae…
    WIP example shot

Now I get it, @Kamui ^^
I have just send the e-mail to “CanardPC”, I’ll keep you informed of the result.

Let me ping for you @JonnyRedHed and @LucasFIN so they can answer your questions in your previous message :wink:

Edit: @DirkLarien, nice work, keep it going :wink:


I use to ping a lot, but it’s not a reflex yet :smile:


As I said above, the best way to contact her is to send her a tweet on twitter to check out the KS campaign and game website and take things from there. Kate says twitter is best. This should come the I:B dev’s though. @INovaeFlavien

But she has written an Elite Dangerous book and is an avid space game fan and computer geek. I’ve been watched her every week on BBC Click for years (tech show) doing her webscape and more recently tech reviews, and BBC Click goes worldwide. So she has a massive audience, and a massive fan base reach.

Kate Russell (@katerussell) | Twitter



@kamui I’ll have to research some local media in the weekend. I’ll let you know if I find anything worthwile. If not then I’m happy to join other efforts (like posting in forums).


I’ve sent a PM message to the Star Citizen writer Dave Haddock on the SC forums, regarding checking out the KS campaign. Dave has been in contact with me a couple of times in reply to me asking him to name something moon like in the game after the late great Sir Patrick Moore, of BBC Sky at Night. Dave Haddock says he’s looking for something to suitably name.

I’ve also contacted one of the Dev’s from the game Interstellar Marines (Impeller - on the SC forums) (Bozar - IM dev) asking the same.

Also ex-Star Citizen dev Wingman recently asked for his Decent Underground to be added to my in-development games thread on the SC forums. I’ve also sent a PM to him.

Not sure how useful this might be but thought it worth a try.


This awesome dude your great. Doesn’t matter if it works the thing is to do something.