I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!


I would say, swelling, like in the '013 video.


Quite right so, I must say. Though one has to admit it’s a bit hard to tell in the dark, with the land being similar in form to the water :stuck_out_tongue:


Well actually, there aren’t oceans on those two planets, they’re rather barren icy worlds. :wink:


This thread is great.


Those are some beautiful screenshots. Can’t wait to be able to make my own. :smile:

I’d also like to note the screenshots from the blog of Keith, those are gorgeous to (and have buildings / cities / harbors? so cool!): http://inovaekeith.blogspot.nl/2014/12/merry-christmas.html

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Badum tssh!


Updated First Post, and new screenshot below

“Blue Planet”
Clouds are Experimental (non-volumetric)


I was just about to ask for the next batch! Keep us drooling please:)

I really like how sharp the atmosphere around the planet (moon?) looks, it has an almost photographic quality to it.


I have got to say these screenshots are beginning to show how the engine has developed over the last couple of years. Some of these are truly beautiful.

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Oh man I was wondering what’s up with all the planets having the cyan tint. Nice to see that the blue ones look just as awesome.

On the other hand, what’s up with the lighting? Considering that the sun is in the picture, the stars seem really bright.


The lighting parameters used in those shots were tweaked to create a more artistic feel. @Hutchings is showing off some capabilities of the engine we haven’t really demonstrated yet.


I like that you offer that tweaking …
I saw that some screenshots had stars while others hadn’t and figured you are experimenting …


Yeah we’re currently entering a phase of a lot o’ tweaking as we nail down the final aesthetic for the Kickstarter campaign which will ultimately define the baseline for the game itself. We focus a lot on realism and providing an accurate simulation but there are some tradeoff’s we’ll make in the name of artistry =).


Just keep in mind that artistic aesthetic is formed by our culture.
And that your products will someday hopefully be part of that culture too :yum:

But I and others made that point in the past.

Anyway. Great shot!

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Great stuff! Any chance for some ships included in those shots? :smiley:


In my humble opinion, the more realistic approach is not only prettier, but somehow represents the gigantic universe better. Feels more like vast and empty space. It could also help to set the visuals aside from other space games.

It’s nice to see that all this is customizable.


Neat! I like how you are trying to be realistic.


As I understand people who purchase your engine with intent to alter your “look” can customize it for there own purposes. Or does this allow customers of I:B to alter the “look” of the game?


Awesome screenshots! Please, could you up the resolution for future screens to 1440p? Need better wallpaper quality :wink:

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I don’t think we yet know how much customization we will allow for the end user. There comes a point where we’d want to retain artistic integrity for the official product. However, we also want to allow modding, which will hopefully be quite robust.

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