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About annotation under each video its looks like if you not love taste cola try pepsi. hell yesterday incorrectly read

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The 4-turret corvette isn’t a picture, it’s shown on the work-in-progress model on jan’s sketchfab account:

Some interesting points on the bomber, but I doubt they’ll be such long-range as to be impervious to fire from enemy ships and installations larger than themselves. Destroyers seem to have their entire job description geared towards defending themselves and other capital ships in their fleets from bombers, after all.

That or maybe bombers weapons could be destroyed on approach by dedicated point-defenses?

At least that’s where I see the bombers settling. Inflicting heavy damage, but taking heavy losses without a lot of friendly support by other classes.

The corvette’s the ship that worries me for balancing.

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Remember I’m talking more about numbers of bomber rather than just a single bomber. Even if long range weapons refers to them be able to stay back with their own capitals equipped for long range that’s still rather far. And yes, I did make mention to long range shots being easier to be taken out by PD fire, though probably not very well.

How does the corvette worry you? Please speak you mind I want to hear your thoughts.

The current big fears I have for the corvette are:
That it’ll get cut apart by capital ships instantly thanks to it’s large size and slower maneuvering speeds to balance it well against fighters and bombers.
That it’ll get cut apart by fighters and bombers thanks to it having weak armour and weapons to compensate for it still being quite fast to allow it to survive in battles with capital ships.
Three (the important one),
That there won’t be a nice middle-ground between One and Two.

I really hope that’s not the case and the thing doesn’t end up as the problem-child I’m fearing it’ll become. I’d love to see the corvette used as workhorse for the fleet, providing fire-support for strike-craft and point-defense for capitals. Highly versatile for defense and assaults on enemy infrastructure, but not all that useful for chasing people down if they’re using hit&run tactics.

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I see. As they have stated it will be a tanky ship and able to take down a destroyer in groups so its only fear is being by itself more than anything. Also I don’t see somethign like a cruiser being able to take it down easily as its turrets are more for capitals than smaller ships. While I say the cruiser needs PD weapons, they should be more for anti missiles than crafts. Also I say a single interceptor, if its left alone for a test run, should take about 30 seconds to a minute to kill it off so PD weapons should take even longer. Also we have no idea how armor will work. If you think about Planetside 2 and how armor works for their vehicles, I-Novae could use something similar to make it very tanky to small ships but not so much to larger.

I’m waiting until more weapons become added to talk about this for the time being. Also if I may ask this, could you copy and paste your comment on this to the youtube channel? I want to try and get others into this discussion who are not of these forums (even though I’m an unknown on youtube :stuck_out_tongue: ). I will put mine right behind yours.

C&Vd to the bomber corvette video.

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Thank you very much. I hope it wasn’t asking too much.

If you’re having trouble getting footage with other players, check out the sorta-kinda-but-not-really-official discord chat: https://discordapp.com/channels/102894093335535616/102894093335535616

You should be able to find someone happy enough to get online with you now and then on that.

(Just noticed your comment on youtube, Would have got online earlier if I had read it when it got posted.)


For some reason no channel pops up. A friend had me make an account a few months back, but I have only ever used it to talk to him so no knowledge on how discord works. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out my name on it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3 new videos up on YouTube now. Sorry for the being a bit late. I don’t live alone and the only time its quite enough to record is at night. Sadly some days I’m too tired by that time :frowning:

Also I hate to sound ungrateful (I swear I’m not, everyone who has posted I’m glad you like them), but I was hoping for more people actually discussing these topics. I want to hear what people are thinking so we can spread ideas. Plus in the end it will give me more to write about for future discussions.

Let’s Talk about the Fighter

Let’s Talk about Armor

Let’s Talk about the Destroyer


Another 3 have arrived.

Let’s Talk about the Cruiser

Let’s Talk about the Carrier

Let’s Talk about Speed and Time

Edit: I should state that when i posted my first 3 videos I was working on writing out the videos for the capital ships. Now I have posted everything that I have finished writing so all the new videos will take a while to come out as I do need to write them out. At least 7 more maybe?


So I am going to be discussing Capital ship components and equipment next. The first video will be about the different types of systems on a ship that I think should be in as well as what I believe their strengths and weaknesses should be. This will also be used as a point of reference for the next subjects. Basically I see 3 types of systems for capitals.

Thing is, when I start to talk about what you can put into each of the three, there’s a very high chance that just one of these can easily take up their own video. So I have decided to put up a poll and see what you guys think/want. Should I just make one massive video or split them up when needed? I ask this because not everyone here speaks English and I always put my writings in the description for those who use a text translator. The descriptions will not hold the writings if they are too long so I will have to post them in the comments. However, I’m not sure if my first comment will stay at the top for easy access.

The poll will last until I’m done writing, and I will give a few days notice so take your time if need be.

Poll Closed. Two for one video and four for as many as it takes if you curious. Had to call it because of all the ideas I was writing.

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While I haven’t found time to watch any of these(I hope I can eventually™), more discussion is always better in my opinion.

No worries. Their not very long (longest one is just over 8 minutes) so watch them at your leisure. Granted I am hoping for more comments than anything lol

Also, its been a rather long night and I can’t sleep so I went ahead and finished the prequel video that I will be using as a reference to the components and equipment video. It will prolly take me a week to a month to finish that one though.

Edit: Seeing as how I’m writing this out, if anyone has any ideas to either add or you want me to take a look at just let me know. I’m always up to seeing what everyone is thinking.

New video. This one I made after surfing the forums a bit. 2 questions first. Should I be posting these in the Suggestions forums? Anyone know what the dimensions of the cruiser is in meters?

Let’s Talk about Bounties and Money


Another new video! I’m getting a bit faster at this :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s Talk about Mandatory Systems

So still writing about components and equipment and have decided to to incorporate strike craft in with it as they both can use some version of one another’s items. This also increases the size of the post to I will be putting it into three segments. I will still have to put the notes in the comments there’s no stopping that, but at least the video wont be 30 mins to an hour lol. I’ll probably do the same with weapons not quite sure about that yet.

Anyways today’s video Is more about a suggestions as I had someone comment about gameplay besides combat. Hope its interesting. Oh since this is highly sugestion in nature it will also be posted on the Suggestions forum.

Let’s Talk about Biomes and Non Combat gamplay

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I recently rediscovered a thread discussing how to distribute the gained money. Goes farther than your video but might interest you.

Here’s a size comparison:

Weekly Update #6

I think someone on chat once told us how long the Bomber is … but I forgot … here’s an alder

This post has some info about what they imagine the general sizes of the ships to be:

If you want to inspect the placeholders, you can do that here:

Mind those are all placeholder values as well as models.


I just realized that the carrier has hints of the flamberge around the engine pods…

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@Lomsor that was the first thread I read on the subject of ideas for money. Once I read about bounties I had to look up as much as I could as I felt the strongeat about them. As for the photos, I found them, but not the link were they guess an estimate on the size. Thanks for that. Working on a little sommething :wink: