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Hello everyone, my name is Zeak and I am starting a discussion series on my YouTube channel for this game. I will be posting the videos here so you can see them and while I would love for each video to have its own thread for talking about their specific topic, we will just make do with discussing them on my channel. Just a quick note I am not talking about the current state of the game rather what possibilities I see it having in the end.

I ask all to join in and share your thoughts to help in giving the dev team as much information on how we think and what we think about their game to help them make it something truly great. So please, help to keep space epic!

Let’s Talk about Infinity Battlescape

Let’s talk about Resources

Let’s Talk about the Interceptor

Let’s Talk about the Corvette

Let’s Talk about the Bomber

Let’s Talk about Balance with the Bomber

Let’s Talk about the Fighter

Let’s Talk about Armor

Let’s Talk about the Destroyer

Let’s Talk about the Cruiser

Let’s Talk about the Carrier

Let’s Talk about Speed and Time

Let’s Talk about Bounties and Money

Let’s Talk about Mandatory Systems

Let’s Talk about Biomes and Non Combat gamplay


I would have worked on the screen saver; normal voice, information useful to continue.


He @DarkZeak,great idea. (I see great marketing potential and your voice isn’t hard to listen to either).

I’d be glad to help you with specific video materials you may be looking for.

Why don’t you want to discuss these topics here though?


Ya I’m still new to recording and YouTube so my voice isn’t great I know. Working on that Part.
As for discussing things here I would prefer it if each video had its own thread as each video is its own topic. If all videos were discussed here it would become a jumbled mess really fast. To further my point, so far I have a total of 10 topics currently in writing (counting the 3 I just posted), and I still have much more to talk about. As you can see this will get messy real quick if it was all in one thread and until I get permission from a moderator I will keep the videos here and thee discussions on YouTube. Hope that clears things up.

@pictbrige You mean the thumbnail? I keep forgetting to play with them a bit but I didn’t think it was all that important. Also what information are you referring to?


Yes mean about that (Well, what comes out the bottom). On your mind, I’m just not good at English speech, excerpts only. Your video is yet another contribution to the community. Thanks for this.


Sorry, no, :blush: If you read carefully, I’m saying that I actually like your voice. :wink:


Ah I see. I can copy paste what I wrote and put it into the description for anyone cannot speak English and uses text based translators. Would this help?

I didn’t mean that in a bad way nor did I believe you meant it in a bad way. Both you and pictrige stated normal voice so I figured I would state my noobness :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I, too, so I do. Certainly usefu with new technologies, we’re in the twenty-first century.
Да, я тоже так делаю. Конечно полезно с новыми технологиями, мы ведь в двадцать первом веке.


Nice. Interesting format and a changeup from having the discussion heavy forum post.

Voice is also nice.

On the discussions … well we already done most of what was mentioned in the first few videos. I appreciate the overview of current ideas and such though.


These are my earlier writings on it and from my point of view which is why they are here, but it does look like I need to do some forum readings.

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Do not worry obout it, this is your new fans write. I also started my career here a simple video editor, now i have a well-paid job , a loving wife , two children and a big house


I still don’t understand the aversion to allowing capital ships to enter atmospheres, (it’s a bit like cutting off those players from half the map,) but the videos are pretty nice.


Watched all 3 and love them. Well done! But I am a little peeved, not at your videos but the apparent lack of enthusiasm and appreciation of the effort that goes into making videos promoting Battlescape. I noticed there were only 3 thumbs up despite 21 viewers. And given over 40 members checked out your post it would appear a good number of Battlescape supporters care more about forum blogging than supporting this game. A bit harsh perhaps as a lot of people put down their hard earned cash to support the game, but it takes a lot more than money to make a successful game. It takes commitment not only from the developers but also from fans! So I applaud your efforts and really appreciate you trying to get Battlescape more visibility. As for the lazy sods whole care more about sound of clicking on their keyboards, the least you can do is leave a thumbs up after watching a video and/or make a comment…show people we are alive for god’s sake! :persevere:


Their size is the reason why I don’t think they should be allowed to go planet side. As big as they are, the amount of thrust required to keep them air born would be massive and I bet only their main thrusters get any where near that level. Also they can already bombard a planet from space why would they need to go planet side save just cause :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent effort, like where this is going! If you need some design done for splash screens / thumbnails, let me know. Happy to help!


No. Just because I support battlescape doesn’t mean I need to “like” everything related to it.

Some people have different threshold for likes. For instance, I liked this initiative here on the forum but didn’t on youtube, because there I find a video needs to be more then just a good idea.

Also, blind fanboyism won’t make Battlescape more popular.


The amount of thrust needed to keep them airborne would be anything over a single gravity worth of acceleration from their maneuvering thrusters. Even then, some worlds are going to be smaller and have less gravity than others, so that amount of thrust could be substantially less than the current set of three worlds in the prototype in some situations.

It sounded like you would prefer to have a hard arbitrary cap that pops up saying ‘nope, not going to let you fly past this invisible wall right here for a list of completely arbitrary reasons’ instead of going by that :wink:

Onto your point of having stuff to do still; while cruisers are confirmed for planetary bombardments as anti-capital siege weapon platforms, destroyers are point-defense ships that rely on much closer range weapons, and carriers’ entire job is to fly and sit in the right place at the right time for spawning reinforcements (plus the possibility of support and repair, unconfirmed to how that’ll work). Taking destroyers and carriers out of participating in fights for ground based installations seems a little mean.

Eh, sorry if that sounded a bit more ranty than I intended it. I just don’t like the idea of cutting off capital pilots who don’t have the ability to nuke stuff from orbit from so much of the game’s combat environment, and feel like doing so limits the tactics you could see emerging from letting them have free-reign to fly wherever their engines could hold them up after balancing their maneuverability and acceleration in space.

Anyway, I hope this lets you understand my viewpoint on it, at least.

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I understand your PoV Naiba, but I don’t think it subtracts all that much from the game as a whole. Even if they could produce enough thrust to go down on the planet their ability to move is greatly reduced compared to being in space as they would still need to fight gravity. Also it provides small ships a place to hide from the enemy and the strategical need to carrier your own wing of small ships to deal with the problem. Then there is anti orbital planetary cannons (AO from now on) that would devastate a capital trying to enter the atmosphere.

As I have stated in my videos I tend to be a capital pilot more than anything so I’m also reducing myself here. I’m trying to being more strategical need to this game vs more tactical need as I see this game to be a playground for guilds and what not. I’ll touch more on these as I get to them. Truth be told I have yet to start writing my thoughts on this subject as right now everything is just jumbling around in my head.

@Lomsor My video isn’t much cause its just a good idea :frowning:
lol just kidding.

I’m better at talking than I am at writing discussions and what not so that’s why I’m making vids and using YouTube. Just makes sense to me I guess. Don’t feel pressured to like the videos if you don’t wish or you don’t think they need to be. All I ask from you is to talk about your thoughts and ideas to help make this game what it can be. Though to keep some form of order here it would be best to use YouTube as the main discussion area for each topic and here for generalized thoughts and comments. At least all this makes sense in my head.

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You’re using mechanics you want to see implemented to stop capital ships flying down to the surface of a world as reasons capital ships shouldn’t fly down to the surface of a world? Besides, I never said it would be a ‘good idea™’ to do, I just don’t like the idea of seeing it removed as a choice from every possible situation.

It seems like destroyer pilots might have a lot of sitting about with nothing to do during a lot of these ground attacks. ‘Guard the cruisers’ might get old after a while.

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Actually gravity already affects smaller ships and they have stated that each planet will have their own atmosphere so I’m going off whats been stated. They have also stated something about planet side AO weapons as well so it would stand to reason that a cap would be taking a lot of damage even if they could enter the atmosphere. Granted I haven’t seen where they stated that the destroyer wouldn’t be capable of doing any form of planetary bombardment, and if anything the destroyer still has its main guns and there’s no way they should be for taking down fighters as that would make it look silly. Hell it might even have the same main guns as the cruiser has but it could only be allowed one where a cruiser would have 5? Also the caps don’t need to stay there if no enemy is coming. As much as I want to the game to have freedom to do things like caps on planets I still would like to see limits so players have to change tactics.

They have stated there will be personal servers and while modding is currently a milestone we will have some clever minds changing things to be how they want them to be so the option will hopefully be there in some way.