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As the title suggests this will be where I post my ideas that I come up with. I have a Discussion Videos thread where I will also be posting these as that is my main section, but the videos that are more suggestive will be posted here. While I prefer all discussion to be done on the YouTube page about the topics, feel free to talk about them here or even at my main thread. If you curious as to why I want the discussions on YouTube its because I don’t want to take up much space on these forums as well as to keep the tread itself relatively organized.

Let’s Talk about Biomes and Non Combat gamplay


Regarding your video about time: what I’m most worried about is what’s known as “offline raids”. This is an issue in many games with persistent worlds. I know that Battlescape isn’t persistent, but when matches are supposed to persist longer than any one session, the same issues are present.

When a player logs off, presumably their assets still exist within the game world. Therefore, other players can interact with their stuff while the player is offline. In battlescape this wouldn’t be a huge problem mainly because of the expendable nature of the ships, each one only persisting within one match.

However, there is still the issue of peak time and timezones. If all the players in a match are connected to a regional server, then there would be epic battles during peak hours. Someone playing during the night would see only a few other players. If players in a match are scattered across the world, there would be multiple peak times and the issue is solved (but there is less chance of a massive battle).

Assuming that regional servers are put into place, a guild could organize a nighttime raid where most of the other team’s players are offline, thus ending the match easily.

There are solutions: Have a match be filled with players of varying timezones, restrict wartime to peak hours, or have a passive AI defense that can kill enemies by itself.

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We’re going to try and cram as many ppl on 1 server as we can though obviously part of that will be determined by how well we’re able to handle latency in the end. That’s the focus of @INovaeFlavien’s networking effort right now - better latency compensation.


When you said that games would last for many hours or even days, what elements of gameplay did you take into consideration? Will there be reinforcement timers like in Eve online, will there be a points meter that simply has high numbers, or so many locations to fight over that games have to last long?

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Distance and number of locations will play a big part but the biggest factor will likely be how we balance the game. If we balance it such that it’s easy for one team to quickly gain the upper hand and amass significant resources/firepower matches will be short. If we make it so that the loss of a powerful ship seriously hurts, such as in Eve, then the game will be more tactical and slower paced. In the end we want to make various aspects of the game tweakable via server settings so admins have control over how fast the game moves along. We’ll of course use settings that we think represent a happy medium for our own official servers.


Nice to see people coming back to this thread, and more so to see the devs here as well. Honestly I though I made some mention of server prime time and time zones but I guess not. Cramming people ad many people into one server might help, but at the same time might just make it worse. Some server statistics would help a lot as well. More so when the server has been up for a while and people can track the average number of players on at which hours.

@INovaeKeith I do hope eventually you guys place up some official servers with different settings.

Edit: I just noticed that this is the second thread I startedand not the main one lol.


That will probably depend on how many concurrent players we get.


Do you have an outline plan for what your going to do with regards to running quality servers with fast connections for players. Will these be rented somewhere US and UK and EU and further afield. I’m in South Wales , UK, so obviously I’d would like one close by for latency.


I have the same ideas.

  1. I wish that the ghosts flew out of the hull in the explosion
  2. I wish that on the planet dune, and the worms crawled out they could talk and they had hats
  3. What would the station was shooting at you dogs and cats and etc when you broke something
    4.I would want that ship shot rubbish, tin cans and etc

We want to cram as many players on a single server as possible so latency compensation is something we’re going to try to sort out as best we can.


Keith i find great idea,
In Star Citizen, a great attention is paid to the toilets. I suggest that in ibs the pilot to attach a hose to the ass of the suit, and the other end of the hose in the waste container.


I’m sorry, but I have to.


@pictbrige you should write a book!


Ahhh, so that’s why it’s called IBS.


Also listen to the old boost sound effect: Flushing.

IBS is a dirty game, shame on you Keith! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Actualy IBE but i confused notion battle space and battle escape


What’s really needed is a Battles Cape.

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It’d be cool to see planets getting destroyed due to over mining of resources by players. And galaxy guardians AI(difficult to deal) appearing when too much materials are being mined so they start protecting the planet from rogue players. Would also be cool to see severe weather patterns based on the state of the planet condition(similar to global warming). Would also be cool to see a blackhole create from a destroyed planet which only last for a specific period of time which could lead to another universe. It would need higher level ships to enter these blackhole of course. Then AI galaxy guardians bring in a huge ship that can reconstruct The planet that was destroyed. Am I dreaming too much?


Yes, but I want to play the game you describe too. :smile:


Haha. Just a thought. Hoping to see more from them