Weekly Update #6

I’m accidentally posting this one day late but better late than never I suppose :p. With another week behind us we’ve got quite a few screen shots to show off. Our art team is in the process of wrapping up the concept art for all of the ships. They still have a bit left to do for land bases, space stations, and weapons however the ships are definitely the most important part of the game. This week we’d like to show off the new concept art for the SFC Interceptor.

For those of you who will receive access to the Mercenary Operative Interceptor we also have a comparison between the two starting with the SFC Interceptor:

And here is the SFC Mercenary Operative Interceptor:

The colored trim on the sides of the Mercenary Operative Interceptor are going to glow though that may not be obvious in the drawing. To round out the concept art for the interceptor we also have some pictures of the cockpit.

The canopy will raise upward to allow the pilot to enter the cockpit. The HUD will contain most of the flight instruments and is projected onto the glass of the helmet. You will also notice that the interceptor cockpit, unlike the bomber, doesn’t contain many instrument panels as the majority of redundant systems have been removed in favor of reducing weight.

On the engineering side this last week primarily consisted of fixing bugs in the prototype and additional work on our installation/patching system. We’ve finally fixed the infamous cockpit flickering bug as well as a crash in the server browser caused by an empty list. Our Developer Access game server was abruptly restarted courtesy of Windows Update and was unavailable for a few hours. This coming week we’ll be doing some more bug fixing as well as making improvements to our network code. Next week we’ll begin integrating the new 3d rough mockups for all of our ships.

Speaking of which I shall leave you with one more screen shot for the week - a size comparison of the rough mockups for all of our ships. From left to right we have the bomber, corvette, destroyer, cruiser, and carrier.


Top notch designs! :heart_eyes:


That SFC Interceptor…:heart_eyes:


Awesome concepts ! Can’t wait to have the new ships in game. Quick question : is the bomber the ship we had in the Kickstarter Proto ?

If by Kickstarter prototype you mean the ship that was in the prototype during the campaign, then no, that ship will likely not make it into the final game.

If you meant the current prototype, then yes, but as I understand we’ve been flying it with a modified flight model more suited to the interceptor just to give us a more exciting experience.


I meant indeed the prototype during the KS campaign. Thank for the answer !

Looks so awesome. Cant wait to fly this thing. :smiley:

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I’m getting a Homeworld vibe from the cruiser and carrier :smiley: So cool!

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Hope you don’t mind Arkenbrien, your pictures are awesome! :relaxed:


So Big SHIP!!

The three largest look thematically-related, so that’s nice to see. I’d lose Cyrano, as that thing just doesn’t cut it at all. As the ships get smaller, they seem to be squishing down to a pyramid, and that pattern is broken by Monsieur de Bergerac.


WHAT? And lose all those poetic opportunities? In what other ship would you say “This is the nose that launched a thousand ships”?!?

It’s a magnificant nose, worth of all praise.

Besides, Cyrano is pure awesomesausiness. A word which, amazingly, does not trip my auto correct.

That makes you that pug, knob, and a buttonhead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Too bad that the Hellion won’t be making an appearance as a player controlled ship. Maybe after the game is complete?

Best looking ship by far. :smiley:

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I would have seen the destroyer a bit smaller, though not quite sure why. Maybe to give better scaling between ships.

I like where it’s at: room for guns and guns and guns and guns and guns!


There might be some legal issues with using the Hellion and other assets, depending what happens with the IP rights of the teams members that have left the team… :frowning:

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  • I like the new Interceptor better (it looks closer to a Hellion! :grin:).
  • I loved the combined view of the ships.
  • I think I’m starting to like the corvette in its weirdness. For some reason I thought it was a much smaller ship.
  • One thing that seems weird: the destroyer looks optically taller than the cruiser. That seems to be making it look a bit out of place. As if it didn’t really fit in the whole set.
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Who left the team?

Looks cool. Just want to ask when will you guys update the developer class test game since this game by now only contains the most basic which makes it not too much exciting.