Date of the kickstarter?

I believe that it was stated in another post that there was going to be a kickstarter in may. Confirm?

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There is going to be a Kickstarter. We’re currently trying to launch it by mid July.

It seems the date keeps getting pushed back. According to your most recent blog entry, it says “…we’re going to be aiming at launching our Kickstarter towards the end of May or early June.” I’m guessing that’s not correct anymore?

That’s correct, it does keep getting pushed back and mid-July is the new target date. This is for a myriad of reasons. We’re doing our best to release it as soon as possible. I know it seems like nothing is happening right now but that’s because we’re saving most of our new content for the KS video. We’re currently working on releasing a new short video, it’ll likely be the last before our KS, and it’s almost done. Just wrapping up a few last things.


I’ve been following the development of this game/engine for years now, waiting another few months isn’t a big deal. Can’t wait to see what you guys have put together! :smiley:


Just please whatever you do don’t rush your kickstarter planning and polishing. The indie game I was following failed to raise even 20% of the funds at Kickstarter because they were pressured into doing one as the community was getting impatient, and after a disastrous Kickstarter now they have to clean up the mess and redo the whole thing from scratch.

Space games are, like fantasy sandboxes, not so much a rare sight on the crowdfunding scene, so you’re really going to have to sell the features that make Infinity a cut above the rest really very well, and maybe even show off a flashy presentation as well.

It’s just getting more and more competitive, so people are putting a lot more effort to make their KS’s stand out.


I can’t wait for the short video you say you’re going to release before the ks. Something for us to survive on lol.

I’m glad people aren’t still complaining about their extra-long groov’n. :smiley:

Not trying to be rude @INovaeKeith , but what’s going on with the “short video” you’ve been working on.

You’ve been “wrapping up” the video for over a month now. I understand you were out of the country for a few weeks, but you have been making it sound like it was just a little bit of work left for you to do for weeks now.

Yeah we thought it would only take about a week. Then I ran into some blockers and then Flavien ran into some blockers after we thought that I was the only one with blockers. To be specific the stuff I’ve been working on is asset cooking which is the process of taking raw game assets and optimizing them for the target platform. Flavien has been working on the actual ring rendering and he ran into some unexpected issues with shadows that have taken much longer than either of us anticipated. We’re working diligently to wrap this up and release the new video, terribly sorry for the wait.


Awesome! Thanks for the update.

How long will the vid be?

3-4 minutes long

Ok. You could write a short blurb every week about what you have accomplished. Even that would be enough of an update.

The short blurbs are on twitter.



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Yes, if you average 3 months over 10 years it’s only a 2.5% increase in waiting :wink:

I seriously think INS should stop giving dates, KS has been on radar for about 2 years now, in that time we have had around 5 different dates promises for a KS campaign. IIRC, May 2013, Dec 2013, “early” 2014, April 2014, May 2014 and now July 2014.

Anyone getting twitchy about it should just take a moment a gaze upon the released screenshots.

I think if necessary I could immerse myself in their beauty until the KS comes out…

Well if it makes you feel any better we just had a discussion about that very thing at our last team meeting and our conclusion was the same as yours :stuck_out_tongue:. As far as KS dates are concerned that cat is already out of the bag and we are working very hard to get it done asap.

So when is it, this year or next? :wink:

Well, that’s like fusion power.
The more progress there is, the better difficulties are actually understood and the further the release date is. And surprisingly small companies seems to be making the most progress, though there are accusations of vaporware thrown around.
And when it will finally be out, it will blow us away. Wait no, wrong words for fusion power…

Anyway I can personally wait. The more you wait, the more saving I’ll have. But don’t take that as an excuse to wait more! :smiley:

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