Weekly Update #71

I really like that image, zoomed in it looks great. If there is a little time in the final polish of the game maybe add the effect of some people/shadows of people moving around inside those windows. But to only trigger this when you fly your ship very close to the station, and then only the odd random window to catch attention. If no time pre-release then maybe in the first big post release patch.


I like the idea but wouldn’t that be time consuming for devs and not to mention performance hit

I have no idea. It might be only be some animated map of some kind I would guess. Triggered by very close proximity of a ships cockpit, and then direction the player is looking. Used sparingly it could work for all sorts of small or large windowed areas from space station, to ground bases at night.

Which is why I added maybe a future post-release update.

Same as tracks to and from land bases with vehicles moving along the paths going about there duties etc. Bases and small outpost/mines set into and over hanging valley and cliff faces, with elevators being used.

Large space stations could also have exterior elevators being used. Exterior elevators like we see in the Sean Connery 1981 film ‘Outland’. As miners descend down a valley cliff face on a moon. [Youtube clip link] (3:20m onwards)


This kind of animation would definitely help stations/bases look more alive! I wouldn’t even mind if it was really simple, basic effects and tricks. Things that move just make the environment seem more interesting and immersive on a small scale. But you’re right, it’s a polishing task for after release really.

The moving resource haulers should help with bringing life to the environment as well.


How about we get font rendering in the game (which seems to be slated for after Colors/Gradient and will make it a post-Alpha release feature) before going on a wish-list spree? I mean it would be needed to display the score and other pathetic information like that, right?


Even some of the lights in the windows going on and off at random intervals would give a sense that there are people going about their business in there.

@cybercritic, Gotta have something to look forward to eh? Font rendering certainly doesn’t do it for me.

UI timeline








Hats off to you @hrobertson, I had the same idea in mind, to go through those updates and check the UI talk, however, nothing is going to change, that’s Keith’s modus operandi.

Well, in all fairness, UI is one of *the* most important aspects of a game. So as long as it all comes through in the end, no matter how long it takes, it will be worth it in the end.


I agree, and this whole vector based UI system should make iterating on the actual UI itself much easier than if it was all bitmaps. Plus it’ll be very moddable :thumbsup:

The “issue” is just Keith’s estimates being consistently way off.

PS. We love you Keith. :grin:


I use the mantra of it being ready when it’s ready.

Can I ask, is there a plan A, B, C, D to deal with Griefers. If you build it, they will come.

Could you define what you might consider “griefing” in the context of Battlescape? Deliberately trying to sabotage your own team? Shooting teammates? I’ll admit I’m not clear on what it would be in this kind of game.

It’s practically impossible to cheat atm. K&F are making cheating a hard thing to do in Infinity. No worries imo

Yeah I guess this sort of thing. I’ve not gamed in 2 years so am a little out of touch with online gaming. What type of grieving would you think the released game could suffer from. If you get enough players just making each game a nightmare, what could be done.

Human Moderation is apropriate for the probable future server population. Especially as one moderator could monitor much more players at once due to the increased max player per server count that I:B should have compared to other multiplayer games.

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Because there is no game to cheat in at the moment?
Anyway, the question was about griefing, not cheating.

There will always be opportunities for griefing, but the counter is a well designed vote kick system. Automatic temporary ban after repeated vote kicks.

  • Friendly fire
  • Ramming
  • Blocking hangar entrance/exit
  • Blowing up your own team’s haulers
  • In a group of players making a stealthy approach along a canyon, a griefer could fire weapons or fly high to reveal position

Griefing is cheating, griefing is reality. Like a undercover cop, get used to it.

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Thats not really a plan though is it. More like sticking ones head in the sand whilst being kicked up the arse.

I’d say this sums it up pretty nicely.


Planetside 2 has a system where you would receive a temporary weapons lock for too much friendly fire. The same could apply here, where too much damage to friendlies will result in no ramming damage and a weapons lock.

You could get creative with it as well, like playing with their sensors, reversing their controls, random key bind reassignment, having them die from a single shot, having an speech played to them on why they shouldn’t troll, etc.

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