Weekly Update #71


Could you define what you might consider “griefing” in the context of Battlescape? Deliberately trying to sabotage your own team? Shooting teammates? I’ll admit I’m not clear on what it would be in this kind of game.


It’s practically impossible to cheat atm. K&F are making cheating a hard thing to do in Infinity. No worries imo


Yeah I guess this sort of thing. I’ve not gamed in 2 years so am a little out of touch with online gaming. What type of grieving would you think the released game could suffer from. If you get enough players just making each game a nightmare, what could be done.


Human Moderation is apropriate for the probable future server population. Especially as one moderator could monitor much more players at once due to the increased max player per server count that I:B should have compared to other multiplayer games.

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Because there is no game to cheat in at the moment?
Anyway, the question was about griefing, not cheating.

There will always be opportunities for griefing, but the counter is a well designed vote kick system. Automatic temporary ban after repeated vote kicks.

  • Friendly fire
  • Ramming
  • Blocking hangar entrance/exit
  • Blowing up your own team’s haulers
  • In a group of players making a stealthy approach along a canyon, a griefer could fire weapons or fly high to reveal position

Griefing is cheating, griefing is reality. Like a undercover cop, get used to it.

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Thats not really a plan though is it. More like sticking ones head in the sand whilst being kicked up the arse.


I’d say this sums it up pretty nicely.


Planetside 2 has a system where you would receive a temporary weapons lock for too much friendly fire. The same could apply here, where too much damage to friendlies will result in no ramming damage and a weapons lock.

You could get creative with it as well, like playing with their sensors, reversing their controls, random key bind reassignment, having them die from a single shot, having an speech played to them on why they shouldn’t troll, etc.

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My favorite friendly fire response is applying the damage to the shooter instead of the target. Folks get pretty touchy about the possibility of direct damage to friendlies at that point. Want to be a one-shot sniper? ID your targets carefully.

On ARMA, we’ve implemented a friendly fire warning so that you at least know that you’re hitting a friendly. That helps not with griefers, but with new players who aren’t sure what’s going on yet - and even with experienced players who aren’t aware that a friendly is in the area of their explosive weapons. It’s not a message in the text area. It’s a full screen blackout message that pops up for a second before fading away.

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