Update on our post-Kickstarter status

Hey everybody I know we’ve been quiet since the Kickstarter ended but that isn’t due to a lack of activity (though we did take 2 days to catch up on sleep). Some of you are having problems with Kickstarter accepting your payments. If that’s the case then please reach out to us via contact@inovaestudios.com and we’ll get it sorted out. Aside from that our biggest priorities are getting the prototype out to our Developer Access backers by sometime in January and bringing up our post-Kickstarter funding platform.

To release the prototype we have to add authentication and distribution through our website and get hosting sorted out. The prototype was hosted on a fairly weak machine during the Kickstarter but we have a large number of Developer Access backers and we want to make sure the server doesn’t just crash and burn. We’ve also started planning our production roadmap. People will not begin quitting their jobs and moving over to I-Novae full-time until January when production begins. By then we should have received our money from Kickstarter and we’ll be out of the holiday season so that we can focus on building this game.

Lastly this week is a major holiday in the US and a third the team may be distracted by family/holiday stuff until next week.

EDIT: The private Developer Access forums will be available once we get the final list of backers from Kickstarter. This takes ~2 weeks so we’ll probably have it in early December.


Nice update, thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.


Indeed. Updates are always appreciated.



Yay, update. :thumbsup:



Please keep this stuff coming!

Eg. Kerbal space prog uses a devday tuesday even if there are no major updates, they post something… as small as bugfixing ect.


Thank you for the update, new info is always appreciated.
It’s all going to be ok. Stay calm. :smile:


thanks for the updates! Always great to know where things stand.

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Thanks for the update.
My suggestion for future updates is to create a section on the website for updates because not everyone looks at the forums.

I would also recommend releasing updates on the KS page and maybe redirecting people to look at this thread or the new pledging website page (which should have updates).

Thanks for the update!


Yes, I assumed this had been copied from the Kickstarter page. That should be a primary channel for communication over the next couple of years.


Time to get that vaporware status off this game!

The greatest … fail… (srry to say) was lack of info last few years.

Closest to getting updates was keiths twitter.
I hope they assign a community manager or… just keith who keeps us more up to date on a dedicated page.

Thinking about players here who did not get dev acces. Need to make sure not to put them in the dark.


Thanks a lot for the update!

By then we should have received our money from Kickstarter

I guess this is meant as the “late border” of the possible timeframe for recieving the money, so it is likely to happen sooner? ( Because if would appear pretty slow to me on the part of Kickstarter. )

I would also echo the suggestion to (re-)post important updates to the website and Kickstarter Updates, as not everyone does read the forums.

Thanks for the update. Super excited!

Thanks for keeping us informed, always appreciated!

Roll on January, woohoo! :grin:

A devday would be awesome.


Thanks for the update, Keith! Glad to hear you guys took some time to get caught up on sleep!

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Thanks for the update, can’t wait for Dev forum access!

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I hope we also get the badges along with the dev forums… I mean… uhm… not all of us got access to that forum… :pensive:

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Another thing you could do for major updates is YouTube videos. You don’t even have to use a green-screen or do much video editing, just a minute or two of a dev talking to a webcam or a dev talking while something is being shown would be OK.

For example, showing a video of a web browser being used to download the dev-access build of the game or show off the pay-pal donation system while a dev says “Yay! We got X done!” and gives a quick explanation of how it works.


I am awaiting the post kickstarter funding platform.

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