Welcome new Pilots!


Hey Flimley!

Thanks for the support and were all glad to have you!

Bye Flimley!

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I been waiting for this for the last years.
And now I seen the new demo working wow so well, I never have image that it going to be this good. ho yes and it’s only the demo, I cant wait for the game to came out.


It’s going to be great !

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Hello, new forum member here. Glad to be a backer of this project now eager for some news :slight_smile:


Hello, Digico from France. I follow the project from at least 6 years as a revolutionary 4X from Brusells. I hope this iteration would lead to the end project it was made from.

Good luck!

(NB: a really nice multiplayer-based star shooter, like what we had on Andemonia mod on FL woud still be great to me - while waiting for the greater project)


Welcome to the forum, @MrGold and @Digico :wink:

I sure hope you have a pleasant stay around here ^^. Since the successful funding of the KS, the dev team, there’s been little news globally. Which is understandable as the dev team certainly takes a much deserved rest :smile:

You may read the last update on this thread, but rest assured: you’ll get some more news by the beginning of December at the latest, I’m sure :wink:

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hello from Greece,
I am glad to be backer of this project…i hope i helped a little to make this game a beautiful game that will keep us playing for years…
i think that the work is start now and that we have to spread the word everywher to bring more people…
waiting news from you …


Hey, everybody! It’s good to be back!

Not sure if anyone remembers me, especially if this isn’t the name I used back in the Quest for Earth days. I’m forgetful!

I did a couple of ship sketches way back when, like this. I also remade it at some point since then, a year ago, maybe?

Hopefully some of the old regulars are around! Looking forward to seeing everyone, old and new.


Old or new pilot, everyone’s welcome :slightly_smiling:

I hope to see you soon in the dev access, or perhaps a bit later in the alpha ^^


Hi all!!!
New Pilot here…big cheers to all …
i Pleged on KS without knowing much about it , but just spend some time googling about it now ,and it looks cool im happy :slight_smile:



I’m biased but I think you’ve made the right gamble!

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling:

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Awesome having you! :relaxed:


tyvm :slight_smile: dear friend

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Welcome to the forums! Have fun!


Good morning. Just signed up to the forum. I pledged as Dan Hickin in the campaign. So do I need to do anything else other than sign up? I heard there was something to do with the pledge that was relevant to the forum but I may have dreamed it!


Welcome! I think if you used the same email for both the campaign and here on forums I think you are good to go. At least that is how I understand it. :relaxed:


Zen is correct. If your pledge email is the same as your forum email, then you’re good to go. Otherwise you will be able to link your pledge to your I-Novae account at some point in the near future, probably in this month. The I-Novae team is close to finishing the basic database and user management system right now, so it should be soon.

You can learn more about the team’s progress in this thread: Quick Progress Reports - Engineering


Super, thanks. Yes it seems to have recognised my pledge on here now I have checked back. Thanks for the welcome.


Hello everybody. I love space games. I’m also here because of Star Citizen. Between Elite, SC, Space Engineers and Battlescape it seems great space games are everywhere! Which makes me very happy.

Knowing that the developer release is coming up is making me wish I’d backed at a higher level. But I think I can hold out while reading about the rest of you. :slightly_smiling:


Hello, just signed up on forums, excited about the game. :slightly_smiling: