Update on our post-Kickstarter status


Happy Thanksgiving day :wink:


Weekly updates/blog posts would be cool. No need to put too much effort into it, just get each team member to write a little about what they are up to.


Couldn`t agree more and suggested as much on the official Youtube channel. What’s more, it doesn’t even always have to be about specific updates, mechanics, designs or even progress. People enjoy all these things but they are also here to connect and feel a part of something; even if Flavien talked about other games, what his favorite ship is or even how he first got involved, it would really help us feel connected. Even being silly, joking and talking about your favorite beer on occasion can be a welcome relief - speaking only for myself but the project is as much about the journey as it is about the endgame.


Yes this game needs it after years of “near zero” updating info.

This is not bad criticism I want to give, rather constructive.

From now to 2017 is still a long road and having the same info policy we’ve seen last years wont benefit the situation.

A devday may solve this even if it is minor info.
A line of 5 per dev will do…

Just anything better than a twitteraccount 80% never heard of…


We’re working on it, at the moment our first priority is just getting the post-KS funding page up and getting the prototype into the hands of the Developer Access+ backers. Once those things are sorted out we’ll begin ramping up into full production.


It’s always a great feeling to get news straight from the top! :smile:

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Ok thank you for the common response.
Have a good holidays for those who have some :smiley:


Relax a bit no need for rush now. Take a breather guys.

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This probably won’t be very popular, but I disagree. Time right now is as important as time is a week before release. Of course everybody needs downtime, but if this time hasn’t been scheduled as such the work should be as determined now as it will be later in the development cycle.

If there’s one thing the I-Novae team will have learned over these past few years it is how quickly time ebbs away if you’re not careful with it.


You should have just stopped there. They need downtime, and after the dramatic elevation in work pace during the Kickstarter, a dramatic drop in pace afterwards is only reasonable. It doesn’t matter whether the time was scheduled that way, because they need this down time. Josh Parnell’s story should suffice as a cautionary tale here.


I basically slept all through Thanksgiving and I have to say I feel like a new man. Work/life balance is so tricky with startups =(.


I would agree with downtime being needed, but I think it would be best to get the post-ks donation page up before taking a proper vacation. There are a lot of people waiting, and we’re getting into the holiday season proper where money is going to get tight.

Also, it’s not impossible for some to want this available as a gift, so there is that.

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Any update on this @INovaeKeith?


I’m working on it. The forum has been created and current backers who pledged $2500+ and already had a pre-existing forums account registered to the same email address they used for KS already have access. Getting the prototype out in January is taking priority but I’m going to try to get this all sorted out by the end of the week.


Now I’m feeling all left out, God knows what those guys are talking about with the devs atm, a week is not too long though…

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Don’t worry comrade, our time will come :wink:


Planet and moon names probably at that $$$ Tier :smiley:


I don’t have access either. I’m feeling left out too. That’s what I get for not pledging to the KS :sob:


I don’t either, although I think I should fit that category of people?


Restricted categories are done with custom groups.
Keith needs to script the addition of users to the group if their email address is on the list from the KS, or survey results when that gets sent out. This would need to be added to the account creation process that INS are already overriding, and run once to handle existing users.

Custom badges need to be created and their assignment SQL based on group membership. - Badges would be the means by which the custom titles are made available.
I’m guessing your title was manually set @Red_Syns. Manual custom title assignment obviously doesn’t scale, and scripting the title assignment instead of using badges would be a waste of a perfectly good Discourse feature :smiley:

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