(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!

I use to ping a lot, but it’s not a reflex yet :smile:

As I said above, the best way to contact her is to send her a tweet on twitter to check out the KS campaign and game website and take things from there. Kate says twitter is best. This should come the I:B dev’s though. @INovaeFlavien

But she has written an Elite Dangerous book and is an avid space game fan and computer geek. I’ve been watched her every week on BBC Click for years (tech show) doing her webscape and more recently tech reviews, and BBC Click goes worldwide. So she has a massive audience, and a massive fan base reach.

Kate Russell (@katerussell) | Twitter


@kamui I’ll have to research some local media in the weekend. I’ll let you know if I find anything worthwile. If not then I’m happy to join other efforts (like posting in forums).

I’ve sent a PM message to the Star Citizen writer Dave Haddock on the SC forums, regarding checking out the KS campaign. Dave has been in contact with me a couple of times in reply to me asking him to name something moon like in the game after the late great Sir Patrick Moore, of BBC Sky at Night. Dave Haddock says he’s looking for something to suitably name.

I’ve also contacted one of the Dev’s from the game Interstellar Marines (Impeller - on the SC forums) (Bozar - IM dev) asking the same.

Also ex-Star Citizen dev Wingman recently asked for his Decent Underground to be added to my in-development games thread on the SC forums. I’ve also sent a PM to him.

Not sure how useful this might be but thought it worth a try.


This awesome dude your great. Doesn’t matter if it works the thing is to do something.

I created a couple topics on 2 Brazilian game forums, but so far I only had one reply, with 60 views. I also sent a couple emails to brazilian versions of a couple big gaming sites, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I went to Cinemassacre’s subreddit and suggested the Nerd himself that they would test the prototype in an episode of James and Mike Monday’s. Why not aim for the sky if you are aiming at all :slight_smile:

There is only a very slim possibility that they are into a game of this genre and an even slimmer chance that they will notice that suggestion among all the other suggestions in there. But I tried to talk to their inner Star Wars / Star Trek nerds so who knows :wink: And if not him then maybe some of their fans will pick it up?

Edit: please go and up vote my post (username is LucasFIN) :sunny: The first suggestion to appear for me had only 8 points. So it should be pretty easy to get past it.

I contacted Aaron from Last Stand Gamers and invited him to try out the Prototype.


I just tweeted Notch because he knows what’s to be an indie, and he loves space (He started a game couple of years ago named 0x10c but aborted). But I must say there is only few chances that he sees it.


I emailed AngryJoeShow and invited him to check out the kickstarter and contact inovae to try the prototype. Slim chance he’ll even read the email though.

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Contact Kate Russell via tweet.

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Telling people to ask for access to the proto is an important detail I think. Just saying “hey check this out” might get them interested but if they know where to go straight away there’s probably a better chance of getting some actual coverage.


Created an account just to upvote your comment. :wink:


Did the same. I am finally a member of Reddit all because of this campaign.


I think the dev’s know this, I was just generalising. Plus Kate says she prefers a tweet to checkout a game website first.

Was pointing this out to everyone. If us non devs are going to be contacting people we might as well be telling them how to get access to the proto straight away.

Ah sorry. Yes my thoughts were the dev’s reach out to Kate Russell not us.

Im sending tweets to Brazilian celebrities that are known to like videogames. Im trying to send a tweet with an image, but then there is no space to say the name, what it is about and to put a link, so Im not sending a link. What do you guys think is better to leave out?

Still only 4 upvotes so far. 5 short of going past the ones I see on the top. I think we can squeeze 5 more redditers out of these forums :slight_smile:

Edit: and @kamui, you need to add links in the OP. At least for forums and preferably any other contact info you are provided with.

Good work so far :smile:

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Would it make sense to compile a list of celebrity’s twitter accounts that like videogames so people can send them messages?

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