(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!

Hello guys,

I know the kickstarter started well, but it’s not enough. This is now the time for us to make all it’s possible to make to help this team in obtaining what it deserves.

This topic is there to synchronize efforts and continuously take count and update state of I:B exposure.

The way to contact one of the targeted sites is on your hands. Twitter, Facebook, forums, mail, other ways (like moving IRL to misteriously meet a journalist in a convention he said he was going …)… you are the agents of I-Novae Studios. Think Jerry MacGuire !

List of targets

Famous News Sites (with at least a game section)

Gaming / Youtube personalities

  • France
  • JeanBaptisteShow (handled by @kamui )
  • Joueur du grenier => site, youtube
  • USA
  • etc

Space game Message boards

Star Citizen (handled by @JonnyRedHed )
Elite Dangerous

Tell what you tried and your results here !! We can do it !

If any of you met somebody who knows somebody who knows someone who cleaned toilets on the IGN offices or another important media, it’s time to call him :smile:


I have started a topic on a french magazine forum (a few users around here already participated I think ^^):

They also have a mail contact at which anyone can send interesting news along with a screenshot:
I will send them a mail this coming WE, as it’s a bi-monthly magazine and they’re probably already preparing the next edition coming end of month / start of new month.

Isn’t this a duplicate of this topic:


This thread was a good idea. Can you make a list of possible sites to contact in the OP (with links to said sites) updated as they are suggested? And probably a tag on those covered already.

I would suggest a big invasion on Elite and SC forums.

I will try to look up for some potential finnish gaming sites later today (really not an expert on these tbh) but I will leave the contacting of main international (english speaking) sites / forums to the better english speakers among us. I can try to suggest them though.


I contacted some French speaking sites (JeuxVideo.com was one of them), and i have seen some people beginning the evangelism on some French forums too (like on JOL)

That thread is more like a resource center. I think the format I described above (suggest places to contact and make these sites visible to all in the OP with links) would make this thread a useful addition.

But this requires constant updating from @kamui

I though regular member could edit it too :smile:

I’ll try and yes I hesitated but in fact I don’t thing the evangelism kit is on the same spirit. I want to centralize effort on attempts of contact with game medias

on you replies, tell me what media you’re focus on and the advancement and I’ll update the first post

Only thread titles, not the actual content of posts. That wouldn’t be a good idea, I fear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dwarwen suggested this in the chat:

get 4chan, Something Awful (goons) and other Eve mess onboard

And also, @kamui I have a suggestion for the format of this list in the OP for easy reading and quick coordination (right now its a wall of plain text):

List heading

News sites:

Lorem (link)
Ipsum (link)
Dolor (link) (contacted by @Username)
Sit amet (link)

Gaming forums:

Lorem (link) (thread started by @Username here(link))
Ipsum (link)
Dolor (link)
Sit amet (link)

Gaming / Youtube personalities:

Lorem Ipsum (link to channel / email)
Ipsum Dolor (link to channel / email)
Dolor Sit (link to channel /email) (contacted by @Username)
Sit Amet (link to channel / email)

Some other category, you get the idea:

Lorem (link)
Ipsum (link)
Dolor (link) (contacted by @Username)
Sit amet (link)


I guess only the title is editable by regulars

Sorry guys you’re right. It’s just that I’ve no more time to make it correctly now, I’ll do it lately.

Thanks LucasFin that helps a lot.

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We are counting on you :wink:

Ok now everybody must propose himself to focus on a media He thinks he can obtain something.

There are a few suggestions in the Discord chat (would be useful if they were posted here too, or collected by someone)

There are some links provided to the Evangelism Kit thread. You might want to collect them in your OP since they are not included in the OP of that thread (since it serves another purpose).

Being literal here :slight_smile:

Looks like the list is forming quite nicely.

Suggestions for additional categories:

  • Message boards / forums of other space games

  • Other relevant forums

I updated my long running thread on the Star Citizen forums, both the latest post (games list), and the first post. And also changed the thread title to highlight the kickstarter.

Jonny’s TOP list of in-development Space Sci-Fi Games 2015 - Infinity:Battlescape Kickstarter

My thread has had a good number of views since I started it in 2013, and I’ll keep it at the top of the SC ‘Other games’ section during the KS campaign.

I would also add tangentially similar games to that list too. So target EVE, Planetside 2, and Angels Fall First.

EDIT: after reading up, my post is redundant. but yeah. it’s slightly different and more focused. that one was about gathering resources, this one is about applying those resources to achieve results (and heck, props to those being so proactive!) I’ll link this in the top of that one now that I think of it.

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Some more suggestions from the Milestones thread.