(Unofficial) Headquarters of Infinity:Battlescape Communications - Volunteers needed!

There are some links provided to the Evangelism Kit thread. You might want to collect them in your OP since they are not included in the OP of that thread (since it serves another purpose).

Being literal here :slight_smile:

Looks like the list is forming quite nicely.

Suggestions for additional categories:

  • Message boards / forums of other space games

  • Other relevant forums

I updated my long running thread on the Star Citizen forums, both the latest post (games list), and the first post. And also changed the thread title to highlight the kickstarter.

Jonny’s TOP list of in-development Space Sci-Fi Games 2015 - Infinity:Battlescape Kickstarter

My thread has had a good number of views since I started it in 2013, and I’ll keep it at the top of the SC ‘Other games’ section during the KS campaign.

I would also add tangentially similar games to that list too. So target EVE, Planetside 2, and Angels Fall First.

EDIT: after reading up, my post is redundant. but yeah. it’s slightly different and more focused. that one was about gathering resources, this one is about applying those resources to achieve results (and heck, props to those being so proactive!) I’ll link this in the top of that one now that I think of it.

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Some more suggestions from the Milestones thread.

I know we as fan base can do something to get the KS known… but isn’t it also INovae’s responsability to get those “big medias” attention?

Sure, sending too much e-mails about “check this awesome game” is better than too little; but will those medias react to a email from a “casual community member”? How can we say we’re not encroaching on INovae’s turf about how they want to handle the given information?

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Maybe a word from INovae on this?

@INovaeFlavien @INovaeKeith

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I thought about that too. We need to know inovae’s position on this.

It would be nice if Flavien or someone from their team contacted RockPaperShotgun, it’s a pretty big gaming related news site that could bring in some new supporters.

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I will talk to my buddy board gamer. Maybe just maybe you might be willing to do a short video.

I think this could be our answer.

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We already tried and haven’t got much attention, unfortunately. Although they might have a lot of inertia, and it’s only the third day of the campaign, so who knows. All I can say is that as far as contacts are concerned, we currently aren’t in touch with any major media.

We contacted over 100 major sites if I remember well, and they were obviously on the list. No success just yet.

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Lucas stop it I cant follow the rythm ! :smile:

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You have to :wink:

What might be worthwhile is contacting other popular “lets players”. They have huge audiences.

I have talked to around 30 friends/acquantances/colleagues at this point. All of them like games (I’m in a gamedev industry),
What has worked much better for me personally in terms of making people interested in project, is to show them the material in this order:

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIQb_P7crG8&feature=youtu.be&t=268
  2. I-Novae: Engine Screenshot Thread!
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/309114309/infinity-battlescape

At first i showed them material in the opposite order, and it had much lesser impact.

TL;DR: most of people I know got hooked better on the prototype video, than kickstarter page.

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Also, how about BBC’s Kate Russell. She loves Elite, wrote a book and done long livestreams on Elite. So she’s a space game fan already.

Best way to contact her is to send her a tweet on twitter to check out the KS campaign and game website.



I made my article on developpez.com, if accepted, it will be for a few days on the main page of the site. All of this is cool, but while there’s no much volunteers I waste my time.

JonnyRedHed you’re on Star Citizen and try to contact Kate Russel ?
Lucas what is your target ?
Mine will be “lets players” and Gamekult. If I-Novae is ok, I’ll tell them that they can play it by contacting you.

Is there any volunteers ? If we’re a lot, it could be a success.

I just did an interview with Flavien, in french, I’m editing it right now. Could be usefull for french speaking people/journalists who wants to know more about the game.