Kickstarter Milestone and Excited Keyboard Bashing Thread (111% FUNDED)

Is hitting 100k after 2 days a good sign on KS ? I don’t usually follow KS campaigns so don’t really know. I would of thought 100k after 24hours to of been the better start. I was holding out hope for that as the clock reached the end of the first 24hrs. But I know very little about KS.

things have slowed down so quickly :cold_sweat:

If you look at the stats from the first 2 days, the average kickstarter pledge was north of $70. Clearly the majority of these pledges were from either lurkers or active forum participants, and it would be unrealistic to expect to keep that dollar # up.

As of this morning (US eastern time) INS needs about 200k to reach goal, but considering an average pledge of $35 (picked at random) instead of $70, that’s 5175 more backers needed.

That’s attainable once some of the big youtubers and news sites pick this up.

:star: :star: 98 000! :star: :star:

$8000 in roughly 17h.

It’s worrying that it hasn’t happened yet. The only “major” news website that wrote two words about this is kotaku.
We need IGN, Polygon, N4G, PC Gamer, Gamesradar and others to write about the game. We need this on google news.


Flavien said in the KS Update #2 that they are already very busy with interviews. So I guess there is a lot to come. Hopefully articles on some major news sites too.


We are mostly busy with smaller sites and streamers.

We have contacted all the major sites too, but haven’t heard back from them. So yeah, I think asking them ( politely and without spamming, ofc ) to talk about us would help.

I have to believe that this will reach its goal without problem. Just had a gander at some of the projects ahead of battlescape in popularity… 1 million for a bra? 1.1 million for a board game? There seems to be a lot of money to be had on there. 300k doesnt sound like much with people throwing money at projects like that. I don’t know which people you are contacting but be sure to hit this guy up too, his channel is sizable and is centered around space/sci-fi games


Definetly. Also, this guy might be helpful.
…Basically everyone with KSP and/or Space Engineers. People like,,,, and come to mind.

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I mentioned this game to w4stedspace in the comments of one of his latest videos and he replied saying “looks interesting but the prototype isn’t quite that easy to get ur hands on :slight_smile: Am trying!”. So that’s good news.

Well he just has to send us an email at and we’ll be more than happy to give him a link :slight_smile:

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We need to get lirik to play the game and support it he does play random games a lot and gets like 20,000 viewers if you guy’s get him to play the tech alpha that would bring a shit ton of new people.

$100,000, 1468 supporters!



33.3… %


w00t… KEEP UP THE PRESS :slight_smile:

Past the 100k $ mark - nice. The start was amazing, but things have slowed down VERY fast. We need more momentum than we have right now to get any significant stretch goals.

The bad: Media reception has been weak, at best short reposts of the kickstarter page info, at worst outright referrals to all the old vaporware claims. I have not seen a single article yet that was written based on a detailed research or on hands - on experience with the prototype. I can only hope that some media people will actually play the prototype in the remaining time. I have stalked lots of forums via google, and the resentments are strong - too many other space games, too much disbelief, vaporware claims and so on.

The good: There are 2 groups with a very strong positive response: Obviously the long term followers and fans of Infinity, who have basically caused the huge day 1 pledge amount with a lot of them chosing the high pledge tiers. The other group are people who took the time to watch the gameplay videos and/or the trailer. Youtube is usually the place where the comments are full of hate and negativity, the ones for the kickstarter trailer are almost completely positive - somthing that is quite rare! Over 50000 views on the trailer on youtube, and even if a lot are from people rewatching it (i keep rewatching the downloaded HD video over and over again…) that is quite good.

Wowing more people that are not into space games usually, or that have never heard of infinity, with the gameplay vids and the trailer seems to be the way forward. The space game fanbase seems to be largely won or lost already, based on the history of Infinity, SC and E:D.

The best would be coverage by youtubers with a larger audience than the ones already covering it. Someone of TotalBiscuit’s reach would be tremendous helpful.

Backers that are no long term fans are much more likely to pledge for the lower tiers, so we need large numbers of them to have the same impact as the high pledging long term fans. This can only happen with more coverage and reach. Looking at the pledge history so far, the current number of new backers is too low, we are not yet reaching far beyond the initial fanbase.

What we need to spread now is not the link to the kickstarter or the news that there is a kickstarter, as that has been spread well already, but the gameplay videos and the trailer. They are the strongest weapons we have. They have shown they can wow people and grab their attention.


We’re working on it, but any help you guys can provide has been and will continue to be very useful. :smile:


BBC’s Kate Russell, the best way to contact her is to send her a tweet on twitter to check out the KS campaign and game website and take things from there. Kate says twitter is best. This should come the I:B dev’s though.

But she has written an Elite Dangerous book and is an avid space game fan and computer geek. I’ve been watched her every week on BBC Click for years (tech show) doing her webscape and more recently tech reviews, and BBC Click goes worldwide. So she has a massive audience, and a massive fan base reach.

Kate Russell (@katerussell) | Twitter

I’m not sure Totalbiscuit or Jim Sterling would be interested at this point. But it certainly is worth making formal contact with them.

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