The Wolf Game - SS Black Swan - Day 6 - Everybody Dies, Traitors Win

Yeah, you know what? Yeah, I’m going to have to join in on that vote for Kerydis unless he changes.

Its unfortunate because Kreydis is almost most certainly human but in the off chance he’s not we are forced to lynch. I hope he switches quickly. I’ll be watching for the next 15 minutes prepared to switch my vote.

I think I agree. I mean, its day one, there’s no way to know for sure. Its basically a crap shoot and mistakes can be made. I’ve done it before and I hate to punish a guy for what appears to be an honest mistake. I just really can’t reasonably let him stay there now that I’ve seen it.

Well, I’m hoping the lynch votes will spur him into action



The Day Is Over

The sun dropped below the horizon and the bell rang indicating the change over to night shift. Kreydis jumped up from where he had been snoozing in the corner and cheerfully announced to the room “Alright crew, I’m going to repair the Anti Air defences to keep us all safe while we sleep”. As he turned to walk out of the room Skyentist grabbed him and slammed him against a wall, "ARE YOU MAD!? We’re lost at sea, being hunted by two air forces and you want to repair the anti-air defences?" mumbles of agreement went around the room, although Kreydis looked a little confused at this logic.

Before he could say anything King_Cosmos stepped forward from the crowd, grabbed his sidearm and shot Kreydis between the eyes! “No one will be repairing the Anti Air Defence tonight…”

Kreydis has been lynched
It Is Now Nighttime - Posting In The Main Thread Is Not Allowed

Systems messages have been sent out - contact me if you’re not in a system thread and think you should be.




Klaxons rang out across the ship! In the bridge half of the system status board lit up all at once, debris in the magnetohydrodynamic propulsion system was blocking the flow of water, causing overheats in the supercooled magnets and massive power spikes across the ship power system. The chief engineer dived across from where he was working to hit the nearest emergency shutdown button - bringing the ship to a halt.

The acting captain arrived down in the engine room just in time to see an engineering crew pulling the debris out of a hatch. The room fell silent as everyone recognised the mangled remains of Skyentist. "There is now way this could be an accident - it takes two people to unlock the propulsion access panels. This is an act of sabotage, clearly Kreydis was not acting alone!

As the crew gathered on the engineering deck damage control crews reported in: hostile air forces had successfully hit the ship and damaged the Crew Quarters!

It Is Now Day 2

Skyentist has been murdered
Crew Quarters have been damaged

System Status

Weapons Locker - Damaged
Propulsion - Active
Generator - Damaged
SONAR - Damaged
RADAR - Damaged
Combat Information Center (CIC) - Damaged
Anti Air Artillery (AAA) - Damaged
Medical Bay - Damaged
Crew Quarters - Damaged
Helicopter Hangar - Damaged

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So I had communications with Skyentist last night (and topper too). In the interest of knowledge collection, dumping said convos now.

First, a PM from Topper to myself and Skyentist (why he chose us was a topic that Skyentist and I had no answer to):

Then, the convo with Skyentist:

I made them into pastebin dumps because it would take up a lot of room on the page for no reason. Anyways, info is all there. Heres what the Crew Quarters did do, which we found to be mostly useless:

You have spent the night repairing the crew quarters.

Nightly: Every night you may choose to bug the
quarters of an individual. In the morning you will receive a list of
everyone who interacted with the bugged room.
Desperate: You may lock a room, preventing anyone from entering or exiting the
room for the night. However the quarters will be damaged and must be
repaired again afterwards.

and then

Sorry I realise now that the wording of the opening post isa bit
misleading, it’s more like you’re bugging the individual than bugging
the room (sometimes I get a bit wrapped up in trying to make things fit
the story ).

Last time I ran this system the players grilled me and I posted this much more specific set of rules:

You target an individual, the resulting list will include:
All people who vote the same way as your target on any system
All people repairing a system alongside your target
People who your target targets
If you target controls a system which targets other systems, all people on the targeted system
All traitors who voted for your target


Let’s say you target Nos_Fi tonight, you get a list something like this:
All the CQ crew who vote the same way as Nos_Fi - obviously only applies on nights when they’re not repairing the system
All of the CQ crew because they’re repairing tonight
If Nos_Fi has a role which targets people (e.g. he’s a guardian angel, or he’s a wolf), the name of his target
CQ targets people, so Nos_Fi would be on the list
Traitor names (e.g. Cise, he’s always a wolf)

We tried to use the crew quarters on myserlf last night, and this was the result:

The vote was for LyskTrevise, the bug detected these people:


(p.s. martin, is it okay to direct quote posts like that from you in the future? i dont want to break the rules)

As you can see all of the Crew Quarters repair team is listed.

Also: the info about propulsion was already disseminated to CQ by Skyentist, and I put it in the pastebins above, but if someone wants to just double down on it to make sure we have everything?

I would strongly prefer that no one ever direct quote me and instead just restate what I say in their own words. This is so that people don’t have to try and imitate my writing style if they want to lie about system functionality!

I’ll let this one slide though :slight_smile:

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Simply because you were both leading a lynch vote at the time. It was easier to put the pressure on Kreydis if at least one of you retracted your original votes (otherwise I’d have needed to get 2 more people rather than just the one) and the end of the day was pretty close by this point.

Though in hindsight, @ mentioning you in the main thread would have had the same effect. Didn’t think of that…

Barney stumbled down into the engine room after 8 drinks at the bar this evening.

“This engine ain’t gonna fix herself”, he slurred.

The last thing barney thought as he became fast asleep curled up atop the caterpillar drives was, " crazy russians know how to make a damn comfortable engines. Probably from sleeping on the job the lazy commies."


You had roughly 36 hours to debate whether or not you wanted me to swtich. You all shorted me hardcore last minute. Literally no time slot open for me to respond :expressionless:


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Shush… Dead don’t talk.

Will make real post when back from work.


Yes, that was the proposal, the rationale being that 16 people shooting at each other out of which only 4 are wolves is more likely in the humans winning the gun fight.

Anyway, what is the plan for today @Lomsor?

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I would say we do a two split again on two new systems. I would propose for the generator to be one of them.

Also. Could someone please confirm the informtation from the crew quarters? I do trust Laysk, but we shouöd make it a habbit to conform each others claim.

Someone should reveal propulsion info too. (Too much hassle for me on my phone).

I also think a wolf was yesterday voted for, not necesarily lynched but voted vor.

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Yes, as I said, it would be nice to have someone confirm what skyentist told us about propulsion, and also for someone to confirm what I said as well.

@Lomsor how come you didn’t repair anything yesterday?

I did. I’m in propulsion. It just happened that I voted correctly before the RNG roll.

Oh. I swear when I was going through looking for votes I didn’t see it, but oh well. Seems you did!

Generator for now i guess.

I can confirm that the information Lysk provided is accurate, it’s copy-paste.

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