The Wolf Game - SS Black Swan - Day 6 - Everybody Dies, Traitors Win

The Black Swan sliced silently through the waves of the stormy night seas, penetrating deep into enemy territory on a top secret mission. Onboard the bridge the captain struggled to see anything out of the rain splattered windows - he could barely see the next wave before it rocked the ship. It didn’t matter though, the radar swept out into the darkness and gave them a perfect picture of the empty seas all the way to the horizon.

A bell rang, indicating the shift changeover to the night watch. Two crewmembers, both of whom had joined the crew at the most recent stop, exchanged tense nods and pulled out silenced weapons. The bridge crew didn’t even know what killed them…

The night watch arrived a few minutes later and fell silent as they took in the site of their crewmates, shot in the back and sprawled over their consoles. Just as the commander of the watch hit the alarm button to rouse the crew an explosion rocked the ship and the background hum of the engines fell silent. The lights dimmed and then flicked over to the dull red glow of emergency battery power.

Welcome to the SS Black Swan, the most advaned warship ever to take to the seas. Enemy agents have infiltrated the ship and sabotaged the engines, stranding her at sea. Now the navies of both sides are trying to destroy her! The crew must eliminate the agents before everyone is killed.


  1. The GM will never directly lie.
  2. Violating any rule is punishable by death.
  3. During the night phase no one may post in the forum thread. However, private messaging between players is allowed at any time of the day or night.
  4. Dead players must never contact other players about the game. They may post one single message to roleplay their death, but this must not contain any important information about the game.
  5. PM Communications between the GM and the player are secret. Do not screenshot or directly quote PMs from the GM to other players.
  6. Days will last 48 hours, nights will last 24 hours. Inactive players will be killed mercilessly.
  7. Votes and day role actions should be bold.
  8. Editing of posts is not allowed

Crew List

  1. Topperfalkon
  2. mattk50
  3. Skyentist - Captain Barney
  4. TerranAmbass replaced by NobleBrutus
  5. cybercritic
  6. xamino
  7. Arkenbrien - Shipboard AI
  8. dekaku - Cook
  9. Nos_Fi
  10. Kreydis
  11. Enginish
  12. LyskTrevise
  13. Lomsor
  14. The_Sane
  15. JackBootedThug replaced by Pendrokar
  16. King_Cosmos



There is a special mechanic in this game, replacing the special roles. Each night every player may elect to repair a system, at the end of the night all of the systems voted for will be repaired. Once a system has been repaired all players who repaired it have joint control of the system; A vote will be taken in a private thread and the system will be used however the majority of the players vote. A list of damaged systems will be posted at the start of each day.

If a system is left unpaired for too long it may be critically damaged, if not repaired the next night the system will be destroyed and cannot be repaired. There may also be other, serious, consequences.

Each night there is a chance of attacks from the air and from the sea, if the attacks are successful systems onboard the ship will be damaged and must be repaired again.

  • Weapons Locker Damaged
  • Propulsion
  • SONAR Damaged
  • Combat Information Center (CIC)
  • Anti Air Artillery (AAA)
  • Medical Bay
  • Crew Quarters Damaged
  • Helicopter Hangar Damaged
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As always, I’m in

I’m In.

What terrible things will happen this time


Don’t forget to call RP roles too!

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I’ll work on some RP tomorrow evening probably (well, this evening but you know what I mean).

I need to work on some justification for being an Emperor on a secret warship :smiley:

Captain Barney says he’s in

I’m in.

/pokes @Arkenbrien

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I’m in

Um, when will the game start? If it is after next Monday I’m in, but if you’ll start it before I won’t be online… I’m travelling over the weekend.

#TerranAmbass did it.

I’m in. :wink:

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It’ll be after the weekend - it’ll take that long just to gather players I expect.

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Great, consider myself fully in. I’ll think of some RP when I get back, don’t have the head for it today. :smiley:

EDIT: that said, maybe it is time to resurrect the bar keeper role… RP when I get back, but yes, we serve it.


I’m in. No ship should be without a cook.

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I’m in.

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I’m in

Damn wolves.


Yes. This pleases me.

Im in.

But for how long :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in.

Roleplay follows. Just don’t want to miss out.


quote: I’m in

Damn wolves. :end quote

Are they werewolves or swearwolves?'re+werewolves+not+swearwolves&ei=UTF-8&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-001

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