Real Money Economy?

hi there, i want to ask if this game is going to have a real cash economy system like some other great tittles out there like entropia universe.

Yes and no.

In-game there will be no use of real money, to the best of my knowledge, but as the developers are making a game engine alongside the game they’ve been talking of making an assets market where anyone who wants to can sell models, textures, algorithms, etc. to be used in mods and other games (and for that matter the main game if the devs decide something is worth adding and can come to an agreement with the person who made it).

mhm i see. i dont have nay kind of knowlegde of producing games mods etc, im just a gamer and i think i speak and think like many gamers out there that just want a game that can enjoy playing it and also have some profit for real life since games nowdays require an entire life to play. i was just asking about the business model i dont want to have nothing to do with game development, but let me suggest that kind of business that they are doing in entropia universe, its and mmorpg with real cash tranfers, i just wonder how that could be in a game set in space, with almost infitine stuff to trade, farming mats from asteroids, ships, weapons, even planets. i just think if there could be a game that could let players engage in games economy itself and spend or profit from it as long as he plays.

Just to clarify slightly @Runiat is correct there will be no use of real-money in game however the virtual market place will use cash to purchase new skins, mods, and official DLC. An “asset store”, while using the same infrastructure, would be a separate thing for modders and developers who are interested in using our tech as it won’t be integrated directly into the game like the virtual marketplace will. Infinity: Battlescape will not be an MMO thus there will only be a rudimentary in-game economy and nothing that players would be able to make money off of.

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well thank you for the clarification, i was just asking cause it seems to be a great model for games nowdays that one with real cash economy, i dont think any other games will manage to have more players than the one that “buy” players. if we agree that every game needs gamers, many gamers, i dont know maybe your thinking in something smaller for infinity: quest for earth. well anyway, if you guys want to have a look in that real cash economy business just try to play entropia universe in planet calypso you could get an idea how it all can be possible for devs and gamers to profit without having affraid of people just mining the game out and leave devs without money, that wont happen cause game consumes money to play, equip and ammunitions are very expensive there. well just give it a thought. ive been following this game since we had a chat room in old website, this new one is a bit confusing. and pelase forgive me but players are people also not only GDC knows what they talk about.

You really need to pin a topic with all the answers as this is just going to get lost.

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Only problem is, Discourse doesn’t seem to keep pinned topics from getting lost in it’s default view. Oh yeah and the answers tend to change.

(Not in reference to Keith’s answer here, that one hasn’t changed since last I read it, but I couldn’t be bothered writing out the whole thing when it seemed evident from the OP’s post that what he was asking about was making money). [quote=“irn4l, post:3, topic:387”]
i just think if there could be a game that could let players engage in games economy itself and spend or profit from it as long as he plays.
The problem with this model is that if the game developers still make money, and some of the players make money, then that has to mean that everyone else is, on average, paying more or receiving less than they would be in a game with a more traditional business model.

Certainly, for some people this is worthwhile, just as for some people Poker is worthwhile because they enjoy calculating probabilities or reading their opponents and for others developing parts of games is worthwhile because they enjoy programming or 3D modelling.

Personally I prefer playing games that don’t require me to think about anything but the game (or better yet, require a high enough level of focus that I can’t think of anything but the game), but luckily there are games for all of us out there.

Yeah we would rather our players focus on enjoying themselves and having a good time instead of making money. The virtual marketplace will be there for those people who want to generate value for themselves by building mods and skins but those things also generate value for the player base as they will be able to purchase and then enjoy those assets so everybody wins.

well if i may, you are wrong keith. you dont win, at least gamers, you lose them cause other games pay more to gamers. i think the problem is that you want to win everything for yourself and dont share nothing to gamers, gamers are always treated like garbage, well those times have ended, now some great devs have found a way to help us with some money and giving us a game to play that we like. im talking about project entropia. sad how devs never put themselfs in a players point of view, devs will always be higher and higher, above and above then any gamer, they are creators we are the testing animals right? i just want to see the day that a game will work without players. a game need players? where did you get that from? what a crazy idea… nobody knows if a game needs players or not, but for certain they know that they have to sell their engeneering, oh no doubt on that. anyway i give up here, good luck.

Uuh, thanks for stopping by?


Wow. Can you smell the projection?

You know, irn4l, if you actually, truly believe that a cash based economy is not just a viable business model, but a superior one, you really need to present more than this attitude that you’re entitled to make a living off of the backs of an entertainment product that somebody else has made. Actual data about how it’s a win/win for both the developers and the players, not whining about how you’re not going to stick around because you’re not being offered a piece of the pie. Because as it stands? This sounds like a giant scam.


I am almost certain that this is guerilla marketing and I am wondering whether these posts should be deleted. Entropia Universe is a dying game. RPS has a review of it, and reading about it just makes me sick.

If on the off chance you really are genuine irn4l, you or the developers over at MindArk might be free to purchase an engine license from I-Novae in the future.

Ohhh, that’s the $100,000 space station game? Yeah, I’m really loathe to see that model ever again repeated. It pretty much amounts to the developers taking bribes from rich players.

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so tell the dev to play for all of us. he thinks hes going to make it out with the “exploit the child” business model, besides i was never a waxer.

im a stand alone person, im a gamer, i have nothing to do with any other gaming company, i have a website for you all, my website, im a webdesigner

anyway, im just back to ask: hows it going with the “wow in space” project?

TLDNR, Project Entropia?

Well I was into PE a long time ago, I actually thought that you can make real money with hard work in that game, so I chose mining and wrote a comprehensive program that would help me plot my finds, help with bomb drops and a lot more…

Here you go @irn4l, you might find a use for it.

Anyway the conclusion is that the game is a slot machine, it pays out according gambling techniques and it pays very little, you would need to be mining 24-7 and then probably not even make your rent money. Money can be made, but in very low amounts if you don’t want to take huge real cash risks. It’s not a work your way up game, you throw however much money you wanna risk and pull the slot machine lever, you could be playing 50c or $500 per pop if you wish, at the end it’s just gambling in gaming form.

well not my fault you are a noob, for evey mining scan you spend a probe, probes are the most expensive “ammo” to go grind something. since i admit im a no one, and im broke, i sweat. sweating is the skill of gathering mobs substance that have the lowest market price value in the game. it is done exactly so people can make money in the game. up to you if you are a noob and write a program to mine, anyway, im reporting that program to mindark cause im against any kind of fraude. one of my struggles is against of the fraude players have been subjected long time ago with model businesses that takes their time, money, and life in general. ruining a bunch of childs life to buy a mercedes benz, thats the fraude gaming devs are acused from now on.

When in doubt … or in this case no doubt … :

Also this gave me major facepalmism. Great comments though :smile:

Anyway. Stuff is coming along here. Have you checked out the weekly screenshot thread? Some cool stuff there.


Gotta love EC. :wink: