Real cash economy

im just asking if anybody there at i-novae had given a second thought about real cash economy model business for the upcoming game (if theres any game coming). you can launch it faster, profit faster, get players faster. wheres the doubt?

You already made a topic about this and got a developer answer. That thread quickly accelerated into a abyss. :wink:

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Faster does not equal funner.

I don’t know why this game attracts people that think they could make money out of it. I remember in the old forums some guy trying to propose some kind of business deal on the forums.

That’s just life. You see something you think can make money. Try to make it make money for you. Business 101. (Assuming you’ve already got LOADS AH MOHNEY)

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1ST: Steal underpants
2ED: (something)
3ed: make money.

There, were going to get so filthy rich!!! (pun intended)


Oh…I see irn4l is making his rounds here too…lovely…:stuck_out_tongue: