Real Money Economy?

They do have some good videos but their word isn’t law, a lot of their videos incorrectly cite examples (they claim eve’s insurance is a money sink in their economy video for just one example) and sometimes just poorly thought out logic

I’d venture to accuse them of being hypocrites more recently, they’ve been advocating for certain politically related subjects that are outside the scope of this forum and that can be refuted by citing quotes from their own videos. Its quite funny really, they now spend their days going to conventions and slandering other members of the community based on the grounds of “I hear what i hear” meanwhile self righteously accusing that same person of being unable to prove their own arguments.

Im a little off topic here but the existing topic has kinda gone to Jupiter anyway. This has been your weekly rant from mattk50, ruining all public figures one quote at a time.

I prefer games with a monthly subscription and no pay to win or pay to skip of any kind inside. It really opens up the possibilities of game development, no need to try to nickle and dime your players for every bit of improperly balanced grind or real funds controlling ingame politics.

Eve’s model is about as far as im willing to go down that path. Just play the games that try to scam you if thats what you like. There are plenty of them out there, and i at least hope infinity won’t be one of them.

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NO! Not EC!


What drugs are you on? Seriously.

i apologise for my language Topperfalkon but some people can really make me really really angry like that person over there. dont mind me if i upset you

You didn’t answer Toppers question. I wonder too.

yes i take for ages the best drugs of all, gaming.

I could show him what he prefers in a screenshot… in engine perhaps?

After that I will show you something you may prefer… another screenshot of course! :smiley:


I believe you’ve got a small backlog @Hutchings

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i dont know what you are waiting to save the world and show all humanity what he prefers. you must be an iluminati, enlight us please…

Enomine! (Enomine, Enomine, Enomine)

You’ve found me out… I’ll save the pyramid monolith for another day… sigh.


well i guess ill have to remain in the darkness, blind as a fool, waiting for your enlightenment.

Right. I’m not pledging a cent until I see an in-engine screenshot of a pyramid monolith.


A pyramid monolith? What is this hybrid abomination? Everyone knows that monoliths can’t be pyramidal.
Prismatic, certainly. Even a bit pointy if you stretch the definition a bit.

But pyramidal?


How to make a pyramid monolith:

  1. Buy all the stone cutting powertools. Aaaall of them.
  2. Travel to Australia
  3. Hope no one visits/looks at Ayers Rock until you’re done.

or a pyramid engraved on a monolith… monolithception?