Pledge upgrade system is now live

If you’re logged into your account you can upgrade a pledge by visiting your products page:

If any of you upgrade your pledge please let me know if you experience any problems or don’t receive a confirmation email.


I have a feeling this will make some people very happy. Nice work!

Great work Keith! I am very happy for you! Your dedication shows. Don’t forget to update the IGG total periodically. Again, great job!


There is no upgrade function for me either.

Yeah, he knows about it, however his PC won’t boot up. :confused:

Awesome news. This is going to be a fun Christmas break :smiley:

Ok my computer has magically started up again - yay! I’ve got a new PSU on RMA so hopefully that arrives soon. I’ll get this sorted out today, sorry!


Ok it should be fixed now, terribly sorry about the delay, please let me know if any of you experience any additional problems.


I upgraded but I still see a greyed-out “Buy” button in the launcher.

discount will be for old solders?

Looking into it, my apologies.

Yes if you pledged the Kickstarter then you get a discount for your pledge upgrades.

Well…Thank you anyway…

Did you pledge on kickstarter or indigogo?

My next upgrade would be galactic supporter, which would cost me 250$, I paid 250$ originally so I would pay the “discounted” original price of 500$ instead of 550$ for galactic supporter.

strong text indigogo

So it is working as intended then. :grinning:

its just number’s


Well done Keith (and everyone else who helped making the pledge upgrade system possible), hopefully you’ll be able to recover a bit before the next nightmare (implementing-wise) awaits.


Things are most likely to slow down a bit with x-mas & end of the year coming…