Alpha Access Email - Six Copies


Got 12 mails too.

Having a wild guess: wouldn’t your tool send as many times as there are KS pledges at or below the sender?
For instance, being a “Lunar Supporter” would be the 7th pledge, limited pladge ranks included. So maybe it considers the same e-mail adress as being part of all the ranks below as well?


12 too, stellar supporter.


Possible, but unlikely. We had tested the email system a few days ago with all members of the dev team, and there as no duplicated emails. If the bug was caused by multiple pledge tiers, we would have received duplicated emails during our internal testing too.


Yes, but figured it best to check that actually would give me Alpha access.


I got the message :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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No problem. Originally I was on beta tier. Once the upgrade system went live, I’ve upgraded my pledge from “Lunar Supporter + LE Interceptor” to “Planetary Supporter + LE Decals”, Had to dig into my email box to find those names :smiley: . Right now I’m an alpha backer ;).

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I got 12 emails in 12 minutes. :smile:


Yes that’s correct.


Actually I’m glad I got 6 emails, with all the work I have I might actually would have missed it…


I guess I’m the only one who got just one then… :grinning: Maybe you hit stop just after I received my first one. Interesting, wonder what is different about my account.


Your email provider blocked them - according to our records you received 12 emails.

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I pledged last night, does this mean that while the Mailer is down that I won’t get confirmation from yourselves and instructions as to what happens next?


Quite possibly, but you can go to the Access page while logged in here, and it should show you whether your pledge has registered and what level access you have. At least then you’ll know that it’s gone through!

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Presumably you pledged through IndieGoGo which means you should have received a confirmation email from them - we do not send any email notifications when we import pledges from IGG. We also don’t send any emails with instructions, which I confess is something we should probably change, so the fact that, depending on when your “last night” is, our mailer may or may not have been down it would have no impact on your pledge either way.

The next step for you is to download the game which you won’t be able to do until we release the Alpha. When we release the Alpha we’ll include instructions but all you have to do is go to the I:B website ( and click the Download button which should become visible at that time. This will allow you to download and install the launcher which, after you start it up, allows you to download and install the game.


Thanks both, particularly as it’s Sunday. I checked the account page and it looks like I’m ready to go. As a lunar supporter I’ll have to wait until later the year for the the Beta and Beta weekends. Good luck in the meantime.

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Thanks for the support :slight_smile: Please note that once the alpha is out, we’re probably going to host a bunch of “beta week-ends”, so you won’t have to wait until the end of the year to get a taste of the game :wink: So make sure to check out our emails from times to times to not miss our announcements.

[Beta] Supporters... (some fairness) when?

If you want earlier access you can also upgrade your pledge from the Settings > Products page.


*As long as you have a credit card. On a sidenote: Since indiegogo got rid of other payment options, there’s little reason to use them. Is there a system in place so that people can pledge directly? (Yes, I know, payment stuff is not exciting at all)


Debit cards work just as easily as credit card for buying stuff over the internet and they are really cheap and hassle free to get(unless your country is being weird about them)


For you and I in the UK it seems that simple, but in some countries it’s really not. There are plenty of cards which can accurately be called Debit Cards but cannot be used with most online payment systems.
In some countries it seems most banks don’t actually offer an actual Visa Debit or Mastercard Debit card.