Localization / Internationalization by the Infinity Community


Since I’ve already spent time making it easier for the Russian :ru: community members to translate the game, might as well post a Google Spreadsheet template here for other i18n.

I’ve prepared an online spreadsheet for translating the interface of Infinity: Battlescape and for downloading a valid final CSV file. Currently, Battlescape only has around 500+ strings to translate. I-Novae might only start thinking of hiring professional translators near or after final release, if able to.

Hint: Use Ctrl+C on auto-translated cells & Ctrl+Shift+V on cells within the second column where you see fit.

Make a copy of this Strings.csv translation template:

:point_up_2: might be also useful to @Playbenni :de: and @Freeman :cn:

Note: Within in-game options Apply & Save will reload the CSV file. This means you don’t have to restart the game for every change.

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Additional tipp.
For comparing the old strings file with the strings file from the recent patch I use Winmerge. It let’s you open two text files and shows the differences.
It’s super useful to keep the translated strings up-to-date. Just open the old en strings and the new en strings a you can then paste all the new strings to your translated strings file.


I’m using transifex to manage the translation. strings are up to date:
It’s easy to manage the changes and new strings.
Check it if you want to join the translation team.


Not sure what happened to the French :fr: translation by @INovaeFlavien as I seem to recall seeing more strings within the CSV file and support for the language listed on Steam. Guess it was taking too much of Flavien’s time while programming.

IMHO, another noteworthy contribution could be the translation of the Closed Captions for the Early Access video tutorials. As the tutorial videos are now linked by the game and are unlikely to change much up until the final release.

I’ve already had my attempt of transcribing the English :uk: Closed Captions. All it needs is verification and then they would be ready for translation to other languages. Here is what you see when you do “Add translations” => “English”:

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