Localization / Internationalization by the Infinity Community

Since I’ve already spent time making it easier for the Russian :ru: community members to translate the game, might as well post a Google Spreadsheet template here for other i18n.

I’ve prepared an online spreadsheet for translating the interface of Infinity: Battlescape and for downloading a valid final CSV file. Currently, Battlescape only has around 500+ strings to translate. I-Novae might only start thinking of hiring professional translators near or after final release, if able to.

Hint: Use Ctrl+C on auto-translated cells & Ctrl+Shift+V on cells within the second column where you see fit.

Make a copy of this Strings.csv translation template:

Installation: Infinity: Battlescape localization consists of two files, Strings.csv, which contains translations and a meta.xml file, which declares languages. You add/replace these files under: \Dev\Localization\<iso_code>\

Steam default Localization path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Infinity Battlescape\Dev\Localization\

Note: Within in-game options Apply & Save will reload the CSV file. This means you don’t have to restart the game for every change done within the file! :slight_smile:

Infinity Communities:


Additional tipp.
For comparing the old strings file with the strings file from the recent patch I use Winmerge. It let’s you open two text files and shows the differences.
It’s super useful to keep the translated strings up-to-date. Just open the old en strings and the new en strings a you can then paste all the new strings to your translated strings file.


I’m using transifex to manage the translation. strings are up to date:
It’s easy to manage the changes and new strings.
Check it if you want to join the translation team.


Not sure what happened to the French :fr: translation by @INovaeFlavien as I seem to recall seeing more strings within the CSV file and support for the language listed on Steam. Guess it was taking too much of Flavien’s time while programming.

IMHO, another noteworthy contribution could be the translation of the Closed Captions for the Early Access video tutorials. As the tutorial videos are now linked by the game and are unlikely to change much up until the final release.

I’ve already had my attempt of transcribing the English :uk: Closed Captions. All it needs is verification and then they would be ready for translation to other languages. Here is what you see when you do “Add translations” => “English”:

All the community has to do is watch and just click “Looks good” if it… looks good!


EDIT; YouTube has removed community caption functionality

I’m disappointed that the community still have not confirmed the transcripts above. :point_up_2::unamused:

@INovaeHutchings might as well just read and confirm, so that at least translations can be added. FYI, I am not a native English speaker, and I often use my native language punctuation rules.


Hi! I’ve requested Russian for the project. It’s complete, just needs to be ported from Google Sheets.

I’m in. Sent Russian subtitles for the first two videos.

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done, you can upload the russian translation into transifex.


Nnope. I can send another request. To join the project. xД

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I’ve uploaded my Strings.csv and it looks like it worked. Here’s the package. (44.6 KB)

UPD: thicker font (20.1 KB)


Hi guys, I’m new around here (just learned about this game yesterday).
I’m up for some assistance with the closed captions. Currently reviewing EN captions (added a couple of “,” on the 1st video already).

My native language is European Portuguese (will work on this later), but I’m also pretty good with English and around 85% fluent in French from France (not sure about differences with Belgian/Swiss French besides the numbers 70-90) (Work with both EN&FR everyday, though more with English).

After I do a pass on the EN captions, I’ll focus on pt-pt. If there are any friends from Brazil around here, you’re welcome to give a hand with pt-br captions (I guess it’s a similar situation as fr-eu and fr-canada) - Same language, but with some differences in grammar, expressions, orthography and so on. And people love to have proper localization and not only one of the language variations. I’d say pt-br is even more important than pt-pt, because the Brazilian market is bigger and most people in Portugal are fluent in EN, so they default to it when pt-pt is not an option. :wink: hope I can give a positive contribute to make this project shine!

Update: I have now completed an EN pass on all 8 tutorial videos. (just did some minor corrections here and there, mainly punctuation or making some words/expressions keep the same standard/syntax form across the different videos. (For e.g. “keybind”, “key bind”, “key-bind”). Tried to use official EN dictionaries for reference (mostly US based, so I’m not accounting for possible variations of some words/expressions in EN-UK, or EN-Canadian). Did the best I could by trying to follow “,” (comma) usage rules in EN, although this is sometimes tricky and can be complex (I was multitasking with my real work at the same time). :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried to follow rules from:

Next step, will work on the Portuguese European captions, using the time stamps already in the EN version (Kudos to the original worker on this one :D)

After that, if there’s no native French speaker around, I can try working on the French (France) captions (then Flavien can just quickly check it and correct possible errors) :wink:


Strange, I did not get any notifications and looking at it, my original contribution still stands. Only with another Google Account do I see the changes. So I guess no matter the amount of contributions, they won’t show up on the video until someone like @INovaeHutchings accepts them.

Don’t, I:B’s development time will be long. There is no rush. There was at launch, but not now.

I was right.

 INovaeFlavien: didn't have time for that
 INovaeFlavien: but it'll come before release
 INovaeFlavien: I just want to do it in one go
 - I:B Official Discord

I-Novae have said that they may update the tutorial videos. How much of em is up to @INovaeHutchings. Hopefully the transcripts will be saved.

Part of it goes to the Google’s auto-transcriber bot.

@Pendrokar Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:
I think someone at I-Novae studios, needs to approve this translations, for them to become available on Youtube. If you can reach them, let them know we are submitting them.

I have now completed and submitted, proper European Portuguese translations for the 1st video in the tutorial series.
(This takes longer than I expected to do properly) :wink:

I’ll keep working on the pt-pt translation of the series and then can actually take a look at doing a pt-br version. It might actually take less time for pt-br, since almost all proofing tools on the internet target pt-br, so I just need to auto translate and then manually make small adjustments (although almost everything is accepted in both languages, commonly used words and expressions differ a lot in each country).

After that is done, either I’ll get going with French, or jump directly into the actual game translation (that’ll take a while to complete). Might even start with pt-br there, since it might be more useful (market wise).

Again, if there’s any hidden Brazilians interested in helping out around here, it would be highly appreciated!

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I can take a look at the French part, and maybe for the tutorial vids too.


I’m not sure I’d recommend translating the tutorial videos. I mean, if you have time to lose, why not. But keep in mind that they’re already partially obsolete ( new HUD ), Dan has to record new ones when he has time. Even the new ones are going to get obsolete again in a few months.

The in-game text translation however is very useful, all languages are welcome. By order of importance ( considering our sales so far ) and excluding the existing ones ( English, German, Russian and Chinese ):

  • French
  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Korean

Other languages can be done too, but in terms of sales so far, they’re not as important.

Also, please keep in mind that the game’s still in development, so it’s not just a matter of doing the translation once and forgetting about it later. You have to be serious about updating it every few patches at least, otherwise sentences not translated will fall back to english.


Salut Flavien, merci de ton avis ! (Hi Flavien, thanks for the heads up!)
Then I’ll just finish translating the 6 remaining videos of the current tutorial series to pt-pt (for completion sake) and get started with the game translation. :wink:

You made a very good point (this is not a “fire and forget” thing). In light of that, I’ll focus mainly on pt-pt and/or pt-br for now (can give a hand in FR if needed, but more like a “backup”).

I don’t want to overdo it, by taking too much stuff on my plate and then end up disappointing people on the long run. (Work, family, kids - the usual drill :stuck_out_tongue:). I can comfortably translate/maintain one Portuguese variant and after completing it, it’ll be much faster/easier to complete the other (some things stay the same, while others are expressed in a completely different way (pt-pt/pt-br)). :smiley:

Cheers and lets do this!

Allright, that sounds good, thank you and good luck. Also, when you update future strings due to patches, make sure to use some kind of “diff” program to show the differences between the old and new file, it helps a lot.


Initial translation:

Some strings are not available for translation as can be seen in some screenshots. Some buttons are too small to fit a meaningful translation (eject and respawn, apply and save).
fr%20(1) fr%20(11) fr%20(13) fr%20(14) fr%20(15)


Du beau boulot, merci ! :wink:

I’ll see what I can do about widening some buttons / text areas. However, in general, you should try to find an equivalent translation with shorter / lesser words. I know that’s not always easy, but the layout has to stay the same for all languages. So try to see if you can find some better wording, and for the ones that really don’t fit, as long as it’s just a few more pixels, I can definitely enlarge the UI.


The same text fitting issues are present in the german translation aswell. I lowered the font size to 0.9 which helped a lot and also found some alternative translations for words which were way too long.
The only thing I can’t fit any way I try are:
“Apply and Save” it’s now only “save”.
“Eject and Respwan” it’s only “Eject”.
I also had to abbreviate the “speed” in “Match speed” because “Geschwindigkeit angleichen” is double the length.
One other thing I also did was to include the aviation related terms for control directions in the controls settings. Because “yaw” is correctly translated as “Gieren” in german (a word that probably is unknown to 90% of germans) I also added the word “(Rudder)” <-in german. And also the other terms in brackets (elevator, ailerons etc.).
It would help if we had the option to add a line break in the translation file so the game knows when to do that.
The translation for Match Speed for example would easily fit as two lines into the intended space on the radial menu. Also for Eject and Respawn if it then would extend the button height.